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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

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    Razor HD 20-60x85 LOW price…..

    I have the 65mm version and really like it. It is particularly good with Swarovski eyepieces which will fit without an adapter. The Swarovski fixed mag 30x is excellent. Whether it is worth that price, I don't know. I don't know what else is available for the that price to compare it with.
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    Hide views.

    It was a special evening and the birdsong made the view more beautiful still
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    Hide views.

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    Birding without a camera, forever?

    The only camera I take birding is the one on my phone. I use it to snap a few landscapes. I have an adapter to attach it to my scope but I almost never do this. The adapter was a waste of money really. I go birding to be in nature and to be in the moment. Taking photographs takes me out of the...
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    What binocular provides your current favourite view?

    The fact I almost never use anything else says more than my words can. If they were waterproof, I actually would use nothing else.
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    Hide views.

    I intensely dislike that hide. Titchwell used to have a feeling of wildness to it. A sense of isolation and of us being in the birds domain, rather than them in ours. Then the RSPB plonked that massive thing right in the centre. It dominates the view from all round the reserve and puts the...
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    What binocular provides your current favourite view?

    Hi, I prefer the retrovid for its lighter weight mainly. I have shoulder problems - age related wear n tear. But optically there is little difference to my eye. The retrovids are cooler I would say (more blue? less red? less contrast?) But they don't give up anything in terms of 'sharpness' or...
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    What binocular provides your current favourite view?

    Leica Retrovid 7x35. I have barely used anything else since being given it. Except once or twice using the Ultravid 7x42 when I knew I would be out in heavy persistent rain. They are both my nominations here with the Retrovid being the one I would keep if I had to give one up. But also a tip...
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    New 7X Bins

    Great to see a new 7x πŸ‘πŸ‘
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    Swarovski ATC 56 ? ATS 65 ? Others ?

    Consider the Opticron MM4. Either 50 or 60mm. I use an MM4 60 with SDLv2 zoom and fixed eyepieces (mostly the SDL). Fantastic scope, very lightweight and less expensive than the Swarovskis. I haven't looked through an ATC so can't compare them directly but I don't find the MM4 lacking in any way.
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    Product Review: Oberwerk SE 8 x 32 ED.

    There's one thing that means I am not at all interested in these bins. That prevents me being curious about what their view is like. Their weight. They are amazingly heavy for a x32. If I am putting that weight on my neck/shoulders I will only do it for a larger exit pupil than these have...
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    Used Nikon ED50

    You can get a 16x and/or a 27x fixed e/p later if you want. I really like the 16x, a lovely wide bright view that's good for monopod or hand holding or on a shoulder stock
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    Opticron mm4 60 kit.

    Yes Peter some more mag would be nice occasionally but even today, a cool but sunny April day of just 10*C, the limiting factor was heat haze. Even at 15x it was affecting the view of some waders. So I too really can't be bothered to carry a bigger more powerful scope. And as you say quick set...
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    Opticron mm4 60 kit.

    I use an MM4 60 ED with an SDL V2 and I love it. Does all I need from a scope in all sorts of habitats. I don't know if that's a good deal on your link. I bought mine secondhand. I have never seen that tripod so can't comment on it. The scope is light enough to carry all day. I find the larger...
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    When do first nightingales arrive in Sussex?

    Thanks everyone. I thought is a bit early.
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    When do first nightingales arrive in Sussex?

    Hi all, I have friends who want to hear them singing. Are they likely to be here as early as next weekend 8th April? Bit early I suspect. Thanks
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    When do first nightingales arrive in Sussex UK?

    I have friends who want to hear them singing. Are they likely to be here as early as next weekend 8th April? Bit early I suspect. Thanks
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    Spent A Week With The 7x35 Retrovid...

    I became a fan of 7x because the view was more 3D than my 8x. The view felt more porro-like to me and I like the porro view. For me, if I could only own one binocular I would choose 7x for that reason.
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    Show us your "vintage" and classic binos

    Interesting. Thanks Pau I don't see any in the UK on the bay. I wonder if they went under a different name here? There are a few other 7x35s on there now but none look much like the Rangemasters. Some more googling is in order.
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    Spent A Week With The 7x35 Retrovid...

    They look a lot like the Opticron Elite 9x35s that were my first binocular in 1983.
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    Show us your "vintage" and classic binos

    Do any of these lovely old porros have enough eye relief for glasses wearers? I remember having to take off my glasses to use binoculars in the 80s and 90s or put up with a very restricted view. A pain in the backside whichever way you choose to use. If there are any classics with long eye...
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    Product Review: The Opticron Savanna WP 8 x 30

    You are spot on. We certainly do get caught up in that. In fact, that could be considered the essence or definition of these optics forums. A slogan: "BF optics forums: Getting caught up in what we are looking through." πŸ˜‚ I find that what I am looking through has a huge effect on how much I...
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    Equipment observations , what do others see.

    I agree. I go birding to enjoy nature and landscape. It relaxes me and improves my mood hugely. Standing in a crowd of people in a forest of tripods has the complete opposite effect. If I want crowds I can go to a shopping mall.
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    New 7x32 binoculars and 7x42 monocular models from Hawke

    A friend works in an optics shop and tells me that the 7x32s are very popular. They sell in good numbers.
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    Oberwerk 8x32 SE

    Well wadda you know, I've been doing just that for the last few months without even knowing it! Not heard of epigenetics before but I have taken up gym four times a week and cutting out most of the added sugar in my food. I may make 120 yet (currently a mere 55). Thank you Brock for the new...