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  1. JWN Andrewes

    Scottish independence and your UK list....

    I seem to be hearing a lot in the news at the moment about a push for a second Scottish Independence Referendum. Leaving aside the politics of this (please!!), how many species would you lose from your UK list? I know a lot of folk keep a British Isles list, or a Britain & Ireland list that...
  2. JWN Andrewes

    Pug in November?!

    Of all the things I was expecting at the trap tonight a Pug was not high on the list! White-spotted? Golden-rod? Common? Many precedents?
  3. JWN Andrewes

    Yellow-line Quaker vs Brick

    Thought this was a Yellow-line Quaker when I first saw it last night, but was sufficiently doubtful to pot it and pop it in the fridge for a better look later. Still unsure, so I'll keep it another night and check it out (and photograph it) in natural daylight tomorrow as I'm not in work. Some...
  4. JWN Andrewes

    Rather faded noctuid

    Got me stumped....
  5. JWN Andrewes

    Rather worn Noctuid

    Might not be doable, but no harm in asking....
  6. JWN Andrewes

    A couple of ID confirmations

    From last night, North East Wales - Square-spot Rustic & Cloaked Minor?
  7. JWN Andrewes

    Reptiles on the beach!

    Had a couple of very serendipitous encounters on Newgale beach in Pembrokeshire on the final morning of our summer family holiday. Both courtesy of my son's sharp young eyes, first a very nice long tailed Common Lizard, followed soon after by a gorgeous little copper coloured Adder!
  8. JWN Andrewes

    A couple of Pembrokeshire micros.

    From last weekend, cheers. The first reminds me of the Udea olivalis I've had in the garden, but without the white patches. The second had me thinking Brown China-mark when I first saw it (never having seen one before), but a look at the field guide suggests otherwise.
  9. JWN Andrewes

    Carpet sp, Pembrokeshire

    Either Red or Dark-barred Twin-spot, in St Davids last weekend. I get the impression from eg UK Moths website, that the separation of this pair is not as straightforward as first appears so I though I'd double check here before jumping to conclusions. I'm leaning towards Red, based on the...
  10. JWN Andrewes

    Clay Triple-lines?

    I think this is a Clay Triple-lines, but it's rather worn and faded. Any thoughts?
  11. JWN Andrewes

    July Moths

    First session with no ticks! A decent number of moths though, for here at least, with 55 of 24 species, the pick being my first Garden Carpet in a while, a Yellow-tail that actually showed a bit of yellow tail, and who can tire of Peach Blossoms? No doubt the boys will grip me off with something...
  12. JWN Andrewes

    Worn moth ID

    Don't know if this will be doable, I almost didn't pursue it but curiosity got the better of me and I had a leaf through the book anyway, and ended up strongly drawn to Purple Clay. Any thoughts? EDIT - Browsing online pics Ingrailed Clay also looks a close match.
  13. JWN Andrewes

    Rustic or Uncertain or Rustic or Uncertain or Rustic or etc etc etc...?

    I think they're Uncertain. Or possibly uncertain.
  14. JWN Andrewes

    Yellow Underwing sp.

    So, this looks like a pretty standard Large Yellow Underwing on the face of it, but, as can be seen, it is slightly smaller than a Double square-spot, which it shouldn't be (LYU forewing 21-26mm, Double Square-spot 17-19mm). But it doesn't really look like a Lesser Yellow Underwing (rather pale...
  15. JWN Andrewes

    Small Clouded Brindle vs Common Rustic agg.?

    Been vacillating over this for a couple of weeks. First thought Common Rustic agg., but may be a bit early (8th June)? So Small Clouded Brindle? Something else altogether? (I flirted with Large Nutmeg for a spell, but discarded the notion.)
  16. JWN Andrewes

    A couple of ID confirmations

    Pretty sure the first is a Clouded-bordered Brindle Second looks like Rustic/Uncertain. Don't know if it's possible to get any further than that.
  17. JWN Andrewes

    Fin Whale in Dee Estuary

    Been in some trouble it seems. Fingers crossed for a happy ending. http://www.deeside.com/volunteer-marine-mammal-medics-currently-attending-30ft-small-fin-whale-stranded-in-the-dee-estuary/
  18. JWN Andrewes

    2 moths for ID confirmation

    Two waves, I suspect Cream, and what I'm pretty sure is a Common Rustic agg. Many thanks
  19. JWN Andrewes


    Closest I could get was Rustic, but I may be way off beam. And if it is Rustic, can it be safely told from Uncertain?
  20. JWN Andrewes

    You'd think Kittens would be easy....

    In a nutshell, the grey band seems too broad and smooth-sided for Alder, but on the dark side for Poplar (which also appears to be the rarest round here, but at the moment is my first choice for ID on this).