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  1. Connor Rand

    Lark, Morroco

    Lark, Morocco Hi guys, This picture was sent to me. Taken offshore from the coast of Morocco. Any guidance on ID appreciated. Cheers,
  2. Connor Rand

    Polish Dragonflies/Damselflies

    Hi all, would appreciate any opinions on these dragon and damselflies taken recently in western Poland. Cheers,
  3. Connor Rand

    White Helleborine

    Hi all, has anybody been over to see the Cambridgeshire White Helleborines this year and if so do you think any spikes would still be in half-decent nick, as I'm heading down south this weekend and am thinking about heading stopping in on my way back north? Any further/more specific help (as I...
  4. Connor Rand

    Grey-headed Wagtail, Norfolk

    Hi all, this Grey-headed Wagtail/intergrade was found at West Runton, Norfolk yesterday evening by a couple of friends and myself. As can be seen from the attached image their is some white flecking/marks behind the eye, similar although seemingly to a lesser extent (particularly in front of...
  5. Connor Rand

    Red Kites in Norfolk

    An interesting arrival of Red Kites in the last few days in Norfolk, with birds seen at Shenbourne, Sparham, Great Ryburgh and near Thetford. The one at Shernbourne didn't have a wing-tag (see pics at www.ruralchill.blogspot.com) and the one near Thetford, although distant, didn't appear to...
  6. Connor Rand

    Roseate Terns

    Hi all, the last few weeks have seen superb numbers of Roseate Terns along the east coast, with birds at well scattered sites such as Happisburgh, Cley, Titchwell, Holme, Freiston, Filey, Spurn etc. etc. Some of these birds are metal ringed on both legs, some on just one leg and some birds are...
  7. Connor Rand

    Tern sp, Holme, Norfolk

    Hi all, opinions wanted on the ID of this tern present on the beach at Holme NOA on Sunday afternoon. Is it an Artic Tern? If so what age? A first summer perhaps? Thanks in advance, Connor
  8. Connor Rand

    East Anglian Orchids

    Hi all, continuing my interest in Orchids for only the second year this year, just thought I would enquire about a couple of points of potential interest, particularly in seeing some new species in my home county. Please PM me if the info is sensitive. Are the Fen Orchids in flower yet in East...
  9. Connor Rand

    Booted Warbler, Cleveland

    http://www.teesmouthbc.com/forumtbc/...php?topic=76.0 your thoughts please. Hopefully this will make and interesting and informative thread... Cheers, Connor
  10. Connor Rand

    Flava Wagtails

    Found what I considered to be a 1st summer male Blue-headed Wagtail this evening beacuse of the following features: quite a striking white supercillium and a 'necklace', as well as, a whiteish throat, greyish upperparts and darker ear coverts and top of head. Just wondered if someone could...
  11. Connor Rand

    Colour ringed Shags

    Hi all, came across two juv. Shags today at Wells Harbour, Norfolk, at least one of which was colour-ringed with what appeared to be a green ring on one leg and another ring (unsure about colour) on the other. Any idea about what scheme could be ringing Shags in such a way? Pics to hopefully...
  12. Connor Rand

    mystery moths

    Hi all, can anybody help me with the ID of these two moths. The first has been bugging me for a long time while the second was caught today... Both are probably fairly obvious but I'm stumped! Cheers, Connor
  13. Connor Rand

    Somerset and Wiltshire holiday

    Just come back from a holiday in Somerset and had the following. I think the id's are correct... 1. and 2. Frog Orchid 3. Lizard Orchid 4. Violet Helleborine and 5. Broad-leaved Helleborine. cheers, Connor
  14. Connor Rand

    More orchid photos from Norfolk!

    Hi all, here are some more orchid photos from Norfolk. Can someone tell me if I've id'd them correctly? I think the first two are Common Spotted Orchid and the second two are early marsh orchid. cheers, Connor
  15. Connor Rand

    Norfolk orchid ID's

    Hi all. Am a beginner to id'ing orchids and wondered if I'd these correctly? All taken in Norfolk on 23/6/07. I think they are Broad-leaved Helleborine, Common Spotted Orchid, Early Marsh Orchid, Early Purple Orchid and Marsh Helleborine. Cheers, Connor
  16. Connor Rand

    Norfolk Orchid sites

    Hi guys Anyone know of any decent orchid sites in north or west norfolk? Have seen a few species recently but not in any numbers so would appreciate any info on any species/sites. PM me if site is sensitive, cheers, Connor