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  1. shropshirelad63

    Me, My Camera or Scope?

    I think if you are using an eyepiece you definitely need it on the lowest magnification
  2. shropshirelad63


    When I try to set my aperture on aperture priority, camera is saying no lens attached?
  3. shropshirelad63


    So I settled on the Pentax k200, cheap enough, with built in is.
  4. shropshirelad63

    Golden Plovers

    Was out yesterday and there were hundreds of Goldens about, all looking the same, i scanned hoping for American without luck, however, one bird was still in summer plumage, away from the rest with no interest in the others or flying around with them, just wondering why this is so ? is it a...
  5. shropshirelad63

    Wildflower id pls

    Thanks, does it make a good garden plant do you know?
  6. shropshirelad63

    Wildflower id pls

    Seems to have worked this time....
  7. shropshirelad63

    Wildflower id pls

    No but i couldnt upload anything bigger-wish it would do that for you!
  8. shropshirelad63

    Wildflower id pls

    Any id on this flower growing wild? butterflies and bees were all over it
  9. shropshirelad63

    Juv Tern

    Thanks for the replies, it had a clear carpal bar, attached is the nearest pic i can find which would make it a Common
  10. shropshirelad63

    Wader, Akrotiri, Cyprus 08/08/2017

    Take your point, but Dunlin size? there is a big diff tween Dunlin and Stint as you know, this is a very recent pic of White Rumped, primaries barely extending beyond tail
  11. shropshirelad63

    Wader, Akrotiri, Cyprus 08/08/2017

    Why not White Rumped?
  12. shropshirelad63

    Juv Tern

    Another pic
  13. shropshirelad63

    Juv Tern

    Think this is a juv Arctic?
  14. shropshirelad63

    Duck id

    Putting this up for a friend, sorry about the quality, tried to sharpen it up a bit.
  15. shropshirelad63

    Sandpipers, Toronto

    Pic 1 right bird looks like semi tho
  16. shropshirelad63

    Sandpipers, Toronto

    Pic 2 looks like Western?
  17. shropshirelad63

    Sandpipers, Toronto

    Two on the left pic 1 look like Bairds to me?
  18. shropshirelad63

    ID please

    Dont recall seeing this one
  19. shropshirelad63

    American or Pacific Golden plover?

    Looks like pgp just going on the primary length of an agp
  20. shropshirelad63

    Shorebirds ID? Stilt and Lesser Sandpiper? Circle B-Lakeland FL today

    I,d go western as well, bill doesnt look right for semi pal