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  1. juvenile Hawk

    juvenile Hawk

    I believe this is a Cooper’s Hawk but am not 100% sure
  2. spotted sandpiper

    spotted sandpiper

    I can’t believe how small these birds are!
  3. Reflection


    I know some people don’t like geese, but even though they are common, the Canadan goose is one of my favorites to photograph
  4. Swainsons Hawk

    Swainsons Hawk

    Just a male (front) and female (back) Swainsons hawk!
  5. Just lightening the load

    Just lightening the load

    Literally just a Swainsons Hawk Pooping
  6. blue winged teal

    blue winged teal

  7. Say’s Phoebe

    Say’s Phoebe

  8. American Avocet

    American Avocet

    These little guys are just starting to come back after snow!!! Still don’t know how to pronounce their name!
  9. Ghostborb

    Comment by 'Ghostborb' in media 'Juvenile Bald Eagle'

    It doesn’t necessarily, but I always doubt if it’s light or sharpness is good enough
  10. Juvenile Bald Eagle

    Juvenile Bald Eagle

    Juvenile Bald Eagle perching in a tree along side a lake. Estimated to be around 3-4 years old due to plumage. Any tip for touching up the image are welcome.
  11. Yellow-Rumped Warbler

    Yellow-Rumped Warbler

    Found this little guy yesterday when birding. I’d say the sunburn was worth the photo
  12. Red Tail Hawk

    Red Tail Hawk

    Here’s a Red Tail returning to the tree with its nest One of my favorite photos I’ve taken of a hawk this year
  13. Red Tail Hawk

    Red Tail Hawk

    Red Tail calling next to it’s nest
  14. Red Tail Hawk

    Red Tail Hawk

    Red Tail flying overhead
  15. Ross's Goose

    Ross's Goose

    Not entirely a rare sight in other places in the US, but this beautify was spotted in Broomfield Colorado, so its a pretty rare/infrequent find.
  16. Ghostborb

    Blind goose?

    Do you guys think this goose is blind? Or is it just the lighting?
  17. Ghostborb

    What bird do you think this is?

    Hi! I would love some help identifying this bird! This photo was take within the last two ish years on May 13th in Broomfeild Colorado. I want to log this little beauty in my birding book but I’m not 100% sure what it is. I’d guess a yellow-rumped warbler
  18. Ghostborb

    What is Domestic Mallard and is this one?

    Yep! Both of these where taken today in Colorado. Ohhhh I’ve seen a bird like this once. But I never had my camera with me when I saw it I remember hearing about the gay dead duck a while back.
  19. Ghostborb

    What is Domestic Mallard and is this one?

    Interesting!! How about this guy. Is he some sort of Manky Mallard, eclipse plumage or just brown mallard 🤔
  20. Ghostborb

    What is Domestic Mallard and is this one?

    Saw this pretty boy with a birding group this morning! They said that he was a domesticated mallard or something? Yet after searching it up online I can’t figure out what a domesticated mallard is.
  21. Ghostborb

    Snap bridge troubles

    I’ve been trying to download some photos from my Nikon d500 though SnapBridge but it’s just not working. I get all the photos selected, click original format and then just nothing. Any trouble shooting tips? I’ve deleted the app, turned off my phone, Reconnected to the camera and it still isn’t...
  22. Ghostborb

    Auto focus tips for a flying bird?

    So I was practicing with my Nikon recently and was trying to figure out the auto focus. I thought I had figured it out after watching many videos but it doesn’t seems to be working as when I was photographing a flying robin that was still in Frame it got blurry as it flew closer. Any tip on...
  23. Ghostborb


  24. Ghostborb

    Any tips or info for transitioning to a Nikon d500?

    Oops sorry about that!
  25. Anhinga Breeding Female

    Anhinga Breeding Female