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  1. J


    Hi, is Tapatalk still supported as I cant get it to work now. Thanks
  2. J

    Yellow patch on back, UK

    Hi, any thoughts on this picture taken yesterday near Guisborough? Superficially resembles Yellow-rumped Warbler but a few things dont look correct. The size was thought to be chaffinch size or maybe a bit smaller https://twitter.com/NeilSimms1/status/577749381094481920
  3. J

    Opticron discovery wp pc 8x32 vs Viking navilux 8x32

    I am thinking of buying one of the above two to leave in the car and for general birding while out walking to dog. I would therefore welcome comments from anyone who has compared them and especially the Opticron as I cant find any reviews of them
  4. J

    Just a Swallow

    Hi, just been deleting all the useles pics I took of Hirundines last night and I noticed this. It is the only picutre of it. Any ideas if it can be id'ed from this? Jamie
  5. J

    Backpack for carrying Camera with 1.4X TC and 400mm f5.6L attached

    Hi, I am looking for a backpack to carry the above (should read 400mm f5.6L) with room for a few extension tubes etc. I would like a Slingshot type backpack but they all look a little small as the total length of the above is about 36cm. Does anyone have any suggestions? The reason to put it on...
  6. J

    Two Way Radios for Birding

    Hi, we are currently investigating using two way Radios for birding in our area and I was wondering if anyone had any advice or knowledge on this. There are about 3 main areas each a few miles apart and we would hope that maybe 20 birders might start using them. I know on Scilly they use radios...
  7. J

    Crossbill? with wingbars on Durham/Cleveland Border

    the following is hopefully a link to a picture of a Crosswill showing 2 wingbars and white tips to the tertials taken on the Cleveland/Durham border yesterday. Is it just a crossbill? http://www.teesmouthbc.com/forumtbc/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=522.0;attach=3017;image
  8. J

    Odd Herring type gull Seaton Carew, UK

    Hi, This odd looking gull was seen this afternoon near Seaton Carew, Cleveland, UK. Opinions welcome Regards, Jamie
  9. J

    Manfrotto 128 tightening nuts

    Hi, does anyone know the thread size of the nuts that tighten the tilt and pan functions on the above head. I have three of them and I have now lost most the orgional nuts. I replaced them with wing nuts rather than pay £7 for proper replacements but I have now lost another and cant remember...
  10. J

    Problem Micro

    Hi, does anyone reconise the attached. A few of us have had a look but we are still not sure of the ID. It was caught near Middlesbrough, UK on 9th June. The scale is in mm Thanks, Jamie
  11. J

    Kowa Service - What happens when you break your scope

    Hi, on 27/5 while watching the Broad-billed Sand on Teesmouth my scope blew over breaking the main lens. I have therefore decided to document the repair to give an example of the service you can expect. 29/5 - Posted the broken Scope to Pyser (the importerss after phone discussion) 11/6 -...
  12. J

    5 Recent moths for id

    Hi, I would appreciate any thoughts on the 5 moths below. My guesses are the filename. For the Minor I thought it was going to be Marbled but I am now wondering if it is Rufous (or best not id'ed). Pug 1 I have had a couple of the same but am unsure. Regards, Jamie
  13. J

    How to note contents of trap

    Hi, Its been raining all day here and I've just braved it to empty the traps. For the last few years I have always used a notebook to note what is in the trap as I empty them before transferring the data to mapmate but every time it is damp the book gets soaked and I have nowhere dry to empty...
  14. J

    Toadflax or Foxglove?

    Hi, the following pug was caught on 17th June (Size not noted). What do people recon to it? My personal favorite is Toadflax as the outer edge of the median band does not seem to show a kink but I would welcome second opinions. Thanks, Jamie (PS just back from hols in Scilly/Cornwall where I...
  15. J

    Homoeosoma sinuella?

    Hi, I caught the following last night while wondering round the North Tees Marshes (VC66). From what I can see it looks like Homoeosoma sinuella. If anyone can confirm this is correct I would appreciate it as it appears to be about the 2nd VC66 record. The length was 11mm Thanks, Jamie (with a...
  16. J

    Knoy Grass vs Poplar Grey

    Hi, I have been through all the books and looked at the pictures on the internet and I am not a bit confused about the id of the above two. I would therefore appreciate it if someone could look at the attached photos and comment if they believe they are all poplar grey and if not why not. My...
  17. J

    3 more pugs

    Hi, I would appreciate opinions on the following 3 pugs all caught in the last week on Teesside. Currently it is still very quite here with the last 2 nights producing a total of 1 Hebrew Character from 2 traps running every night. 7736 Wingspan is 24.5 7737 wingspan is 18mm (Double Striped...
  18. J

    A Pug

    Hi, things are still very quiet on Teesside with an average of 1 moth a day from the two traps so I am trying to use the spare time to improve my pug ID. My first attempt isn't going well as I find the Pug book hard to use and the pictures to small so I would appreciate it if someone could let...
  19. J

    Zelleria hepariella?

    Hi, can anyone confirm if they are happy this is Zelleria hepariella. Everything looks good but I am not sure if the antenna are quite stripy enough and I can find a very limited number of photographs (one looks similair but another seems to be more stripey). The length was 8mm and it was...
  20. J

    3 from fridge

    Hi, comments would be appreciated on the following 3 id's that have been suggested to me (all caught VC66):- Larch Pug? caught 19th October ws approx 22mm Eudonia angustea? caught 9th september total length 11mm. I guess this is what it is but can I rule out lineola as the postmedial fascia...