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  1. London Birder

    Japan: late October to mid-November

    Hi, I'll be in the Toyota region of Japan (not a country I've visited before) for three weeks from late October and will have plenty of time for birding, but travelling great distances won't be an option. So, are there any productive spots anyone can recomend in that area? Any help appreciated.
  2. London Birder

    New Zealand Falcon

    Is anyone aware of any papers on this species and its relationship to other members of the Falconidae? Many thanks.
  3. London Birder

    London Jersey Tigers

    Hi all, A minimum total of 51 Jersey Tigers were logged yesterday at Honor Oak Park, Brockley and Forest Hill railway stations here in London. All the the raised vegetated areas (and similar) within station premises, and all the surfaces where moths may be resting, were thouroughly checked...
  4. London Birder

    Unidentified Wave

    Hi all, Caught this wave at my kitchen light here in central London on Saturday evening (see attached) but have been unable to come to a firm decision on its identification. So far Small Fan-footed Wave has been suggested but I'm thinking it may be too small for this species (forewing c9mm)...
  5. London Birder

    Herring Gull

    Took this lame photo of a 1st-wint Herring Gull at Hyde Park, December 2007. Struck me as being a rather swarthy bird, more so than I associate with argenteus birds. Sort of forgotten about the photo ... was on site with a further 11 1st-wint birds, none of which showed this rather dark...
  6. London Birder

    Bark Stripping Starlings

    anyone know of any examples of bark stripping by Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) in the literature, particularly around this time of year?
  7. London Birder

    Inner London Day-flyer

    ok, this is a very long shot but maybe someone can point me in the right direction ... I know zip about moths but at my local patch in Inner London I've been seeing scores of dayflying (or at least the fly when I walk through the area) moths, smart looking, bout size of a small white (maybe a...
  8. London Birder

    Ditched Swift

    photographed in a London park in April ... anyone think the eye may be damaged as opposed to nictitating membrane?
  9. London Birder

    Campbell Island Teal

    cautious optimism ... http://www.birdlife.org/news/news/2006/06/campbell.html
  10. London Birder

    Wood White sites in SE England ...

    anyone know any or are they top secret ...
  11. London Birder

    London Birding.

    Much the same as other recent threads, thought I'd start this one for the London recording area (20 miles in every direction from St. Pauls Cathedral) ... sightings, info exchange, site gen etc ... sightings from yesterday (May 25th) include: *possible Great White Egret (not confirmed nor...
  12. London Birder

    Twite on the Town Hall.

    Just doing a book review and came across this snippet of info in relation to Hamburg, Germany ... 'The Twite can be seen at it's night roost on the Town Hall -the only place in Germany, and probably Europe, where this species uses a building for it's night roost. ... in March the number peaks...
  13. London Birder

    Odd nominate Common Redstart?

    found a male Common Redstart this a.m. on my patch, ok nice on passage, nothing big time ... but a slightly puzzling bird as it showed very prominent white secondary panels, something I associate with samamiscus ... it didn't appear to be a plumage abberation and the bird in all other respects...
  14. London Birder

    coburni Redwing in the UK

    anyone seen any ? what's the features ?
  15. London Birder


    how are you on skull i.d. ? play the quiz and find out ! lots of fun for all the family ! http://www.skullsite.com/index.htm
  16. London Birder

    Spanish Yellow-browed Warbler

    how about this whilst buying your veggies! http://www.rarebirdspain.net/arbsr000.htm#Pinornatus
  17. London Birder

    Grey phase Tawny Owl in the UK

    still yet to see one ... what's the UK ratio to the rufous variant ... are there intermediates ?
  18. London Birder

    Peregrine or Hobby ? You Decide.

    Apparently this picture HERE shows a Peregrine which has been identified as such and rung ... Your thoughts please ... Hobby for me.
  19. London Birder

    Long Staying Ring-billed Gulls

    Here in London an adult Ring-billed Gull has returned for it's 10th Autumn/Winter (first found Nov 1996) to it's usual locale of the Thames at The Isle of Dogs ... try as I might I haven't been able to find out if there's a Ring-billed Gull (an individual bird) that has returned on a greater...