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  1. mikejf

    Pantanal, Brazil

    Birding Pantanal has to make a profit. Its still cheaper than a UK / US tour company and you will get more birds, less ID headaches, no logistics problems, no language issues and an all round stress free break.
  2. mikejf

    Recommendations for Cyprus

    Unless it has moved in the last week the Cuckoo was in the bushes surrounding a large graffiti covered empty building. coordinates 35.0431670, 33.9731790.
  3. mikejf

    Recommendations for Cyprus

    I can't help with any Owl sites but would recommend visits to Paphos Archaeological Site & Cape Greco for migrants. Troodos village is a nice trip out for the endemic subspecies. With Akrotiri the areas around Lady Mile beach & Pasouri Reedbeds were very productive when we were there a couple of...
  4. mikejf

    Svalbard in June / July 2023

    There were some very cheap flights from Oslo this summer with SAS. Not sure if they are still on promotion. We got returns for €120.00
  5. mikejf

    Twitching by numbers - Book only available on Amazon

    Out of stock at £11.19. Shame, quite fancied it myself... Cheers Sid James
  6. mikejf

    Tipping guide (s) on international guided trips

    Interesting thread and I see both sides of the argument. I suspect those that have done a low paid crap job in hospitality in their youth are more likely to tip as they know what the extra money means to the guide / waiter / driver etc. Its easy to keep your hand in your pocket and moralise...
  7. mikejf

    Queues at UK airports?

    Flew out of Gatwick a couple of weeks ago & back into Heathrow this morning. No queues at all, straight through.
  8. mikejf

    Kenya November 2020

    Hi Andrew Sounds like a great trip however in this mornings Telegraph they listed some quite hefty entry requirements into Kenya: 'A negative PCR certificate from a test taken within 96 hours of travel. Self-isolation for seven days upon arrival and a PCR test on day four. Other requirements...
  9. mikejf

    Sensibly priced bins £100 -£200

    Thanks Watson, she was thinking 8x32 or 8x42, she wears glasses & is new to birding. Doesn't want to drop big money but needs something half decent to get herself going.
  10. mikejf

    Sensibly priced bins £100 -£200

    Hi A friend of mine needs some binoculars for birding at the lower price range. Any input would be appreciated as I'm out of the loop with the latest optics scene. She's happy to go 2nd hand, ebay etc if it's a better deal.
  11. mikejf

    Budget Cruise to the Antarctic

    I did a similar trip before lockdown & it was fabulous. I can't recomend it enough. Being a standard cruise we didn't have a naturalist on board so some birds did go unidentified. Its worth learning the birds your likely to see beforehand if your unsure of potential id's. The photography options...
  12. mikejf

    England lockdown policy

    Might be worth taking it out for half an hour Steve, charge up the battery & keep it ticking over.
  13. mikejf

    First North Korea public birding trip!

    Just come in from the pub, i'm a bit pissed but in all honestly want to say that the the dear leader is undoubtedly a nasty piece of shit but the tourist ministry, the tour company, the guides, the general population, the hotel staff, the restaurant staff and anyone else you will run into out...
  14. mikejf

    First North Korea public birding trip!

    Hi Gashead I took binoculars, full size scope and my camera was a Panasonic FZ150 superzoom. The other chap on the trip had a Nikon DSLR with a 300mm lens. We had no problems at all. The tour company advised us that officially you shouldn't take a lens over 150mm but they went on to say that in...
  15. mikejf

    First North Korea public birding trip!

    Yes the London - Beijing flights were on top of the tour price, around £550.00 return with Air China. Beijing - North Korea flights were included in the tour price. China is running a transit without visa program if you are in the country less than 72 hours which saves a bit of cash. The North...
  16. mikejf

    First North Korea public birding trip!

    Hi Richard I went on the tour and the flights too and from Beijing and Visas were included in the price and not extra. it was really fascinating place, like nowhere else on earth. On a positive note it was a stunningly beautiful country, really friendly people, good hotels, good food and...
  17. mikejf


    Hi Andrew Just come back from a beach holiday in Mallorca last week where I managed to squeeze in some birding. I did a morning at Albufera & saw plenty of Kentish Plover, B-W Stilts, Egrets, Purple & Night Herons. Crested Coots & Swamphens are easy. Managed to somehow miss out on Moustached...
  18. mikejf

    Mallorca 2012

    Thanks for all your advice everybody, much appreciated
  19. mikejf

    Mallorca 2012

    Hi Guys I going to Majorca in a couple of weeks, can anybody recommend a good car hire company. cheers
  20. mikejf

    Norfolk birding

    I have always supported the NWT but that sorely tested when I made the mistake of visiting Holme before 10am once last year, the warden was staggering rude. A friendly reminder of opening times would have surficed but he was just plain nasty.
  21. mikejf

    Field Guide for Mallorca

    I'm going soon & have ordered a copy of - A Birding Tourist's Guide to Majorca. It hasn't arrived yet but I've good reports of it. Check out www.birdingmajorca.com
  22. mikejf

    Classic Western Paleartic birding destinations?

    Thanks everybody for your advice, great stuff. There's about 20 years of trips there :t: I think I might start with Mallorca, there's cheap packages going and the birding sound great. Most of you mentioned spring as the best time to go to your favourite places. Has anybody got any tips for...
  23. mikejf

    Classic Western Paleartic birding destinations?

    Hi All I've never birded outside the UK before and I'm getting seriously tempted by some birding holidays. I wondered what people thought were the classic Western Paleartic birding destinations and and the best time of year to visit. I would love to go everywhere straightaway but the budget...
  24. mikejf

    Gambia - 1 Day Birding Opportunity

    I went for a 4 day holiday a couple of weeks ago & arranged a days birding with a local guide. We visited Tujereng in the morning, then had lunch on the beach followed by the afternoon at Brufut woods. I also had a pre breakfast walk the next day around Kotu Creek, sewage works & golf course...
  25. mikejf

    RSPB shock at Osborne attack on environmental rules (RSPB)

    Fascinating thread, Its always going to be difficult to find a balance between the environment and the need for jobs and homes. Just want to say to the brothers sometimes the 'nasty party' is what you need to clear up the mother of all messes left by Tony & Gordon..... All you lot do is borrow &...