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  1. J

    Unusual ducks.

    I think that they are almost pure Kharki Campbells (domestic commercial egg-laying ducks). Jim,
  2. J

    What is this plant?

    Hi, I don't think that this is a sorrel, the seeds seem to be spherical, Rumex sp. seeds are flat discs, my guess would be something from a wild bird/ game cover type mixture for conservation planting, its certainly not a native. Might there be any birdfeeders with seed close by? Good luck! Jim.
  3. J

    ? Albino Pheasant

    Hi, I am not sure that "albino" is quite the right word, "white" seems better. A local shoot round here has turned up a few white pheasants for the last three or four years, and this year there were more than previously, it was not unusual to see four or five birds (both cocks and hens) in the...
  4. J

    Cuckoo ??? West Leicestershire UK

    Uummm.... It was a highly unusual for a bird to approach the tractor in this way, most would be flying much higher probably heading for the hedgerow ash trees behind the tractor. These trees would give a raptor a view of the birdfeeders in a neighbouring garden, but the approach would be a bit...
  5. J

    Cuckoo ??? West Leicestershire UK

    When feeding outlying stock on 6th.March I saw a bird approaching flying low (about 3m) towards the tractor, it jinked a couple of times enabling the wing shape to be seen, raptor like, with longish tail. The obvious suspect was the local male sparrowhawk, but flying across the middle of the...
  6. J

    Loss of invertebrates

    Around here in west Leicestershire I would suggest that the loss of set aside in the farm payment scheme has been a significant factor in the loss of invertebrates along with the increased use of sewage sludge as a fertilizer. the latter almost certainly contains residues of neonics used on...
  7. J

    Game bird UK

    ????quail of some sort, could be an escape. Jim.
  8. J

    Another Petition to Ban Driven Grouse Shooting

    Ummm, there is something at the back of my mind that recalls being told that as late as the 1950s there was an annual payment (tax? licence?) to the Inland Revenue for each of (i) using a coat of arms,(ii) employing a butler and(iii) employing a gamekeeper. Land that was shot over (exercise of...
  9. J

    Hen Harrier Translocation As A Conservation Tool In The United Kingdom - A Feasibilit

    Sounds silly, but this might well not be a top seller so have you tried the GWCT? As the publisher they may have some copies at the back of a cupboard somewhere. Jim.
  10. J

    Decline in shooting?

    This ties in with what I am hearing and seeing. The second hand shotgun market has dropped considerably, the bottom end stuff has gone through the floor , mid range is well on the same way, and stuff by the top end makers is difficult to sell , given the amount available and prices compared to...
  11. J

    U.K. Couriers for binoculars

    Hi, Binastro, these parcels are up to about 8x6x10 in. boxes and are left in an outside box ( to defeat the dog), but the important thing is that they are delivered by our regular postman, items that are sent parcel post are prone to end up back at the depot 15 miles away, rather than the local...
  12. J

    U.K. Couriers for binoculars

    Ummm. I don't know if there is much to choose between the courier companies. I have not had any optics sent that way. This is a rural situation, the postcode covers 8 houses spread along about 3/4 mile of road, so if the driver cannot locate his target in x seconds its back to the depot for the...
  13. J

    New Leica September 4 2017

    re Posts 207 & 211. The old Ernst Leitz company had pretty well lost its relevance in the photographic market by the 1970s and was not generating the turnover to support the R. & D. to compete with the likes of Nikon. When the company was split threeways, the photographic/ optics side lost...
  14. J

    South Wales Flowers

    !) tufted vetch. 2) Filapendia sp. our meadowsweet is more creamy coloured. 3) ditto. 4) ???? 5) rose bay willow herb.
  15. J

    Plant - N Russia - another

    Sorry, I cannot remember what this is, but I am sure that I have had it as an Alpine plant from a garden centre some years ago. It does not winter well in our soggy climate. Jim.
  16. J

    Fife Coast - Field Scabious

    Yes, I think so, the ones I see around here ( Midlands) seem to be a bit stronger blue when newly opened and become somewhat mauve/pink when fertilized. Jim.
  17. J

    RSPB very rarely check membership cards

    Many reserves have public rights of way which cannot be restricted( the rules for dogs usually indicate where they are). Much of Scotland has public Right to Roam as do parts of England and Wales. Both these make enforcing entry charges tricky . Jim48
  18. J

    Species pronunciation

    Classical latin does not bring back many pleasant memories.... However I think the pronunciation of scientific latin is much more relaxed, for one thing the latin alphabet has fewer letters than our modern one. The incorporation of words and proper names from other languages quite possibly...
  19. J

    Does anyone know when the new Springwatch venue will be announced?

    The most interesting thing about this estate is that it has extensive water meadows that have been restored to working order with someone controlling the sluices etc. The flora will probably be effected if the wartime experience at Chicklade is repeated. It may also illustrate water management...
  20. J

    Unsubstantiated claims from Basra Reed Warbler study

    The comment I came across related to backstock of publications of the Hakluyt Society, suggesting that problems were being encountered when ordering titles published by Routledge since they have been taken over by Taylor & Francis. but not the earlier ones by C.U.P.. This comment was not found...
  21. J

    Suffolk garden plant

    It might be worth trying the rare shrub nurseryman next to Avondale Nursery in Bagginton. Good Luck.
  22. J

    Unsubstantiated claims from Basra Reed Warbler study

    Just as an aside, I looked on the website of a learned society well away from birds a few days ago, they have been publishing books and papers for about 150+ years that are issued to members and some offered for sale.Their publisher has changed from time to time and is currently Routledge who...
  23. J

    Another Licence to Control Buzzards

    In this area there are reports of barn owl feathers as if birds have been plucked on hedges and some tree stumps, raptor style rather than the result of a mammal , a buzzard has been seen with a dead barn owl in its talons, but not yet seen in the act of catching a live one. Could this be...
  24. J

    peter scott

    I think that Chorley's Auctioneers of Prinknash, Cheltenham , sold items on behalf of the estates of Sir Peter and Lady Scott. As with all paintings provenance is everything, so any receipts or other documentation will be most useful. Good Luck1
  25. J

    Advice please - re SPAs RAMSAR functional linkage and Brexit

    Ummmmmm. I am inclined to agree with Paul and Nutcracker. I remember something about the relocation of Stafford Rugby Club about a year to 18 months ago. The land owner got the old site to sell for houses and the Club as to build a multisports facility and new pitches at the new site , which...