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  1. zoutedrop


    This hummer hit our window and survived. I am guessing it is a female Anna's but not sure. ID? The odd thing is the leading edge of both P10s look to be worn off(?)
  2. zoutedrop

    Broad-winged Hawk Maine, USA

    Hi all, found this old shot that had been mislabeled. Please validate Broad-winged Hawk (Cooper's above it) from Maine in June.
  3. zoutedrop

    bristle feathers

    these are the feathers I pulled from around the eye all look like contour feathers, not bristles
  4. zoutedrop

    bristle feathers

    I feel awkward about this question, but.... I am doing some feather research (licensed) and wanted to use a chicken as a baseline against other species. I looked for images of a chicken with bristle feathers and none were to be found, yet all the chicken feather discussion includes the claim...
  5. zoutedrop

    north central Arizona, USA

    north central Arizona taken in August the wing projection appears to go beyond the undertail coverts, with minimal wingbars
  6. zoutedrop

    Santa Maria, CA, USA in March Gull #2

    I bit the hook and apologize, I should have known better.
  7. zoutedrop

    Santa Maria, CA, USA in March Gull #2

    I did not misunderstand the request. I understood the shortcoming of the first photo. I qualified my response by saying it was my only other shot. I was trying to be responsive and helpful. Why are you critiquing a conversation between two people and not making a comment of the bird in question...
  8. zoutedrop

    Santa Maria, CA, USA in March Gull #2

    note the file title, 1504, 1505 I caught the bird opening its mouth I purposefully cropped the earlier picture (1504) because the request was for any other shots with a focus on the bill shape. I assumed that the crop would help even though the mouth was still open.
  9. zoutedrop

    Santa Maria, CA, USA in March Gull #2

    only one prior picture thx Randy
  10. zoutedrop

    Santa Maria, CA, USA in March Gull #2

    Santa Maria, CA, USA in March
  11. zoutedrop

    gull, Santa Maria, CA, USA in March

  12. zoutedrop

    Southern Arizona, USA June

    my only other shot
  13. zoutedrop

    Southern Arizona, USA June

    that one never came to mind, interesting great observation, can we get a second?
  14. zoutedrop

    Southern Arizona, USA June

    I am at a loss, bill too thick for thrasher, I think a tanager but color seems to be off
  15. zoutedrop

    pigment aberration in Northern Cardinals

    taken 5 years apart at the same location TX gulf coast Has anyone seen this in the field? Juveniles?
  16. zoutedrop

    Hawaiian Finches

    Hi all, I just want to make sure that I am getting these birds correct. I think they are all immature Saffron Finches. I can't find comparable images. March, Hawaii thanks, Matt
  17. zoutedrop

    Botteri's sparrow

    can an Italian please pronounce Botteri?
  18. zoutedrop

    North Carolina warbler

    Hi all, This bird was found at the end of October in Concord NC. thanks for the help
  19. zoutedrop

    Royal Tern, San Diego

    Taken 3 weeks ago off San Diego A Royal? thanks
  20. zoutedrop

    San Diego Murrelets

    The record in ebird has no pictures for the current year, so encounters are thin. I agree that 2-4 are Guadalupe and the first is a Scripp's. I erroneously labeled the 3rd bird based on a conversation at the time I took the shot. Pelagic birding is fast and prone to error with a number of birds...
  21. zoutedrop

    San Diego Murrelets

    Offshore 2 weeks ago 1 Scripp's 2 Guadalupe 3 Scripp's 4 Guadalupe
  22. zoutedrop

    warbler offshore San Diego

    taken last week about 40 miles offshore
  23. zoutedrop

    Arizona sparrows

    Hi all, please validate the ID for these two southern Arizona sparrows seen last November. The first is a Lark Bunting, the second a Vesper Sparrow (?) thanks
  24. zoutedrop

    Arizona meadowlarks

    I would like to validate that both these birds are Western. Taken in southern AZ last November.
  25. zoutedrop

    Great Black-backed Gulls, Newfoundland

    Hi all, Would appreciate validating that all these birds are GBBG seen in Newfoundland in the second week of January. thanks