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  1. arran

    Swarovski NL 8x42 - First Impressions

    I started birding in the eighties with a Leica trinovid which was considered as the best birder bin around.You couldn’t find a swaro in birder’s world.Now these days , 85 % , just my guess and in my region , is swaro and swaro % increases every year.This is probably because it is a glare bin...
  2. arran

    Swarovski NL 8x42 - First Impressions

    I have been using my Pure NL 1042 quite intensively during the whole afternoon today and glare was not an issue at all.In certain light circumstances you sometimes get a small amount of glare but certainly not more than my previously owned 10X42.I can say I have been using Swaroski bins since...
  3. arran

    Short review of the Swarovski 10x42 NL Pure

    I had the chance to test my new 10X42 NL against my wife’s SV 8,5 X42 yesterday evening in open field with sun setting at 45° Compared to the SV , the NL has no more glare problems!The behaviour against sunny conditions at various angles is about the same as the SV. What surprises me every time...
  4. arran

    Swarovski NL 8x42 - First Impressions

    Testing NL pure In August House of Outdoors gave me the possibility to test the new range of NL binoculars.Thanks for great service and technical background info!! 3 types were present : 8X42, 10X42 and 12X42. Conditions of testing : warm hot and very sunny weather in a nice Dutch shopping...
  5. arran

    Short review of the Swarovski 10x42 NL Pure

    Fully agree! Looking forward to my 10x42 NL as well. Thanks Jan for giving us the opportunity to test these bin in your shop.
  6. arran

    duovid 10-15X

    Great optics but... I sold mine last year.The construction is robust and reliable but the trade off is : -diminished FOV -cumbersome change 5-15 x : takes time to change! -heavy From my experience old fashioned optics right now and would not advicse them anymore
  7. arran

    To use objective covers or not

    I normally like to use them on my 8.5X42 , but the objective cover connection with the barrel gets broken overtime very soon.I reported this several times to Swarovski and got new ones , but same problem. I am talking about the rubber connection which fits into the barrel, quite frustrating. In...
  8. arran

    New Old Trinovids

    Eccentric brand for Snob people who just don’t care about whatever prisms are used
  9. arran

    10x42 SLC wb

    Hi all , Is there any reason way someone would buy a SLC 10X42 above the SV version if price and short focus is not an issue? Thanks
  10. arran

    Zeiss SF Eyecups

    Anyone any news on the new eyecups? I heart the first batch was distributed at the birdfair in the UK? Thanks
  11. arran

    Duovid Optical Construction

    I sold mine! I tot the 10-15 in use for 5 years and I think it is outdated nowadays It is heavy , has low FOV and horrible for glass wearers
  12. arran

    Harpia 95: A Review on a Scottish Island

    Thanks Lee for this great review! I have the harpia 95 now in use since 2 months and I am very pleased with its performance The best optical instrument I ever used together with the zeiss 8x25 and swaro 8,5x42
  13. arran

    Review of 8x25 Victory Pocket

    I now have these small Zeiss bins in use since spring this year and they are just blasting away other bins like my zeiss sf and swaro’s Just an honest impression
  14. arran

    A Brief Review of the Zeiss Harpia 95

    Into shadows and evening light
  15. arran

    A Brief Review of the Zeiss Harpia 95

    I have been using the harpia now for 3 weeks quite intensively and compare it several times with the ATx 95 of my brother and we exchange both scopes quite often What is clear to U.S. till know: -the harpia is ergonomic superior due to the great working dual focus drive The feel it gives is...
  16. arran

    New scope from Zeiss...

    Still in intensieve use without any issues !
  17. arran

    Review of 8x25 Victory Pocket

    Lee Still using them quite often , especially in open marsh land. No experience yet in darker woodland , but more evening sunset open water These bins keep on astonishing me even in darker circumstances Gunther
  18. arran

    New scope from Zeiss...

    My harpia 95 is now in use for 2 weeks and the scope is stunning!! I am extremely satisfied with the optimaal performance at highest magnification, the great FOV at lower magnification and colour fidelity The focus drive with its dual speed is also a joy to |:D||:D||:D|
  19. arran

    Review of 8x25 Victory Pocket

    Alan I have mine now for about 2 months in use know and am very satisfied with them! They astonish me every time I use them , they have great FOV and great contrast Also at low light conditions they do a great job Enjoy yours!
  20. arran

    Zeiss Victory 8x42 SF 524223 REVIEWS?

    One of the big optics dealers in the Benelux told me that 7 out of 10 bins sold in the upper class are zeiss SF , 3 out of 10 SV and almost no NV Personally iI have the SV and SF both in use and must say that the SF is to my opinion the best birding glass I never had problems with the grey zeiss...