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    unidentified bird

    My wife / work partner was surveying insects with me today when an unusual bird with something in it's bill sat on top of a bush near her . She took this phone photo and later from the bird book thought it might be a type of shrike. Sadly that is all I can tell you so it is down to what can be...
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    Hi , I tend to separate Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff by sound so have no expertise in visual differences other than leg colour. This was photographed as WW while it sang. Pictures show dark legs and I am not so sure now ? Southeast Scotland 29th April.
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    winter plumage Razorbiil

    I watched a razorbill fishing close inshore (S.E.Scotland) on 25th April. It was in winter (or juv plumage) and had a small bill with no white lines. 1. I take it breeding age adults are now in breeding plumage ? 2. I wondered if it was from a far northern colony so not yet in breeding...
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    Juvenile European Teal ?

    On a pond in Ayrshire Scotland yesterday ,where a single teal duckling was seen earlier in year. Apologies for long range pics
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    Three More

    Hermit Thrush , common Yellowthroat and Common Grackle ? Thanks...........g
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    More pics

    Magnolia Warbler , Solitary sandpiper, Northern Waterthrush and White Crowned Sparrow ?
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    New York vacation

    Hi , Was with you guys over weekend and photographed numerous birds and other wildlife mainly in Central Park , NYBG , Highline and Bryants Park. Could I please ask for confirmation of a few of them. Here are the first three. I make them Wilsons Warbler,Common Yellowthroat and an unknown...
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    very pale teal

    A very pale , possibly leucistic . female European Teal at Hunterston , Ayrshire, Scotland this week. Has this aberration been noted in this species before. ? photo shows true light ,the bird really was that pale.
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    aberrant teal

    Had this very pale aberrant plumaged female teal at Hunterston, North Ayrshire today. Is it a known individual ? Is this aberration common ?
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    Little Egret behaviour

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/170894399592834/permalink/1873478896001034/?comment_id=1876227642392826&notif_id=1507294766872002&notif_t=group_comment Hope this link works , can't find my original video file. This Little Egret seemed to be trying to attract fish by imitating a drowning insect...
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    mute swan u.k.

    I write a rural column in the local paper and have been asked by a reader whether ,when a pair of Mute Swans fly over,they are usually male in front,female in front or random ? Must admit it had never crossed my mind but now I am curious !
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    Tanzania inland tern

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rtiz09YNBJk&feature=youtu.be Please follow link to video of white winged or whiskered tern on Lake Manze,Selous nat park,Tanzania last week. Its not a great video but would welcome i.d. opinions...george
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    This Harrier was in Ruaha Nat Park ,Tanzania on 2nd March 2012. Side view flying gave good veiwof a satellite tracking antennae. Need a sure i.d. before trying to trace the tracking prog. Many Thanks,george hogg,,scotland
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    nictitating membranee

    Do Dippers keep their nictitating membrane closed under water,in which case it would need to become transparent when submerged,or is it simply a windscreen wiper,used to remove debris/water upon surfacing?
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    Bird Behaviour

    Hi Guys,Which is the correct sub forum here in which to discuss bird behaviour? Would anyone else like to se a separate Bird Behaviour section? If there is sufficient favourable response,are the moderators able to arrange it?:t:
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    whoopers & geese

    Couple of musings... Can pairs of Whooper Swans reliably be sexed by size..i.e. males larger? Also haven't heard reports of darvic style neck rings on U.K. wintering geese recently. Has this form of marking fallen from favour? Does anyone agree with me it is a great indignity for a wild goose...
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    Suspect we have had the same female blackbird nesting with us for 3 tears . What is known about site loyalty? Are females more sedentary than males? Could it be singing males are attracted to a territory because a female is already in residence?
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    Dear Ringers and banders,Please see my query re Blackbird territories in the Information wanted section. Could anyone posting replies please do so on that thread. Many thanks...George
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    Blackbird territories U.K

    In Spring when suburbia becomes a patchwork of blackbird territories,with surround sound singing from all directions and distances,are pairs already established ? Or is singing designed to attract females,based on quality of singer and quality of territory? Are either male or female blackbirds...
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    Little Auk Eyelids

    Handled a "wrecked"Little Auk the other day,as I returned it to sea. Looking at my pics I am intrigued by the white eyelid as it seems to appear above the eye in some pics and behind the eye in others. Is this an eyelid as seen in birds such as dippers which can lower to cover the entire eye? Is...