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    St Ives UK Kestrel

    Female Kestrel with a fair sized Rat - usual prey is voles
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    Bluefin Tuna St Ives bay UK

    A month ago we had an explosion of Tuna in the bay after the mackerel shoals
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    St Ives UK Whale

    what looks like a Humpback Whale in St Ives Bay - getting popular here we had a long staying Minke in December last year and in March another Humpback for a week
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    83x anyone? The new Nikon P900

    You have to be careful with burst mode - you have to balance burst rate against how much you need to use burst as the camera will just stop shooting after a lot of bursts as it writes. The Jpegs are perfectly good - people always assume I must have a very expensive camera :)
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    Nikon coolpix b700

    These were taken with a P900 at 500 mm handheld of a Crow chasing a Kestrel - they raced around me 360 deg and I managed to get quite a few shots against a blank sky - I find the autofocus adequate - the enormous tele range is so useful. The camera is built down to a price and is quite crippled...
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    Puffin at St Ives

    Puffin from St Ives Island - the only live one I've ever seen here.
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    Jellyfish ID; Mull

    We had crystal in Cornwall last year that looked like the first pic
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    St Ives Cornwall UK Dolphins

    Resident Bottle-nose were out yesterday batting Flatfish in the air
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    Bowhead Whale in Cornwall

    Seen very close in near the Engine Sheds at Eastern Green and also at Chyandour - boats out early AM tomorrow to look for it. Just heard seen later at Mousehole.
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    advice re:tripod/gumbal head for Nikon p900

    I use a Velbon Carmagne carbon fibre tripod and a Manfrotto 701RC2 video head. I like the head as it has a balancing slide so you can balance a telescope or a camera with a long lens. Both these are rather old but you'll get the idea. I tied a ball head once - waste of time for me.
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    83x anyone? The new Nikon P900

    Poor old Spiekeries just above :) Gannets today fishing for Mackerel demonstrating 'ground effect' flying - handheld 1000mm bird prob 200ft away - quarter crop - it'll do for me. More I get used to the camera the better and easier it gets - I leave it on 2 FPS in 'P' mode with that AF-F thing...
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    Humpback St Ives Cornwall

    another Whale sighting off Botallack 9/4/16
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    Remote for Nikon P900!

    P900 is wireless remote by phone - Wireless Mobile Utility or Nikon WMU.
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    83x anyone? The new Nikon P900

    Interesting - personally RAW would never be a reason to change cameras - I do appreciate that some folk like and use that workflow - I've had RAW cameras but never used the feature - to be brutally honest I've got better things to do and JPEG is fine for my needs.
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    83x anyone? The new Nikon P900

    There's something about LTT - mostly as I don't have them here - little ball of fluff on a stick with a rather sad song.
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    83x anyone? The new Nikon P900

    Great pic of a great bird - we had one here once and the 'record' pic was of it pooping. I see a few folk not happy with the P900 but as long as you accept it's never going to equal big sensor camera I thinks it's perfect for the birding I do - I find it easy to use and easy to track flying...
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    St Ives Bay Baby Bottle-nose.

    The Dolphin young'uns got there five minutes of fame today as they were greeted with rapture on Twitter, BBC live news, Radio Cornwall and the Facebook pages of Cornwall Wildlife Trust, British Marine Life Study Society and many more - haven't seen them for a while to pass on the news as St Ives...
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    Humpback St Ives Cornwall

    Still more sightings by Fishermen seeing the Whale out by the Bahn Shoal Bouy - appeared to be stunning fish with tail fluke smashes.
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    St Ives Bay Baby Bottle-nose.

    Certainly was me - yesterday The Dolphins went down the coast very early and as I was there Viv Stratton finished Coastguard duty and told me the Humpback was North of the Head just frolicking and waving it's pectoral fins around. Enviable job Viv has - he gets to seawatch with the biggest bins...
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    Gull Call, UK (audio).

    Gulls can be quite easy - A Greater Black Back sounds like it got drunk last night then beaten up, has a hangover and caught a cold.