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    Cambridgeshire, UK

    Afraid I'm not very good at identification, main reason I take a camera when I go out for a walk. Tried to find this one on the RSPB Bird ID site when I got home, but not having much luck Seen today on the bank of a lake at Ouse Fen, Cambs, no fear at all and just stood whilst I took its...
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    A long way from home (Seal)

    Whilst out on a walk yesterday along the Ouse Way between St Ives and Holywell I spotted this rascal. Long way from home (the Wash presumably) in the non tidal middle reaches of the Great Ouse, not great photos, but nice to have as a record Crop from about the best shot I got Swimming off...
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    7D Manual for new firmware

    In case you need it, here is the new revised manual for the upcoming 7D firmware updates http://www.canonrumors.com/2012/07/canon-updates-the-eos-7d-manual/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+canonrumors%2Frss+%28Canon+Rumors%29&utm_content=FaceBook
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    7D Firmware Version

    7D Firmware Version 2 http://www.canonrumors.com/forum/index.php?topic=7186.0 If this is confirmed I can't see a 7D MKII coming anytime soon Some good stuff in there though and quite unusual for Canon to upgrade an existing model so much
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    Red Kite In Cambs?

    Went out with my wife today to Woodwalton Fen and pleased to see two Marsh Harriers Driving back about half a mile towards Upwood we were totally surprised to see a large bird of prey overhead with an unmistakably very forked tail. Not 100% sure, but as confident as I can be that it was a Red...
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    Birmingham BT Tower Peregrine Falcon Watch

    As part of my work yesterday I was requested to test the line that feeds the BBC webcam for the Peregrine Falcon Nest on the Birmingham BT Tower Not sure when it goes live, but its testing ok and ready to go, look forward to seeing it in action
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    Fen Drayton RSPB

    Went for a wander over to Fen Drayton RSPB, only a short walk from my house or one stop on the new fangled guided bus from St Ives All very tidy and a lovely new hide (see pic below) along with some new benches here and there too, took the camera, but only had a 70-200 and the light wasn't...
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    Which chair for hide to buy?

    Hi Just bought a dome hide and wondered if anyone had a recommendation please for a lightweight yet comfortable chair I'm not getting any younger and want something that will alllow me to sit for a while without too much discomfort Thanks Rich
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    Any idea what this ex-creature might be

    My daughter snapped this skeleton today in the margins of the local gravel pit I have no idea what it is so any help would be gratefully appreciated please
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    What have we here

    Hornet Queen Just seen this in the lane next to my house, guessing it could be a Queen Hornet, but not too sure. A positive ID would be welcome please, big lump whatever it was as you can see next to my lighter
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    RSPB Membership

    I purchased a RSPB gift membership for a friend on the 13/12/10 and it still hasn't arrived as of 31/12/10 Did email them to confirm it was sent, but can't see bad weather being the problem between Sandy and Cambridge Very disappointed seeing as it was two days before their Christmas deadline...
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    Blackbird and Cat Biscuits

    Hi We have a regular visitor when the back door is open, cheeky Blackbird comes in and eats cat biscuits from the cat's bowl Silly old moggy just watches him although I do fear it he may one day lose patience seeing his food being gobbled up Could the biscuits do the bird any harm? they are...
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    have I seen? UK Cambs

    Have I seen? UK, Cambs Today whilst out walking I saw a large bird of prey, it appeared to be predominantly grey with some black on the wings. I have gone through the two books I own and seems it might have been a Hen Harrier Could I expect to see this bird in Cambs at this time of year or at...
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    Hello All

    Just joined having seen a link from a photography site I use quite a bit I live near a few good sites for spotting and photographing wild birds and will soon have more time on my hands to enjoy it more Off for a look round now, see you soon Cheers Rich