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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

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  1. michaelboustead

    Review of 8x25 Victory Pocket

    I just purchased a pair of 8x25 Zeiss Victory for travel and as a pair around the house to watch my feeders. One issue many owner seemed to have was the large case, I will try and investigate a smaller more appropriate one - any recommendations appreciated. I have considered someday starting...
  2. michaelboustead

    New Leica September 4 2017

    I wear glasses and 15mm should be fine for me. I use 7x42mm Leica hd+ and I am reluctant to change. Would have to believe the view was comparable. Then it would come down to weight v waterproof. Since my hardcore days are running out weight would win out. Better ergonomics. I doubt that 7x35...
  3. michaelboustead

    Help on Backyard ID, Pennsylvania, USA

    This has to be common, thought Tufted Titmouse but I think that is wrong.
  4. michaelboustead

    2016 - World Yearlist Record Attempt

    Congratulations! I can't imagine the physical effort. I would be curled up in a fetal position after a month. So many wonderful memories.
  5. michaelboustead

    No one spotted the updated SF today?

    Has anyone had an issue with the rubber armor losing it bond with the binocular? Has Zeiss addressed this or dont they see it as an issue.
  6. michaelboustead

    Botanical Gardens

    Sunday a week I hope to spend a few days in Singapore. I plan to visit the Botanical Gardens early in the morning and try a little birding. Never birded in SE Asia. I did purchase a field guide. A short list of potential sightings would allow me to focus my study. Appreciate any help. Mike
  7. michaelboustead

    Help I'd- Crane Sanctuary So. Japan

    Originally thought this was an immature/female Dusky Thrush- now think I'm wrong. Help please
  8. michaelboustead

    New Leica HD Ultravid PLUS

    Must agree. All my other bins have ended up on EBay or donated to Birders Exchange. I wear eyeglasses, the Ultravid 7x42 is easy for me to look through, find birds and hold steady. If I understand the changes impact brightness but little else? I guess just have to wait and see. Mike
  9. michaelboustead

    What is This?

    What is this? It is over topping trees at a good site for Blue-winged Warblers in South York County PA. No Blue-winged.
  10. michaelboustead

    Darwin didn’t plagiarize Wallace

    Add my voice to Janet Browne's biography, one of the finest biographies I have ever read.
  11. michaelboustead

    Your favorite bird family?

  12. michaelboustead

    Nikon EDG II: First impressions and comparisons

    Wonder if Nikon Service could adjust central hinge tension?
  13. michaelboustead

    Nikon EDG II: First impressions and comparisons

    I wear glasses. Intermediate stops for glasses cause blackout or narrow field. Two rings per barrel is perfect.
  14. michaelboustead

    Nikon EDG II: First impressions and comparisons

    Thought I would add some observations concerning 7x42 edg II which I have been using for a few weeks. Purchased them after trying higher power bins for several years all of which ended up on EBAY. Thought more power would help older eyes, turned out not to be right. My observation concerning the...
  15. michaelboustead

    Bird seen recently Arizona

    Friend in Arizona saw this and asked for my help, one look and I need help. Sure hope it's not a regular visitor to Pennsylvania.
  16. michaelboustead

    Road Trip USA. Part One, Salton Sea to Arctic Ocean.

    I wish I had written that. As always Josh, love you posts, you need to write a book.
  17. michaelboustead

    Seasickness medication recomendations

    I had used it for a week in the Galapagos, small boat and pretty choppy sea.
  18. michaelboustead

    Seasickness medication recomendations

    So zonked on Dramamine that I saw but my mind never processed Short-tailed Albatross off the Coast of Oregon. Still not forgiven myself on that one. Scopolomine Patch works ok for me, dizziness when patch removed lasted a few hours. Mike
  19. michaelboustead

    Road Trip USA. Part One, Salton Sea to Arctic Ocean.

    I have only seen one Polar Bear in my life and it was BIG. I love the posts-please do nothing Jos Like.
  20. michaelboustead

    The Warbler Guide (USA and Canada)

    Seem to be having problem downloading sound files. Use Ipad and iMac. Figured it out. Ipad is limited in downloads
  21. michaelboustead

    fov, afov....just how much does it matter to you ?

    I have always been a kind of sloppy birder. Not very careful in centering my eyes (wear glasses) or accurate focus. Two things I always appreciated: 1. Wide Field of View 2. Large Exit Pupil Age has kind of made me switch to 8x32. Most of life birds seen with 7x42. Mike
  22. michaelboustead

    Miserable Birders???

    It may be a little less stressful in US, fewer birders. I bird in small groups of friends or most often alone. SeattleDan birded in the Skagit in February. Had no idea how birdy Washington State is in the winter. Wonderful time-coffee good-oysters better. Mike
  23. michaelboustead

    Waxwings an unexpected joy !

    I think we watch birds for the serendipity of it. Nothing better than somethings beautiful and alive at the end of winter. Congrats
  24. michaelboustead

    My Friend thinks I know something-help on ID

    Anyone another guess. Maybe a Chlorophonia or some sort or tanager? Have to check lifelist- presuming I can find it, may have seen Bearded Tit. Is it possible in Poland? Mike