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  1. J

    US Desert Southwest - Jan. 2020

    I just finished a short trip to Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. I've loaded a copy to Cloudbirders. Enjoy! Jeff
  2. J

    Another "which tern?" - this time in PA

    All, This tern was seen a few weeks ago at Leaser Lake here in Eastern PA. Here. Just wanted to verify the ID of Common Tern is right.
  3. J

    Shrikes near Frankfurt

    Hi all, I have a 14 hour layover in Frankfurt in early November on the way to S.Africa. When Cornell split Great Grey Shrike off from the Northern Shrike, Great Grey became a potential lifer for me. I figure I'll take this window to go looking for one. Can anybody advise a reliable place to...
  4. J

    Lovebirds in Phoenix

    I'm going to be making a quick stop in Phoenix next weekend on the way home from a pelagic trip in San Diego. Anybody know any reliable locations (stake-outs) for Rosy-faced Lovebirds? I'll be staying right near the airport and I'll have a car, so I have flexibility. TIA, Jeff
  5. J

    Cuckoo - Korea

    All: I saw this cuckoo in a small town outside of Seoul on July 22nd. I was hoping it might be an Oriental Cuckoo, but after looking hard at this photo I concluded it was a Common Cuckoo But just to be sure I wanted to run it by everyone. Thoughts?
  6. J

    RFI - Yeosu Area

    Hi All, I may have a chance to spend a few days in the Yeosu area, and if I can arrange it around a weekend, may get some birding in. Anybody ever been there? Any recommendations of places to go birding? tnx, JH
  7. J

    Myanmar Trip from This November

    Hey all, I just took a quick trip in Myanmar as a pre-trip to an organized tour in Thailand. I've finally got the trip report done. It's now on CloudBirders: Here Enjoy!
  8. J

    Great Blue or Tricolored? - Bombay Hook, DE

    All, We saw an immature heron in a small pond at Bombay Hook on Saturday (Aug 6th). It was close to a great egret and clearly appeared smaller than the egret to all four of us in the car. When we first looked at it, we thought an odd tricolored, mainly because of the size, but now we're...
  9. J

    Trip to the Caucasus - April 30th to May 15th

    Hi All, I just finished a trip to Georgia and Armenia. I put a trip report for the vacation on Cloudbirders. The trip report is here. The trip was built around a short Birdquest tour to Georgia. I added some birding in Armenia before travelling to Georgia, along with a couple of days along...
  10. J

    Another Coop / Sharpie ID Challenge - Pennsylvania

    All: A friend of mine took this picture out his office window here in Allentown yesterday. We've historically had a pair of Cooper's hawks nesting in that location, but this guy has some sharpie characteristics, specifically the short neck and the forked tail. But I also see shorter outer...
  11. J

    Birding and Business Near Seoul

    I just got back from two weeks working in Korea, where I had my weekends free for birding. I've put a trip report on CloudBirders. Enjoy! JH
  12. J

    Shearwaters from Istanbul Ferries

    I'm going to be stopping in Istanbul for one night on my way back from my tour in the Caucasus. I only have one target bird there: Yelkouan Shearwater. Most of the reports I've read talk about taking the boat tour up to the Black Sea and back. Is that really necessary or can you see them...
  13. J

    Trip Report - Birding and Business in Japan

    I just put a trip report on Cloudbirders from some time spent birding in Japan during a business trip to Asia last month. LINK
  14. J

    A Day to Kill in Cairns

    Hi All: I'm going to be joining a tour in Cairns in mid-October. I originally planned on arriving the night before the tour starts, but my flight was changed by United and I now have a full extra day in Cairns. The tour already goes to the Daintree, Cassowary House, Mareeba Wetlands, Atherton...
  15. J

    Spain and Andorra Trip - May 2015

    I just posted a copy of my trip report to Catalunya, Andorra, and Mallorca on Cloudbirders Enjoy! Jeff
  16. J

    Spain and Andorra Trip - May 2015

    I just posted a copy of my trip report to Catalunya, Andorra, and Mallorca on Cloudbirders Enjoy! Jeff
  17. J

    Snake - Mallorca

    My first herp question! I saw this snake on Mallorca a couple days ago. I was just curious as to which species it is. Also am I correct in concluding from the triangular head shape that it's venomous? TIA, Jeff
  18. J

    Scaup - Allentown, PA

    I originally thought this was a lesser due to the dirty flanks, but a friend suggested greater, and provided this photo which to me has a greater's head shape. Any thoughts?
  19. J

    Organized Tour

    All, I'm starting to consider tour options for next year and one of my thoughts is Myanmar, since Bagan is definitely a place I've wanted to see for a while. I'm getting to the point in my life where trying to organize a trip on my own is less exciting than having someone do the legwork for...
  20. J

    Barred or Boreal? Thetford, Vermont, USA

    The daughter-in-law of a friend of mine took this picture yesterday, December 22. My friend thought it might be a boreal, but I'm not 100% sure. I can't tell whether the eyes are yellow or black. It strikes me as pretty big which would favor barred but the bill doen't look horn colored like...