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  1. Strontium Dog

    Birds noticed by non-birders

    I remember when I was around 10 years old, birdwatching in Essex (Hatfield Forest perhaps), a local gentleman asked me what I was looking at. I told him I had seen a Goldcrest, and he responded, in best Estuary: "Them's rare, ain't they?" Nope bub, they "ain't". And to think they think us...
  2. Strontium Dog

    Do you tick birds which are made tame by food?

    I respectfully disagree.
  3. Strontium Dog

    Do you tick birds which are made tame by food?

    Tameness in wild birds is a beautiful thing. It's the way things would be had we not been hunting them for hundreds of thousands of years. We'd just be another harmless large mammal, and they'd be as unbothered by us as they are cattle or horses. On those rare occasions when a bird is unruffled...
  4. Strontium Dog

    Birds noticed by non-birders

    That's cool. In Spain they look at you like you've got two heads.
  5. Strontium Dog

    Willow Tit decline

    I read something a while back about special Willow Tit nesting boxes which can be excavated like a dead tree, but I don't know how successful they've been.
  6. Strontium Dog

    Octopus farming

    I thought it was the industrial farming of octopus that he described as a "new low". I still think you are reading between the lines somewhat, but I acknowledge your viewpoint.
  7. Strontium Dog

    Octopus farming

    Where was that in any of the post you quoted?
  8. Strontium Dog

    Europeans, which American bird would you most like to see?

    I was lucky to spend 9 months in Oregon as a teenager, so most of the birds I really want to see are on the opposite side of the country. Northern cardinal (something that captured my imagination since I was a kid), Limpkin and Anhinga.
  9. Strontium Dog

    Octopus farming

    I didn't see him proclaim himself to be superior?
  10. Strontium Dog

    Octopus farming

    Someone who eats fish is not a vegetarian.
  11. Strontium Dog

    Non-Europeans what European bird would you like to see?

    This is surprising to me, because you already have bushtits, which are pretty close.
  12. Strontium Dog

    Ridiculous media misidentifications...

    Not a misidentification as such, but equally ridiculous because the person quoted in the story seems convinced that the bird has travelled thousands of miles. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11816247/Black-swan-feeds-bevy-white-swans-River-Severn-Worcester-rare-UK-sighting.html 'The...
  13. Strontium Dog

    Rarities you just don‘t get excited for

    This is exactly my stance! I just want to see the birds, I don't care if they've wandered out of their normal range. If a Canvasback or a Sora or anything else I've seen in North America turned up locally, I'd probably make the effort to see it. Otherwise I'm not bothered.
  14. Strontium Dog

    Is a travel scope worthwhile for a first-time scope buyer?

    I had a crappy bulky scope, replaced it with a cheap and cheerful Hawke Endurance 12-36x50, and now I only use that one. And when I look to buy nearer the top end of the market at some point in the future, I could definitely see myself going the compact route again. Very impressed with the...
  15. Strontium Dog

    Injured seagull. Help needed.

    Anyone who deliberately harms a gull in the UK has committed a crime. They're heavily protected by the law.
  16. Strontium Dog

    Several hundred birds found dead at Norfolk nature reserve

    The poultry industry has a lot to answer for. I just hope populations can recover from this.
  17. Strontium Dog

    Rock Doves in Britain

    Has anyone ever considered trapping feral pigeons and eliminating the ones that don't look like rock doves from the gene pool? Would it even be feasible?
  18. Strontium Dog

    Police action against dog walker after curlew nest and eggs destroyed

    "She was also given a Dog Behaviour Contract requiring her to walk the dog on a lead if on Forestry England land during nesting bird season." Requiring dogs to be on leads should be a requirement everywhere at all times ffs.
  19. Strontium Dog

    Human carnivory as a major driver of vertebrate extinction

    Probably because it is! Important also not to forget the vast quantities of plants that are grown simply to feed animals. 80% of the global soya crop, for instance.
  20. Strontium Dog

    Dunlin or Curlew Sand (UK)

    Isn't that "anchor" feather pattern another pointer towards Curlew Sandpiper?
  21. Strontium Dog

    Europe's Birds: An Identification Guide

    Mine arrived from Wildsounds this morning although I didn't have time to open it before leaving for work.
  22. Strontium Dog

    Hawk Puerto Vallarta

    Back on my PC so I can edit properly. Pretty clear on the first image on that link I should think?
  23. Strontium Dog

    Hawk Puerto Vallarta

    There's an image here too which is extremely similar. https://ebird.org/camerica/news/id-challenges-the-buteogallus-hawks
  24. Strontium Dog

    Birding Goals

    I would like to see 1,000 species worldwide, which is quite a modest goal I think.
  25. Strontium Dog

    Can anyone identify this bird please? Kent, UK

    I suppose you can't rule out ship assisted passage. But it's such a common captive bird that I do think escape is far more likely.