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    Molt/age references

    Thanks for answering too. When I was quoted I was travelling and I forgot thia thread. BTW, the second link, the biology of mould in birds is global. From the link, the first paragraph of the description: The first comprehensive review of all aspects of the biology of moult, drawing information...
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    Best birding in Europe?

    Yes, spanish as it is (unless using iberian pwninsula explicitly) should include canary and balaric islands plus ceuta and melilla, two towns in North Africa that may add one or two species. When it came to rarities, britain have much more regarsing new world passerines, otherwhise in terms of...
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    Birding Cadiz (& nearby)

    Please fix your footer. One link is not easily accessible due problems with codes/colors etc cheers
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    Birmingham Al area bird ID please

    Eastern phoebes can have a particularly dark cap, specially in pictures
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    Molt/age references

    Have you check Jenni and Winkler's books? the classic one of Moult and ageing of european passerines (Moult and Ageing of European Passerines: Second Edition: Jenni, Lukas, Winkler, Raffael: 9781472941510: Amazon.com: Books) and the more recent The Bioloy of Moult in birds (The Biology of Moult...
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    Swarovski Care Guide - Tips and Advice

    I have the first generation of Swarovski habitch EL 10X42 and never have an issue in terms of the rubber armor so far in two decades. I also have hear of serious issues with the NL armor, and it is just a no-no for such a top-notch brand. I have never consider(seriously) yet to buy new ones, but...
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    Golden Eagle in Scottish mountains?

    I'll say it is carrying something (or exposing the legs in a weird way). Certainly not a Kite (by structure-proportions) Cheers
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    “ Collecting ‘gourmet’ eggs from black-headed gulls should be banned, says RSPB”

    I would say only an idiot would call another person an idiot just for having different preferences/priorities. I spent over 200 $ a month just in cheese (probably, my expenses in non-necessary food may raise to around 4-500 $ a month), and I cannot see anything stupid in spending 8.5 pounds on...
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    “ Collecting ‘gourmet’ eggs from black-headed gulls should be banned, says RSPB”

    The availability just for a tiny cohort of individuals would make sense if they have BH gull benedick eggs for breakfast every day. Average smoker spend more than £8.25 a-week in cigarettes, year-round, and nobody thinks smoking is a privilege of the wealthiest tiny fraction of society.
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    “ Collecting ‘gourmet’ eggs from black-headed gulls should be banned, says RSPB”

    A funny thing I learn from the link above is that some chefs are coocking there also gray squirrels (which is nice as they are alien species). i may have to travel back to UK at some point xD
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    “ Collecting ‘gourmet’ eggs from black-headed gulls should be banned, says RSPB”

    Not nearly rich, but I would give them a try if available and legal...
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    Freya the Walrus has be euthanised!!!!

    Because it sounds terrible. We live in world where right now worlds are more relevant than acts. From freeing people (by shelling them) to euthanize a walrus (by killing it) there is a huge bunch of situations where the wording is the most relevant part of our actions (yeah, it sucks).
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    Starling Identification Northern Spain, April 2023

    I am travelling and thus in my phone, ao while cannot see the images properly, just to remind that both species are known to onterbreed in overlapping areas of Spain, so any edge combination of field marks should better be treated as potential hybrids?. Cheers
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    BTO code for Motacilla alba alba?

    Subspecies have a numeric code from the EURING Database. I don't know how it may works at BTO database/software.
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    Fuente De cable car

    If you are planning to visit in Summer or around holydays, make sure you book/buy the ticket online beforehand.
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    Parabolic Phone Mic

    Really interesting. Thanks.
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    How do you carry your binoculars?

    I have some fieldwork experience (roughly, latitudinally from the Arctic circle to East Antarctica, and Longitudinally from US to Australia). Yes, I have scratched both bin and camera glasses. I have actually smash an Swarovski glass that had to be replaced, a pair of zeiss Jena that are now...
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    Barcelona Baillon's Crake - 12th April 2023 - Further details?

    There is a train station very close to it (and I expect trains to be really regulars, it is still urban area)...
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    Most outdated bird name

    When you say cape pigeon, you mean the vernacular somewhat similar to "cape sheep"? Then it is not taxonomic , but vernacular...
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    Peregrine falcon spotted by its mess

    Hi, yes, that bridge. He can go for mallards, but maybe also there maybe more feral pigeons too? I cannot see a peregrine predating a nest (but I know they rarely may go fishing)
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    Most outdated bird name

    Still, in spanish Periparus ater is named as Carbonero garrapinos. Cheers
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    England Countryside - Europe Countryside

    Well, you bring your opinion/viewpoint, others bring facts. That's a difference, you agree? Where on hell, so impoverished landscapes can maintain top predators, and the so healthy British ones cannot have them? How can this wildlife deserts from the offending countries cope with a much diverse...
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    England Countryside - Europe Countryside

    I cannot talk about France at all, as I barely been there, but the other allegedly offending countries, as already said, are well beyond UK. In fact, I cannot say much about pac, but still many of the money spent have gone trough environmental practices. Of course every country has its own...
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    Oenanthe hispanica (?) (Central Spain)

    You need good pictures to see color of primaries etc... Not an easy thing.
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    What gull is this? - Warwick UK

    That's a herring gull. cheers