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  1. condor1992

    Colin the cuckoo

    I think he's back now
  2. Green woodpecker

    Green woodpecker

    Probably looking for ants. This woodpecker I have seen very frequently around here
  3. Inquisitive


    Green woodpecker stares directly at me for a second, then goes back to terrorising insects in the cut grass
  4. Unexpected visitor

    Unexpected visitor

    All of my green woodpecker photos did not satisfy me until this moment. And yet today, I looked out to see a green woodpecker jumping up and down right outside my window!
  5. condor1992

    Visiting superlative trees in the UK

    I never visited it. That oak is very big, but it isn't the biggest in the UK, either, that title goes to the surprisingly little known Majesty oak in Kent
  6. condor1992

    Visiting superlative trees in the UK

    There are superlative trees in the UK. I was surprised to hear it, but there are some majestic, very old, very beautiful individual, named and dated organisms, the age and size of which is incredible. In autumn 2022, I tried to see some of the best ones. One of the trees I saw may be the second...
  7. condor1992

    UK orchids

  8. condor1992

    Western USA Road-trip - August

    Nice area for birdwatching! I've been dreaming of going there for some time! Any time of the year is good I expect if you're after condors. For 'easy' California condor, why not try Pinnacles national park? It is on the way from Francisco to Los Angeles. Traditionally quoted as THE best areas...
  9. condor1992

    Elegant/Lesser crested tern

    Best as it can get, I'm afraid. As far as I know, this is the best photo anyone has taken of that particular 'half-bald' bird this time around. Elegant tern would be a better explanation, I agree. Lesser crested is bordering on too rare to infer it as the best explanation.
  10. condor1992

    Most memorable bird encounters

    Yes, the eagle owl surprised a lot of people! Pink Lake view point, that is right. The lesser flamingo associated with a big flamingo flock from that viewpoint, but did move around by itself again. Try it again- you should get lucky. Technically, my photos sort of prove that there are 2 terns...
  11. The most beautiful bird in the world

    The most beautiful bird in the world

    Looking like it rose out of the Grand Prismatic spring, the bee-eater is the most beautiful bird I have ever seen. It is also in my opinion the prettiest in the world. Not even the paradise birds and the macaw can beat it in my eyes
  12. Female cuckoo

    Female cuckoo

    Females are much much much harder to see than males because they do not give the distinctive song...
  13. Colin, is that you?

    Colin, is that you?

    Encountered an unusually showy cuckoo today at El Hondo and can't help but wonder if it is one and the same bird. Probably not, though.
  14. condor1992

    The absolute most frustrating bird in existence

    Never mind what I said earlier...
  15. condor1992

    Elegant/Lesser crested tern

    El Pinet, Spain. Either one there is a monstrous rarity, but, due to the Albufera having 8 elegant terns, the lesser crested is even rarer
  16. condor1992

    Elegant/Lesser crested tern

    I recently realised I have taken a much better photo of the bird yesterday. What I find interesting is the absolutely MASSIVE dagger-shaped yellow bill the tern has (compare to surrounding terns, also to the bill of a confirmed elegant from the same meter or so of area: Elegant Tern (Thalasseus...
  17. condor1992

    The absolute most frustrating bird in existence

    Trouble with cuckoos is, they are extremely shy and fly off a long distance away. I only know of one such place where it regularly sings and is easy to see... and I hope Colin returns there. My local cuckoo is a nightmare- it shows to its perch very rarely, and other times hides in trees!
  18. condor1992

    Most memorable bird encounters

    Starting this thread in the hope others will chime in with their most memorable bird encounters. I've provided 5 of mine below, with the best photo of the day, as well as a rating I gave to that birdwatching day, with a 10.0 being an ideal day. 5. Sierra Espuna 04/2022 Rating: 5.7 Species...
  19. condor1992

    Loudest bird/s you've heard at night

    Long-eared owl juveniles right next to my house...
  20. condor1992

    Your most unlikely birding experience

    Back in distant 2018, I was very upset one evening in July in Eastern Europe. That was because a month ago I visited Lakenheath Fen. Nobody told me about the elephant in the room before I visited. I there found out that golden orioles no longer bred there. Around 4am, I woke up and heard a bird...
  21. condor1992

    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    This month has been a string of lifers for me 06/04/23 -Spanish imperial eagle, black vulture and black stork 08/04/23- Lesser kestrel 15/04/23- Lesser flamingo, elegant tern
  22. condor1992

    Comment by 'condor1992' in media 'Himalayan Vulture'

    That is one amazing photo
  23. condor1992

    Recommendations for the UK

    You know, I've been checking data back in Spain and it turns out nobody has seen golden orioles in my area yet. Last year, one was seen earliest on the 13th. I have noted a large absence of cuckoos in the same area where everything was jumping last year. I looked at the map, and all of these...
  24. condor1992

    Recommendations for the UK

    The only things I'm hesitating on is that Colin is very, very old and may not return. That and the enormous amount of effort needed to get to the wild Lady's Slipper colony
  25. condor1992

    Recommendations for the UK

    Currently, I'm torn between visiting Surrey to see Colin, or visiting Northern England to see a lady's slipper colony a warden has graciously told me I may visit. Problem is, it is 3.5 hours to the lady's slipper colony. The cuckoo is much closer and easier for me. Is anyone aware of Colin's...