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    Common Gull? Tuscany, Italy mid-March

    Hello, I agree with you, its a 2cy=1st cycle Common Gull. The slightly differences to most Common Gulls in W-Europe (pinkish bill base, white underparts and head with sparse markings and a brown shawl around the neck, and a contrasting blackish trailing edge on the undewing) can be explained by...
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    Hello Gerald, is it possible, that you can find out, if this individual Yellowhmmer stays in your area (and even breeds) or is it a migrant that is only present for some time?Thanks! I am very interested in YH with pale grey backs and extensive white underparts (flanks at least). And I hope...
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    Leucistic Canada Goose - Eastern Sweden

    Hello Antik, belated: welcome to birdforum! I agree with you, its a leucistic Canada Goose and no hybrid. Please note, that the white patch on the head has a normal shape for a pure Canada Goose (thanks Jörn once more!). I have never seen a pure Canada Goose with a yellowish beak. And even a...
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    Lark ID Norfolk UK please

    Hello, do you have more pictures? First gut feeling was: this must be a Woodlark with that tiny dark bill. But where is the diagnostic black and white wing mark? Ah, its hidden below the misplaced/fanned greater coverts. When knowing this, you can just see the striking white patch. Therefore...
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    Thalasseus bengalensis ?

    Hello, do you have more pictures? Orange legs should make this a bad pitfall picture (with that monster downcurved bill) of a Common Tern. After noticing the leg colur, jizz seems slightly better for this than for one of the larger Terns.
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    Redshank in Thailand

    A bit late, sorry: thanks for correction, Butty! No summer plumage feathers present here.
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    Norfolk Pipit ID

    Hello again, I am not sure if this a true feature and I a not sure, this can be judged with confidence: it seems to be that the breast is quite uniform yellowish (even forming some kind of a breast-band). Yes the center seems white, I just describe my feelings. The same hue is present on the...
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    Norfolk Pipit ID

    Hello, first: I really hope that this doesnt come out as an offence to a member, that has difficulties to percieve colours. A feature, that makes this a Meadow and no Tree Pipit for me, too is the exact hue/shade of the yellowish hues on the face and breast: this bird has a just detectable...
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    ID please

    Hello Eric, this is a "Domestic Goose", the domesticated form of a Greylag. The fat plumb rear end is characteristic for this. White plumaged birds like yours are regular, and an extensive white blaze isnt a sign of a White-fronted Goose (please note, the the white blaze reaches down to the...
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    request advice re: ID of Tern sp. from 2019 (Shabla Tuzla Lake), Bulgaria

    Hello again Earnest, I still hope for more pictures. No offence you know.
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    Hello Ben, welcome back!
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    dark first wint. gull

    Hello Michal, far from an confident answer, but one to bump this bird up. It looks good for a dark, well pigmented 2cy Caspian Gull imo. Yes, rump seems far too much barred on a smokey background (enhanced by slight underexposure?) and tail seems too extensive dark (but please note, that...
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    Redshank in Thailand

    Hello Aladdin, no you identified the bird correct: its a Spotted Redshank moulting from winter to summer plumage. I cant detect any juvenile feather (coverts, tertials), so it might well be an adult bird.
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    Shorebirds, Iwahig Penal Farm, Palawan, Philippines 6 & 7 March 2023

    Hello, I also hope for more pictures of the first bird. But the striped pattern on the tertials and coverts should make this a pitfall picture of a Marsh Sandpiper. Seeing this, the bill seems much finer now. No offense you know
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    request advice re: ID of Tern sp. from 2019 (Shabla Tuzla Lake), Bulgaria

    Hello again, The birds that looked good for a Gull billed Tern imo are the Tern just right of the original bird and the bird next to this??? But I am not so sure now, especially about the second bird, that seems to have a quite spikey bill when taken angle of viewing into account.
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    request advice re: ID of Tern sp. from 2019 (Shabla Tuzla Lake), Bulgaria

    Hello Earnest, i agree with Dan and SJC do you have more pictures?I have the advantage of joining this thread after the new two pictures were added. Despite I agree with all, judging size is hard here, I think there are Gull billed and Sandwich terns here, mainly by the flight picture. I can...
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    Comment by 'Alexander Stöhr' in media 'Lesser Black-backed Gull'

    Hello Collin, It's a Lesser black backed Gull imo. Please note Only one small mirror in the wing Yellow legs Bill seems slightly open, together with a quite marked gonysangle impression enhanced by camera angle? is shifted towards a Great black backed Gull for me too. I looked at your picture...
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    ID please

    Hello, imo an Muscovy Duck is one of the parents. At least in Germany, the following features are indicication of this: cold olive-rusty fringes to upperparts, creating a scalloped pattern dark mint-metallic green speculum chrome-yellow (tinge to the) legs Yes, tail could be more ID-friendly...
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    Germany/Netherlands border - Rhine River gull - June 2022

    Hello, I agree with you, its an adult Lesser Black-backed Gull. And thanks to Lou again for his detailed comment here: You can compare this Gull here Germany - Wertheim - gull - June 2022 Similar dark Greater Black-backed Gull has darker, amber coloured eyes in most, a white mirror on p9 (which...
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    Gull, Titchwell beach this afternoon

    Hello, imo its a 3cy Herring Gull. But better wait for confirmation or correction. Thanks from me too!
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    Does anyone know this bird song/call? (Audio ID, UK)

    Hello, welcome to birdform! Although difficult to hear and judge on my actual device, your recording seems very good for Curlew for me too. Adding to my confidence is that you have already identified the bird(s?) as Curlew (s)
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    Reviews of Swarovski El 8,5x42

    Hello Aquaplas, the test mentioned by Gijs is here: https://www.houseofoutdoor.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Review-Zeiss-Victory-SF-8x42-vs-EL-Swarovision-8.5x42.pdf And this might be helpful too: https://www.osj-forum.de/read.php?9,241308,241308#msg-241308...
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    Chloephaga sp. in Germany (escape) but which species ?

    Hello, cant contribute, but just want to say a big thank you! Excellent Jörn, Rafael and Steve!
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    Guess the bird-

    Hello, its one of the darker capped "sub-"species of the Blue Tit group. Yes, I am very far from an expert in these taxonomic things, but interested in this. So I hope for more comments. Thanks!
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    Guess the bird-

    Hello again, a Curlew Sandpiper? Doesnt seem to be a perfect fit, so or a non european-species/vagrant?