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    Cambridgeshire Birding

    Great White Egret on Moore Lake, Fen Drayton RSPB Fri 10th-Nov
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    Cambridgeshire, UK

    Thank you all very much
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    Cambridgeshire, UK

    Afraid I'm not very good at identification, main reason I take a camera when I go out for a walk. Tried to find this one on the RSPB Bird ID site when I got home, but not having much luck Seen today on the bank of a lake at Ouse Fen, Cambs, no fear at all and just stood whilst I took its...
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    Small Shoulder Bag

    National Geographic make some nice strong shoulder bags http://www.geographicbags.com/shoulder-bags I have one of the medium size from the Earth Explorer range, very well made and depending on your taste quite stylish in an old school way
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    Need a new Rucksack - Nikon 300mm f2.8

    To store that lot don't think you will find anything too lightweight so perhaps look at one with a proper frame to assist carrying F-stop are very good, how about one of these with whatever ICU fits the bill http://shop.fstopgear.com/us/products/mountain/backpacks/tilopa-bc.html They are...
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    Tripod head recommendations

    Saw a review of several ballheads and the Feisol one got good marks, another one from a company called Sunwayfoto also did very well. From personal experience I can only comment on Markins and their cheaper Photoclam clones. Both work very well, no creep at all when locked up and appear to be...
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    Sensor cleaning.

    If its clean don't bother Can check by taking a shot of a white background at f/22 then zoom in at 100% Daresay you will find some spots, but unless you use wide apertures unlikely to notice it. Quick blast with a rocket blower doesn't do any harm though
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    Which Gitzo - leg diameters?

    Series 3 would be strong enough and portable too I have one from the systematic range, 4 section variety and folds down to 55cm. Can't remember the number offhand, think its either a 3540LS or 3541LS. When fully extended with ballhead and camera I have to stand on tiptoe to see the top lcd...
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    CF card readers

    I have a Sandisk and my daughter has the Lexar USB 3 Both work fine, but would probably go for the Lexar if buying now purely because of the increased speed (only if you have USB 3 obviously)
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    What Landscape lens

    I use all the lenses mentioned here and my vote purely for landscape photography goes to the 17-40mm.
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    Just Got a 70D

    I had a 7D and it was an excellent camera esepcially AF and custom functions, but I found you need to take a lot of care to get the exposure right. When you do the photos are very good, but if you don't noise becomes apparent even at low ISO's. Cannot agree its clean to 1600, reckoned 800 to be...
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    Threadlock? ED50 Tripod advice?

    Plusgas does indeed work on seized seatposts, spray and leave overnight, repeat a few times and then apply force to remove
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    7d + 100-400 repair advice

    Canon at Elstree seem to get a good press and I was very happy with the service from them
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    Tripod and head suggestions

    Gitzo Series 3 Systematic and Markins Q20 ball head would be my choice I have the earlier Markins M10 and you can set up it up so it will hold the lens steady, but can still be finely adjusted by applying slight force to move it. Daresay a Gimbal would be better for tracking such as birds in...
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    A long way from home (Seal)

    Whilst out on a walk yesterday along the Ouse Way between St Ives and Holywell I spotted this rascal. Long way from home (the Wash presumably) in the non tidal middle reaches of the Great Ouse, not great photos, but nice to have as a record Crop from about the best shot I got Swimming off...
  16. St Ives Seal

    St Ives Seal

    Seal in the Gt Ouse
  17. Tripod


    Tripod gut rope
  18. Tripod


    Tripod gut rope
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    Better than Gitzo?

    I find this arrangement works well on my travelling photo tripod and all for about two quid (obviously useless on hard standing) http://www.birdforum.net/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/472867/limit/recent http://www.birdforum.net/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/472866/limit/recent
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    Better than Gitzo?

    One question that can't be answered yet is durability over an extended period It's not only about leg/wall thickness because the fittings and fixtures are equally important. Not saying Sirui or Feisol will not equal Gitzo in those respects, only time will tell