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  1. kitefarrago

    Intermittent problems uploading to Gallery

    Hi, in the last few weeks I've occasionally had problems uploading a photo to the gallery. The error message is this: Secure Connection Failed The connection to www.birdforum.net was interrupted while the page was loading. The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the...
  2. kitefarrago

    Confirm Ids from Aguas Caliente, Peru

    The first two birds are just a case of viewing from a a slightly unusual angle. I think the first one (two photos) is Grey-necked Wood-Wren, and the second a Greater Kiskadee (although the bill does look rather large). Finally we have a hummingbird - Green and White and White-bellied are the...
  3. kitefarrago

    Ids from Peru

    I was very pleased with the very good resources that are available these days for identifying (mostly) butterflies from far flung places these days. For the following I haven't been able to work out what they are. Taken in the Manu in early August, all in the grounds of Amazonia lodge, so...
  4. kitefarrago

    Hummingbird, Amazonia Lodge, Manu, Peru

    Dear all, the hummingbird in the attached photos was seen in early August at Amazonia Lodge in the Manu. This bird visited on only two occasions, once as the light was going, and it stuck with the flowers rather than the feeders so it was highly mobile and there was no real time to study it at...
  5. kitefarrago

    Amazonia Lodge, Peru queries

    More pictures, these all taken in early August last summer, at Amazonia Lodge, very near the lodge. Number 1: This is a severe crop of an image that's not really sharp. The head does look plain with no visible spots or streaks. Does that make this bird identifiable? I need to take a course on...
  6. kitefarrago

    From the Manu road

    Some more from the Manu road. Better pictures this time. The hummingbird is from the feeders at Wayqecha Biological Station. We had very little time there, so it wasn't possible to sit near the feeders for a while to get a grip on the local population. Not sure what to make of this one. The...
  7. kitefarrago

    Two more from south-east Peru

    Slightly better pictures this time. Still late July/early August this past summer. The first (three images) was taken along the Abra Malaga Road, not too far below the pass (we only birded the upper reaches of that side on that day before returning to Ollantaytambo. The second (next three...
  8. kitefarrago

    South-east Peru, July/August 2017

    I've just finally been able to put labels on most of my photos from Peru this summer, but a few are eluding me. Some of them, I suspect, are of a quality so bad that nobody will be able to do anything with them, or they just don't show enough, but it doesn't hurt to ask. For the first two I...
  9. kitefarrago

    Birds of Peru App

    I'm planning for a trip to Peru and I quite like to have a fieldguide on an app since that is easier to carry around into the field, and since that is often a nice way to get vocalizations as well. I've seen that the Helm/Princeton fieldguide is now available as an app. I do have a paper copy...
  10. kitefarrago

    Ecuador - from the high Andes to the Amazon basin

    This was a trip that didn't have a lot of planning put into it. I had originally planned to travel elsewhere, but two trips were cancelled one after the other due to a lack of participants, and by then I was tied into travelling between mid July and mid August. That's not the easiest time of...
  11. kitefarrago

    Flycatcher from Ecuador

    Looking at my pictures from Ecuador again I have another query. This picture was taken in July from the canopy tower of Sani Lodge, just outside Yasuni National Park near the Napo river. Another party kept referring to Slaty-capped Flycatcher, which looks similar but isn't in range. I'm...
  12. kitefarrago

    A couple more from Ecuador

    As I'm post-processing my photos from Ecuador this July I've found a couple more where I'd like some confirmation regarding id. The swallows where taken just outside Yasuni National Park on the Napo River. I can't have paid all that much attention when I took this picture because I was under...
  13. kitefarrago

    Which Kingbird from Ecuador?

    The guide I was with identified this as a Tropical Kingbird, but when I asked whether they got White-throated at all he seemed puzzled by that name. This looks like a good candidate for White-throated to meL The throat is definitely white, and there are no olive tones on the breast. But my...
  14. kitefarrago

    Flycatcher from Ecuador

    I'm sorry the quality of the photos isn't better. These are pretty hefty crops, and the angle isn't helpful. I've included slightly different shots, but I haven't got anything substantially different. These are pretty hefty crops and the morning was still very misty, with the sun not far up...
  15. kitefarrago

    Which Screech Owl from Ecuador?

    As I'm processing pictures from my trip to Ecuador I'm coming across a few where I'm not sure of id. The attached picture was taken near the Napo River in the Amazon basin, just outside the Yasuni National Park in Ecuador. I assume that this is a Tropical Screech Owl? It seems very rufous on...
  16. kitefarrago

    New apps available for Nothern South America

    I stumbled across these by accident. Those who like to take electronic resources on their trips might want to check out three brand new apps, all based on the Helm Guide Series "Birds of Northern South America" by Robin Restall, Clemencia Rodner, and Miguel Lentino. This is a part of a world...
  17. kitefarrago

    More Atlantic rain forest humming birds from Brazil

    And some more I'd like confirmation for. All from the hills above Ubatuba. 1. Versicoloured Emerald? 2. Glittering-throated Emerald male? 3. Glittering-throated Emerald female? 4. Sombre Hummingbird? 5. Female Glittering-throated again?
  18. kitefarrago

    Hummingbirds, Brazil, Atlantic Rain Forest

    Some pictures from my holiday in Brazil where I"m less than sure regarding id. This was my first journey to anywhere South of Mexico, and I have very little experience with hummingbirds, in paritcular their variability. All these were taken in August in the vicinity of Ubatuba. 1. The first...
  19. kitefarrago

    Brazil - the Pantanal and a bit of Atlantic rain forest

    In August last year I joined a trip to the Pantanal, covering both the Southern and Northern part. As usual I couldn't get any of my friends to join me and so I went for an organized tour. Doing both the Southern and the Northern part of the Pantanal independently would require either a lot of...
  20. kitefarrago

    Raptor, Pantanal, Brazil

    I took this picture in mid-August in the Southern Pantanal. I'm afraid this, and an almost identical shot, are the only photos I have of this bird. It would be nice having a picture showing some more useful features, like the tail! I'm not at all sure what this is - possibly an immature? Most...