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    Two birds in North Central Texas

    Females in their first spring can be very dull, showing very little or no yellow.
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    warbler like bird, N. Florida, today. ID help please

    Ruby-crowned Kinglet is correct.
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    Lesser or Greater Yellowlegs?

    It's a Greater Yellowlegs. The bill is much longer than the head, and pale at the base.
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    I don't Know what this is. Haverhill, Mass.

    American Goldfinch.
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    Crow - Ontario

    That makes it almost certainly an American Crow, but Fish Crow is not completely out of the range of possibility. For what it's worth, if I saw a silent crow that far north from the shore of Lake Ontario, I'd have no concerns about recording it as an American Crow.
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    Warblers, Wren, and Flycatcher August 8 Hamilton, Ontario

    I agree with cajanuma on all the photos. For the warbler, note the pale streaks on the back - Blackpoll Warblers don't have those. For the flycatcher, the primary projection looks too long for Least, and there's too much pigment on the throat and belly as well.
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    What does paraphyletic REALLY mean?

    As THE_FERN says, the issue is that linear sequences can't capture the full structure of a phylogenetic tree. In a proper linear sequence of species, all species that are each other's closest relatives will necessarily be adjacent in the sequence, but not all species that are adjacent in the...
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    Michigan Sandpiper

    The second bird is a Semipalmated Sandpiper; the first is a Least Sandpiper with its legs in shadow, making them appear darker than they actually are.
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    Sparrow ID, Please. North Dakota,USA. Thanks!

    It's a Clay-colored Sparrow. Chipping Sparrows have a dark line through the lores in all plumages.
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    Smallish birds feeding at a lake - Pennsylvania, USA

    Some kind of swallow or martin, but not identifiable to species from your description.
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    Is this an arctic loon?

    Loons have a fairly long lifespan (15 to 30 years) and the mortality rate is fairly low once they've reached full size. Since loons show adult plumage from their second year onwards, there will necessarily be a lot more loons in adult plumage than in first-year plumage on any sufficiently large...
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    Is this an arctic loon?

    It is a Common Loon, either a juvenile or a first-summer bird.
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    Cedar Waxwing Call

    American Robins have a high-pitched "seeeee" call that can sound similar, but it doesn't have the slight raspiness of a Cedar Waxwing call.
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    warbler, Michigan. Id help please

    I agree with the last three posters – it's a Black-throated Green Warbler. nartreb explained why quite nicely.
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    Saw this little thing on the trail last evening

    Spruce Grouse are found in New York only in the Adirondacks. This is a Ruffed Grouse. The black on the throat and chest are the erect ruffs of a male. They do this at this time of year as a distraction display to defend their young.
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    Sparrow? US, Mid Atlantic

    It's a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak.
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    Mystery Sounding Bird - North Georgia

    It sounds like a Blue Jay, one of the calls variously known as the "rusty pump handle" or "squeaky clothesline" call, among others.
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    ?? gnatcatcher St Charles , MO

    This is a Warbling Vireo. The proportions of a gnatcatcher are completely different – the tail is much longer, for one.
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    Warbling Vireo? - Eastern Ontario, Canada

    It's a Warbling Vireo. The lores aren't dark enough for Philadelphia Vireo.
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    Palm warbler? Kingston ON

    Definitely a Palm Warbler. Congratulations on your +1.
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    Michigan Thrush

    Definitely a Veery, for the reasons given by nartreb.