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  1. Euan Buchan

    Birds That Visit Your Garden Now That Didn't Before

    Thought this may be interesting to hear what new birds visit your garden now that didn't before. For me on top of the list are Goldfinches. Take January last year they didn't show up at all it wasn't until August when I bought a new feeder (still used the same seeds sunflower hearts) and when I...
  2. Euan Buchan

    Winterwatch 2021

    I enjoyed the film on The Mandarin Duck a bird I last saw in 2016 found it interesting and I actually loved Chris's film on finding empty nests in winter and guessing what birds would use them, I got 2 out of 5. Maybe it's just me but I feel they are not showing live cameras as much as they have...
  3. Euan Buchan

    Winterwatch 2021

    I really enjoyed it good films.
  4. Euan Buchan

    Winterwatch 2021

    I just use BBC Iplayer to catch up since I use a Firestick for my TV.
  5. Redwing


    Redwing On The Tree.
  6. Euan Buchan

    A Welcome Back To The Great Tits?

    This is exciting Two Great Tits checked inside the camera nestbox. One went in and the other stayed outside. Fingers crossed they use it this year, they will get a nice Welcome Back reception they haven’t been back since 2018.
  7. Euan Buchan

    Garden / Yard List 2021

    Just watched a Blackcap in the garden.
  8. Blackcap


    This is exciting watching a male Blackcap on the feeder.
  9. Euan Buchan

    Comment by 'Euan Buchan' in media 'Greenfinches'

    Yeah sorry everyone I know they are Greenfinches typed the wrong one by mistake 🙄
  10. Greenfinches


    Greenfinches on a tree.
  11. Euan Buchan

    Garden / Yard List 2021

    This morning been lots of Woodpigeons, Stock Doves, Blackbirds, Chaffinches & Goldfinches.
  12. Euan Buchan

    Garden / Yard List 2021

    Got 2 Stock Doves in the garden.
  13. Stock Dove

    Stock Dove

    Stock Dove in the garden there’s another one too.
  14. Euan Buchan

    Winterwatch 2021

    Just heard that Winterwatch 2021 will start on Tuesday 19th January.
  15. Euan Buchan

    Two Blue Tits Checking Nestbox

    I do have a Camera nestbox, Great Tits uses it twice 2017-2018 sadly in 2018 we had that hot dry Spring and the parents were away long periods of time and sadly all the chicks died. They haven’t come back since.
  16. Euan Buchan

    Garden / Yard List 2021

    Had 2 Stock Doves this morning.
  17. Euan Buchan

    Two Blue Tits Checking Nestbox

    Spotted two Blue Tits at the nestbox wonder if they will use it this year?
  18. Euan Buchan

    Garden / Yard List 2021

    Nice surprise to see not one but two Stock Doves in the garden.
  19. Euan Buchan

    Help The Birds this winter

    Filled up the feeders as well as Frosty my Snowman feeder, decided to keep him up longer then normal. Also gave the birds a helping hand scattering seeds on the ground and on the table and a Robin was first on the scene.
  20. Redwing


    Redwing looking amazing against the blue sky. This is my 6th Redwing sighting on that tree which is my neighbour’s tree