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  1. Fast_falkon

    BoP for ID, Lesvos, Greece, 15-07-2008

    Hi all, Can anyone make something from these pics? Taken on Levos, 15-07-2008. Thanks Daniel
  2. Fast_falkon

    Some Wheatears - Greece

    Hi all, Can anyone put a name on these Wheatears? I think they are all diffrent birds. Thanks! Daniel
  3. Fast_falkon

    Who's your daddy? Baby Corvid, Holland

    Hi all, On my way back from school I found this guy. I first thought it was a Jackdaw, but when I came a little closer, two Carrion Crows in the trees got all worked up, so I thought it might be a baby Carrion Crow. You guys got any idea? thanks, Daniel :t:
  4. Fast_falkon

    Just a Buzzard? Holland, 31 may *caution, crappy pic ahead*

    Hi all, I saw this bird hovering over today. Its just a Buzzard right? Thanks, Daniel
  5. Fast_falkon

    Warbler Holland, 22 may

    Hi all, I photographed this bird in a park behind my house, it was singing in a tree. Habitat: A park with dense and open parts with water. sorry for the blurry pics..
  6. Fast_falkon

    Id please, Hortobagy - Hungary

    Hey all, I was going through my pics of my trip to Hungary and I found this bird wich I can't ID. It was taken about 2 weeks ago in the Hortobagy area in Hungary.
  7. Fast_falkon

    Nepal rufous vented-prinia

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/7227696.stm New bird type found..
  8. Fast_falkon

    Hortobágy-poesta General information needed

    Hey all, In June/July this year, there is a chance that i'm going to Hungary, i really need information about birding here.. especially about Hortobágy-poesta (sp?) we're going 7-9 days (we is my mother and I) Thanks in advance. :t: Edit: Its a possibility that we're going 18-10 to 26-10 too...
  9. Fast_falkon

    Lyre bird

    this vid proofs that lyre birds are amazing birds. EDIT: this one is amazing too Ö
  10. Fast_falkon

    Bird guide for Gambia?

    Hey all, anyone knows a good field guide to birds for Zambia? because i might go there in the summer break. thanks Falkon:t:
  11. Fast_falkon

    tit's in the winter.

    Hi all. i've been to the forest yesterday and i saw something i haven't seen before. there was this huge flock of birds in the tree tops. i aimed my bino's there and i saw that it where tits. But it where all diffrent species of tits. there where: Marsh tits, Willow tits, Crested tit, Blue tits...
  12. Fast_falkon

    warbler, Fochteloerveen, Netherlands

    Hey all, i've been birding today, and i've spotted a warbler of wich i have no picture. He was: Smaller than a Chiff-chaff Green/yellow-ish with a white eye stripe. High in a tree in the forest. About as thick as a Chiff-chaff also he had a stripe om his wing. and a little, white eye ring, but...
  13. Fast_falkon

    unknown bird

    Hi all. a friend of mine spotted a bird of wich he didn't know the name, he asked me he described it. this is what he says it looks like it aproxmatly as big as a blackbird, it has the colours of a Citrine wagtail, apart from its head, wich is as red as fire, and his wings are totally grey. im...
  14. Fast_falkon

    Rate -/10 please? first ever serious attempt

    hi all will you please rate my first ever serious attemt? -/10
  15. Fast_falkon

    Best camera to start with?

    Hi all, im new to this forum , and to taking bird pictures. and now i would like to know,what camera is the best to start with, and what does it cost? thanks in advance ~Falk
  16. Fast_falkon

    Hi all :)

    Hi all, i just registered to this forum :) i've been a huge bird's fan since i was 8 (6 years ago) i live in Holland and euh.. i'm very happy here :D well, thats about me, now im going to browse the forums Have fun birding and see your/your posts soon! btw, my favorite bird is a Kingfisher, i...