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  1. Julie50

    England lockdown policy

    Hi all, I can only agree with those who err on the side of caution. I am teacher, in the West Midlands, in charge of Year 8. Just in that year group, there have been 8 deaths of parents/grandparents - they are only 12 years old - it is a tragedy.
  2. Julie50

    Goose, Birmingham UK, today.

    Thanks - there are both on the patch :)
  3. Julie50

    Goose, Birmingham UK, today.

    Hi all, Is this just a Canada hybrid? It was significantly larger, with orange/pink beak with a white stripe above. The cheek patches were also more pronounced and slightly pinkish.
  4. Julie50

    Trittiford mill pond and the dingles bird sightings

    Got a great sighting of the Bar-headed goose today :) There was also this: larger than a Canada goose, with a pinky orange bill with a white stripe above. Is it just a Canada hybrid? I’ll post it on the ID forum as well.
  5. Julie50

    Trittiford mill pond and the dingles bird sightings

    I can see from the pic where it is - thank you :)
  6. Julie50

    Trittiford mill pond and the dingles bird sightings

    I’m going to pop down tomorrow and take a look!
  7. Julie50

    Trittiford mill pond and the dingles bird sightings

    Hi Where was the bar headed goose? Was it on the pond with the Canada and greylag? I would like to see one :)
  8. Julie50

    Griswold’s UK Birding List 2021

    That’s a shame Rich, but as you say not a surprise!
  9. Julie50

    Winterwatch 2021

    Hi KC, It‘s on the BBC - can you access that?
  10. Julie50

    John's Mammals 2021

    Great pic John. I saw 3 foxes when “running” this morning.A close matched and small looking pair, would they be this year’s offspring? Then a larger solo :)
  11. Julie50

    Winterwatch 2021

    Great - day before my birthday :)
  12. Julie50

    Gull, Swindon UK

    Hi I‘m going second winter lesser black backed gull. But I am just learning with the help of my Olsen. So am just as likely to be wrong! One of the gull experts will give you a better answer!
  13. Julie50

    Griswold’s UK Birding List 2021

    Glad you have started a new list Rich, let’s hope for your May trip. I’m hoping for some time in the caravan on a coast somewhere at Easter. Sorry your Christmas was not the best.
  14. Julie50

    Upton Warren

    Excellent news and great video, with a kingfisher fly past as well?
  15. Julie50

    January 1st joint Birdforum list (2021 edition)

    No additions to the UK list, but my hour long walk around Birmingham, Dingles and Trittiford mostly, gave: Magpie Wood pigeon Long tailed tit Crow Blackbird Black headed gull Lesser black backed gull Buzzard Robin Jay Goldfinch Great tit Redwing Mallard Mute swan Greylag Canada goose Coot Feral...
  16. Julie50

    Swan in yard

    Hi I am no swan expert, but it will almost certainly not have enough room to fly out - they need a long “run up”. I would contact the RSPCA and let them handle it !
  17. Julie50

    Thank you & Species Update :)

    Keep a look out for the robins. They are one of the few birds in the UK which defend territories all year round, males and females, but not as a pair in winter. See if they have decided your garden is worth defending and if they have two different territories :)
  18. Julie50

    Hello and Merry Christmas from the West Midlands - UK

    Merry Christmas fellow Midlander :)
  19. Julie50

    Sandwell Valley

    Some wigeon today :)