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  1. Andrew

    Barr & Stroud Sahara

    Hello, I have noticed some fair looking roof prism binoculars called Barr & Stroud Sahara 8x42 at about £65 which is appealing. Does anyone know much about these and what their merits and failings are? Regards, Andrew.
  2. Andrew

    Kenko 1.5x for Canon.

    Hello, I wanted to ask if the Kenko 1.5x for Canon is still being made as I am after a second (NEW) copy due to annoyance at changing about when using two different cameras. I want to keep sensor dirt to a minimum. No one seems to either have a Canon version at a decent price or in stock. I...
  3. Andrew

    OS Grid Ref App for Android?

    Hello, Does anyone use a Android app that allows an Ordnance Survey grid reference to be displayed for wherever you happen to be when you need it? Google brings a few up but I wanted to ask if anyone has tried and tested any and are happy with it. regards, Andrew.
  4. Andrew

    Springtail Species for Identification

    Good evening, I have been through a batch of specimens collected from the garden today and one is not proving easy for me. I have attached two images of it. There were plenty of them jumping about for cover whenever I lifted an object off the soil/grass such as tree stumps, plant pots...
  5. Andrew

    Wolf Spider : Pardosa agrestis?

    Hello, This spider was found amongst many in the grass close to the edge of the Axe Estuary in Seaton, Devon. I believe this looks a good fit for Pardosa agrestis. Does anyone have an opinion on this spider? Apologies for the poorly focussed photographs, I had issues with the ring flash and...
  6. Andrew

    Arachnid for ID

    Hello, This spider was indoors and photographed this morning before being returned where it was found. I have so far struggled to find anything illustrated with the unusual scorpion-like appendage on the left of the thorax. However it looks a good match for Harpactea hombergi in Collins...
  7. Andrew

    Devon's Seaweeds

    Hello, I have three images of seaweeds below as part of an initial stab at identifying seaweeds in Devon. They were all taken on the Exe Estuary at Turf Inn Lock. I have the first image easily as Bladder Wrack (Fucus vesiculosus) but the second and third are bothering me greatly. I can not...
  8. Andrew

    Dead Fly for ID.

    Evening, This fly obliged very well for a photograph back in June. I found it dead out in the garden (Devon, UK) but have so far not managed an identification. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Regards, Andrew.
  9. Andrew

    Free Instant JPEGS Program.

    Hello, Just found this through Outdoor Photography magazine and thought it worth passing on.... http://www.rawworkflow.com/ There is a free program that allows instant JPEG conversion from RAW for those who want to cut the workflow short or provide samples for a quick check. Regards, Andrew.
  10. Andrew

    Conical snail species....

    Good morning, In the absence of online identification guides I would like to ask if anyone knows what this conical land snail species is? It has been resident on our apple trees in Devon all year. They are usually only about 7-8mm long. Regards, Andrew.
  11. Andrew

    Five Beetles for Confirmation.

    Evening, I have attached five beetle images I have tentatively identified as named in the images. Could anyone please offer me confirmation or correction on them? The final one has not been identified as I do not think my Chinery covers this one, any help for this one would be appreciated...
  12. Andrew

    ID Request : Mallorcan Social Wasp

    Good morning, These nest building wasps were found in the Albufereta reserve near Port de Pollenca on the northern coast of Mallorca back in April this year. Unfortunately for me, I am only armed with one page of wasps in my guide. The facial features fit none of them. So I hope someone here...
  13. Andrew

    Caddis Fly Identification.

    Afternoon, This caddis fly obliged for a picture on the Grand Western Canal in Mid Devon. I believe this could be Limnephilus flavicornis. Is anyone able to confirm this or not? The other possibility could be Micropterna sequax but it looks better to me for the aforementioned. Regards, Andrew.
  14. Andrew

    Mystery Bug Identification Please.

    Hello, Whilst sorting a backlog of images this one vexes me. I can get as far as seeing it as a mirid or ground bug. Can anyone rescue me on this one please? It was seen in Andrew's Wood DWT near Kingsbridge in South Devon. Regards, Andrew.
  15. Andrew

    Mealy Funnel?

    Good evening, After some more rain another clump of fungi appeared in the garden. They have no aniseed smell and after poring over the books I believe these to be Mealy Funnels. Is anyone able to confirm this or otherwise? Regards, Andrew.
  16. Andrew

    Marine Field Guide

    Hello, Ahead of an attempt to see as much as I can in Devon next year I am looking for a field guide that will allow me to identify things I find on the British (Devon) coast in beaches and rock pools. So far the best I think I have found is this...
  17. Andrew

    Arachnid for Identification.

    Good morning, This spider was photographed on the wall of the house (Devon, UK) and I am struggling with it. In fact I struggle with most spiders despite having the Collins guide by Roberts as well as the FSC chart. Can anyone help me with this one? I went down the wolf spider route but could...
  18. Andrew

    Shiny Purple Beetle species for ID please.

    Hello, My Chinery book is not helping me with this shiny purple beetle species which I photographed in Devon back in May or June. Could anyone please help me out here as well possibly explain why I can not see it in the book? Regards, Andrew.
  19. Andrew

    Large Bolete Identification.

    Evening, This large specimen of a bolete species (I presume) was seen on Aylesbeare Common in Devon. It was as tall as my hand and had a huge head with a smooth leathery brown skin on top. I am hoping someone might be able to point to an identification for me as my books do not help me at all...
  20. Andrew

    Fungi ID : White Fibrecap?

    Hello, After an evening IDing fungi I need help on one that vexes me. I think this might be White Fibrecap. Can anyone shed any light on it for me? Am I even on the right track? It was found in Knightshayes in Mid-Devon. Thanks, Andrew.