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  1. Richard Prior

    Gentoo Penguin possible future split into 4 species

    Potential armchair ticks to come for some? https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-54817124
  2. Richard Prior

    Autumn virtuoso, French Alps (1,000m asl)

    Apologies for the faint recording, I just pointed my mobile phone in the direction of the bird. We're used to the mimicry and variety of Marsh Warbler here in May/June but this species comes a close second when it does this Autumn subsong. All the sounds you hear (apart from the cow bells...
  3. Richard Prior

    Honey Buzzard age and sex

    I was thinking adult female for this bird seen here today, but would appreciate any thoughts out there! Thanks All
  4. Richard Prior

    Albatross helping find illegal fishing

    Apologies if this has already been highlighted (it rang a bell with me but I couldn't find where I'd seen it): https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200708-the-albatrosses-who-catch-pirates-on-the-high-seas
  5. Richard Prior

    A White Red Squirrel

  6. Richard Prior

    What was this, French Alps, 27 April 2020

    No doubt obvious but I always have trouble identifying birds from piles of feathers left by predators. Found this in the barn of mum in law’s old building which is at 1350m altitude, it presumably had been eaten by a feral cat or other mammal as feathers were chewed at the ends, not plucked as a...
  7. Richard Prior

    Keep cats indoors advice

    https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-52204534 Good timing, just as nesting season begins, if cat owners get frightened into keeping Tiddles in lockdown as well it could save millions of birds ! Oops, how can I change thread title, cats not cars of course!
  8. Richard Prior

    48 years between sightings!

    One for the rainy day reminiscing members, I was reading kb57's 2020 thread: https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=385208 and was tickled to see he had recently seen some Dartford Warblers in Surrey, 48 YEARS after his last sighting of the species:eek!:! Naturally that got me thinking, what...
  9. Richard Prior

    Birding halfway up the Alps

    I’ve decided I’m too old to join the wonderful world of blogging but thought that occasional posts on birding in my adopted homeland (and sometimes elsewhere) might be of interest, especially as a lot of birders visit the French Alps and nearby Switzerland on family holidays or work trips...
  10. Richard Prior

    Stonechat, South-east Armenia Sept 2019

    Photographed near Goris. According to Shirihai and Svensson Eastern/Siberian Stonechat variegata breeds in this part of Armenia, Common Stonechat rubicola being found in the north of the country. I think I see a few flank streaks which would eliminate variegata and the orange wash of the...
  11. Richard Prior

    Return to Armenia, Sept 2019

    As in May 2018, this autumn’s nine day visit to Armenia was not a 100% full-on birding trip, nevertheless we managed some very nice sightings in fantastic scenery on our wanderings around the centre and southern areas of the country. Instead of flying from Geneva (our nearest airport) which has...
  12. Richard Prior

    Rock Thrush prey item

    On my this morning's hike in the mountains I came across this Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush carrying a large prey item that (due to my poor photos) I can't identify. It doesn't look like a lizard to me, is it a new-born mammal (vole for example?) or a naked fledgling (Dunnock, Water Pipit, Citril...
  13. Richard Prior

    Armenia 12 to 25 May 2018

    This was what you might call a hybrid trip for my wife and I, originally planned to consist of one week working and generally helping at a refugee centre for Armenians displaced from Syria in the north of the country with a few other visitors, then a second week of just the two of us travelling...
  14. Richard Prior

    Buntings, Vedi, Armenia 19 May

    These two were trying to keep cool in bushes at the base of a dry wadi, there were plenty of Black-headed Buntings present and one Grey-headed seen on our visit, we neither heard nor saw Ortolans or Rock there, and the habitiat was not suitable for Corn Buntings. It's probably obvious to some of...
  15. Richard Prior

    Unusual site fidelity

    The celebrity (in this region at least) Turnstone has returned to winter in the same small bay on Lake Geneve (or Lac Léman if you prefer) today for the 21st consecutive year! I'd love to know the route it takes each year to and from its breeding area, but its incredible (and atypical choice of...
  16. Richard Prior

    Bird call, India

    Recorded by my brother a couple of weeks ago, no doubt an easy one for the India-experienced! Thanks in advance, Richard
  17. Richard Prior

    Feather, Camargue France late April

    I'm hopeless at identifying which species a feather came from (apart from Jay obviously;)), so to help me regain by street cred with my niece (who found the feather on her hols last week and thinks Uncle is a 'bird expert', ahem), could someone help me with this one? She found it near some...
  18. Richard Prior

    Ringed Great Tit France

    I'm wondering whether this recent visitor to our garden in the Alps has come from afar, is there enough in the photos to tell us which country the ring comes from?
  19. Richard Prior

    Duck/goose sp in Lebanon

    I've received an email from a birder in Lebanon, with this photo of a waterfowl attached, taken by the hunter who was shooting ducks at night. I can't think what it can be, the guy wondered about Cotton Teal, but it's surely too big (and long-necked) to be that species. Sorry the pic is so...
  20. Richard Prior

    Willow Tit stealing

    I'm fortunate enough to have Coal, Great, Blue, Marsh, Willow and Crested Tits visiting our feeders (species listed from most numerous visitors to least). Willow Tits tend to dash in to the garden, grab a seed from the feeder (or just as often from the ground beneath) and scoot off to store...