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    Waxwings: ASDA vrs Sainsburys

    Following on from the well established thread on Scillies vrs Shetland I thought we should take it a step further and state which major UK retailer has the best car park to observe Waxwings. The attached graph shows the number of waxwings recorded over the last weekend (10 -11 Nov) "by" major...
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    Weekend in Quito

    Has anyone a recommendation of a good bird guide in the Quito area that could take me out for 2 days birding while there on a business trip? Any suggestions welcome Nick
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    Nightjars and Nightingales near Thetford

    Coming over to East Anglia this weekend and will be staying near Thtford on Saturday night. Is there a reliable site nearby for Nightjars and/or Nightingales nearby? I know any clearing can have Nightjars, but in the past we have struggled to pick the correct clearing! Cheers Nick
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    Cyprus in June

    Planning a family holiday in Cyprus in June and hoping to do a bit of birding at the same time. Any suggestions as to the best area to stay which will keep the family happy but okay for birding. The Birdwatching Guide to Cyprus suggests that the west is best, either Paphos or Polis. I have...
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    The Biggest Twitch Talk on 3/11/11

    Alan Davies and Ruth Miller will be giving their talk on the year odyssey to see as many bird species as possible to the Chester and District Ornithological Society on 3 Nov at the Caldy Valley Centre, Chester. Non members are very welcome - price 50p on the door (excellent value :t:). The...
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    Day birding trips in KL

    Hi All I am off to KL for business in September and have time for a day's birding. Anyone has tried and can recommend a day birding tour / guides? Cheers Nick
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    Cisticola Tala Game Reserve

    Hi Guys Posted this in the ID forum and got no replies: http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=207937 Nick
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    Cisticola South Africa

    Looking for some help with this Cisticola I photographed in The Tala Game reserve, nr Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu-Natal. The photos were taken in March. I think it is a Zitting (Fantailed) Cisticola but I would appreciate some help. The bird was in a damp area.
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    Birding in June around Denver

    I will be in Denver for two days in June and looking for some suggestions for good sites. I will spend some time at Pawnee as this has several lifers for me - Lazuli & Lark Bunting, Cassin's Sparrow, Mountain Plovers and Chestnut-collared and McCowen's Longspurs. Any suggestions or recent...
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    Nightjars and Woodcocks nr Minsmere

    Hi All Coming down to Minsmere in two weeks time and looking for reliable spots for Nightjars and Woodcocks. Any suggestions? Cheers Nick
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    Tallahassee in Nov

    Anyone got any good suggestions for birding around Tallahassee in Nov. I am visiting the area on 12 - 13 Nov while in the area on business. Keen to look for wintering sparrows and difficult to find rails. I have already seen St Marks NWR is a good option - are Vermilion Flycatchers still...
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    Fort Smith Area

    Hi Guys I am British birder who is visiting the Fort Smith area on business at the beginning of October and will be there for the weekend of Oct 2 - 3. Any suggestions as to some good birding spots in the area. I will have a car. Cheers Nick
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    Bryce Canyon, Utah - Finch ID

    Another pic from my recent July SW USA trip. This bird was photographed at Bryce Canyon, Utah near the canyon rim in Ponderosa Pine. Not really sure what it is - initially I thought it was Black-headed Grosbeak but it does not seen to fit the filed guide. Any thoughts please? :t:
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    Zion NP, Utah - Cordilleran Flycatcher?

    Just returned from holiday in SW USA and going through the mass of photos I took. This one was taken in Zion National Park on July 1 and I have taken it to be a Cordilleran Flycatcher. Am I right? It was not calling but it was nesting on a small rock wall near pools. :t:
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    Brit Birding in Maryland

    Hi Guys Looking for some help in where to go birding in Maryland in November. I am visiting the DC area in a few weeks and will have the a Saturday for birding before flying up to Canada. Any suggestions as to the best places to go? Cheers Nick :t:
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    Camera cases

    A week on the Scillies has made me want to review how I carry all my stuff around. Carrying the tripod & scope on my back with the Cley Spy mulepack has certainly helped, and my bins are around my neck as per usual. The problem is the Canon 350d + 100 - 400 zoom lens on a shoulder strap...
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    Ultraviolet light - are we missing out?

    I have just been reading some interesting articles on bird vision and I have come to the conclusion that bird id could be a lot easier if we could see ultraviolet light. See the following links for examples: http://www.bellmuseum.org/imprint_birdseye03.html...
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    N Tanzania ids

    Going through all the photos taken on recent holiday in N Tanzania I have found a few I am struggling to put name to. Any suggestions or comments very welcome? For what it is worth my guesses are: 1. Spotted Morning-Thrush imm 2 & 3. Tacazze Sunbird fem. 4. Hunter's Cisticola 5. ? The first...
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    Zanzibar Bird IDs

    I could do with some help with these two birds photographed in Zanzibar last week. Neither completely match the pictures and descriptions in the field guide. I have put the weaver down as an African Golden Weaver but the eye seems too red compared to the guide description as pale red. The...
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    Any ideas on this moth?

    Hi Guys Found this moth in my garden (in Holt, nr Wrexham) while cutting a privet hedge - my label on the picture is the closest I could find in my moth book but frankly I do not believe it. As a non moth person any help would be very welcome. Cheers Nick :t: