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    unidentified bird

    My wife / work partner was surveying insects with me today when an unusual bird with something in it's bill sat on top of a bush near her . She took this phone photo and later from the bird book thought it might be a type of shrike. Sadly that is all I can tell you so it is down to what can be...
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    Thanks Yes , Just what I thought . Maybe I've been at this game long enough to have more trust in my own guesses ! (considered diagnostic identifications ).
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    Hi , I tend to separate Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff by sound so have no expertise in visual differences other than leg colour. This was photographed as WW while it sang. Pictures show dark legs and I am not so sure now ? Southeast Scotland 29th April.
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    winter plumage Razorbiil

    Many thanks all , I now understand why apparent w.p. razorbills can be seen in April in U.K. Cheers George
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    winter plumage Razorbiil

    I watched a razorbill fishing close inshore (S.E.Scotland) on 25th April. It was in winter (or juv plumage) and had a small bill with no white lines. 1. I take it breeding age adults are now in breeding plumage ? 2. I wondered if it was from a far northern colony so not yet in breeding...
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    Juvenile European Teal ?

    Thanks Andrew , So many varieties of teal in collections , I suspected it might be an exotic escape from somewhere. There were male and female adults about but just coming out of eclipse . None of them matched this one and it wasn't with them. Googling juv teal didn't provide a matching image...
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    Juvenile European Teal ?

    On a pond in Ayrshire Scotland yesterday ,where a single teal duckling was seen earlier in year. Apologies for long range pics
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    Three More

    Hermit Thrush , common Yellowthroat and Common Grackle ? Thanks...........g
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    More pics

    Magnolia Warbler , Solitary sandpiper, Northern Waterthrush and White Crowned Sparrow ?
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    New York vacation

    Hi , Was with you guys over weekend and photographed numerous birds and other wildlife mainly in Central Park , NYBG , Highline and Bryants Park. Could I please ask for confirmation of a few of them. Here are the first three. I make them Wilsons Warbler,Common Yellowthroat and an unknown...
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    aberrant teal

    Thanks Have moved it. The colours were as shown. Bird watched for some time in various places and light conditions.
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    very pale teal

    A very pale , possibly leucistic . female European Teal at Hunterston , Ayrshire, Scotland this week. Has this aberration been noted in this species before. ? photo shows true light ,the bird really was that pale.
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    aberrant teal

    Had this very pale aberrant plumaged female teal at Hunterston, North Ayrshire today. Is it a known individual ? Is this aberration common ?
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    Are the sparrows owning the garden!!

    Have there been any habitat changes in your area,such as woodland or scrub removal ? Or has building extended the distance you are from woods and fields ? Even in my small village those on the edges get mixed birds while I nearer the centre get mainly urban ones like sparrows blackbirds...
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    Little egrets

    The posture you describe is part of courtship ritual in Little Egret http://www.oiseaux-birds.com/card-little-egret.html Many bird species continue pair bonding outwith nesting season. Little Egret may be one.
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    What's going on here?

    Could that spar under their heads be catching falling seeds ? It looks wide enough to do so. Also are these young birds ? If so it could just be the result of trying to balance on top of fence. They are far more likely to be sliding, down head one side,body other side, than just pushing their...
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    Little Egret behaviour

    Little egret Many thanks , Have googled 'bill vibration' and can find the behaviour in snowy egret and black crowned night heron. Any links to records of Little Egret doing it ?
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    Little Egret behaviour

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/170894399592834/permalink/1873478896001034/?comment_id=1876227642392826&notif_id=1507294766872002&notif_t=group_comment Hope this link works , can't find my original video file. This Little Egret seemed to be trying to attract fish by imitating a drowning insect...
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    springwatch (uk) bush whacking, what do you think?

    I am always concerned that humans approaching or touching nests leaves a scent trail for ground predators to follow. Also sceptical some citizen science shemes are no more than recruiting/fundraising scams for the bodies concerned ?
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    mute swan u.k.

    I write a rural column in the local paper and have been asked by a reader whether ,when a pair of Mute Swans fly over,they are usually male in front,female in front or random ? Must admit it had never crossed my mind but now I am curious !