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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

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    Looking for some pocket binos I'm curious about the curios.

    Yeah you’re right I’m an idiot. You know everything about me. Owning things is definitely not proof of expertise.I mentioned three binoculars like that would be some sort of amazing collection. Binoculars don’t have to be broken to cause strain or headache and the fact that you think they do...
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    Looking for some pocket binos I'm curious about the curios.

    What do you mean I don’t know how to use binoculars? Binoculars have to be the simplest instrument in the world to use. Why I got a headache? I have no idea. Were the ones I tried broken? I have no idea they didn’t seem to be. I have owned the Swarovski 8x25 and it was decent but still not to my...
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    Looking for some pocket binos I'm curious about the curios.

    man I’ve noticed people here are super sensitive. It’s why I don’t post much. Yes I ordered the curio that’s what this post is about. The person who started this post asked for opinions so I gave mine. So I don’t like the curio big deal, you do and that’s great. I ordered the curio because most...
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    Looking for some pocket binos I'm curious about the curios.

    So I must be the odd ball here. I have never had any experience with a pocket bino but liked the idea of having one. I ordered one based on all of the reviews here. I should have listened to Jace at sport optics when he told me all pocket binos leave much to be desired. I ordered them anyway...
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    Binocular age based on serial

    It lined up with the 2020 year when you added the dates up. 2020 was when work was done. I actually went with an 8x32 el instead of the 7x42.
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    Disappointing Leica Repair

    That last response sounds like they lost it.
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    Binocular age based on serial

    I sent an email to Swarovski and they replied in one day and told me the repairs that had been done on this bin. Was very pleased with their quick response.
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    Binocular age based on serial

    I kept getting 2020 but knew they wasn’t made then so it was confusing me. I wonder if they can tell me what work was done if I contact them?
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    Binocular age based on serial

    Awesome. Thanks for the info. Im lookin at maybe buying these so just trying to make sure everything is legit.
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    Binocular age based on serial

    What I was thinking but wasn’t sure. thanks
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    Binocular age based on serial

    Can someone help me out with the year of this binocular please. I cant quite figure it out based on Swarovski website. Thanks
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    A Sale Brings Me To Ultravids - 8X20 BL

    They must be out of them I don't see them anymore
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    My Pictures

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    January 2016 - Australia

    Very cool never seen so many
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    A 'Superb' painting

    Very nice
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    kingfisher carved mirror..

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    Golden Eagles

    Wow Didn't know all that
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    Keep or chuck!!