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    I am a hawkwatcher

    A cool online comic about hawkwatching: http://iamahawkwatcher.com/ Also on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Iamahawkwatcher
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    Weird Question? Israel

    Hi All, A friends mother is visiting from Israel and wants to find out about planting a bird friendly backyard. Anyone got any suggestions on what organizations she might get some info from? I'm sure there must be some Audubon/RSPB equivalent that would have info like that? Thanks, Luke
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    Bird ID Thailand - rather vague description

    My brother (who is not a birder) was giving me a description of a bird he saw in Thailand which he described as being medium sized, with shiny black/blue feathers and in the middle of its wing white markings almost like an eye but with no pupil and a black beak with a red tip. Bit of a weird...
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    Common or Mew Gull

    Anyone from Europe want to chime in on the subspecies ID of this bird. To my eye it looks perfect for Common Gull but any thoughts appreciated. Pictures on a couple posts on my blog and links to others: http://underclearskies.wordpress.com/2009/03/25/common-gull-more-pictures-meredith-sampson/...
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    Woodcock - Advice wanted on flashlight use

    Hi All, I have a friend who is hard of hearing so it makes seeing woodcock displays tough - usually one picks them up in their display flight by ear. Do you think trying to find them with a torch would be disruptive to their displays - anyone tried this? Luke
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    Possible Thayers Gull - Connecticut

    Hi All, Some pictures on my blog of some photo's my friend took of a possible Thayer's Gull - any informed comments would be appreciated: http://underclearskies.wordpress.com/2009/02/23/possible-thayers-gull-patrick-comins/ Luke
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    Anyone else doing/done a Big Green Big Year?

    I have just started my BGBY for 2009. So far a rather paltry 30 species but I don't think I will be digging my bicycle out for a while so it's all walking right now (best bird so far are the pair of Black Vultures that I got yesterday - still uncommon in the state even with recent range...
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    White-crowned Sparrow Subspecies

    Found this bird in CT over the weekend. Looks pretty good for gambels subspecies to my eye but any west coasters want to chime in?
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    Birding UK in next couple of weeks

    Hi All, Heading for London for a couple of weeks. Just wondering what is happening in the way of migration right now? Is it pretty much drying up now as it is in the states? Contemplating what my chances are of picking up migrant birds locally around the South East. Luke
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    website for photos

    Hi all, I just want to st up something online to allow me to share some trip photos with family and friends - holiday snaps really. Anybody have any preferences as to which sites are best/cheapest/free? Luke
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    Puffleg Ecuador

    Pretty sure this is Golden-breasted - any one certain? Seen at Guango Lodge nr Quito - flash probably doesn't help the ID process.
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    A couple of days around Quito

    A couple of days around Quito, Ecuador Day 1 Ostensibly I was in Ecuador co-leading a trip to the Galapagos which was a fantastic experience in and of itself but I also wanted to make the most of my first trip to South America and decided to tack on a couple of personal days to do a little...
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    Quito Ecuador Guide recommendations

    Hi All, Anybody got any recommendations for trying to get a guide for a day apart from Tropical Birding and Neblina. Just trying to get some fall back options if they don't have availability at short notice. Luke
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    East London Birders Lee Valley Birders?

    Hi All, I am going to be based with my family in the Old Street area for a couple of weeks. Apart from the Lee Valley is there anywhere else nearby that I should consider birding. Also anybody got a likely species list for Lee Valley in winter. I am going to probably be limited to the lower...
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    Help - LXL - are they really just a lighter LX

    Hi All, Just found out that the LX's that I have had but 2 1/2 or 3 years are fatally damaged according to Nikon's repair service (focusing knob froze up whilst out birding) and they will be replaced under warranty. I assume they are just going to switch them out for a pair of the LXL's. Is...
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    Christmas Bird Count Season - Good Luck All

    Hi All, Just got back from our pre-count planning session. We are all set to go this Sunday amid rain, wind and snow - should be interesting (or dead). Been out scouting today and got a nice bird or two staked out - lets hope they hang in through this lousy weather. My count is Westport CT -...
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    Common Japanese Bird ID from Non-birders description

    Hi All, My brother is currently in Kyoto. Below is his appalling description of a bird. Any Ideas what it is likely to be? I have to find out - any opportunity to widen his interest in the natural world can't be overlooked. 'small, thin, black and white, very nippy, they even seem to hover...
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    Record Shot? You have to be kidding me!

    No offense to the camera operator but you have to be kidding me on this one. I certainly hope the written description is better than the pic - as my wife said it could be a flying Badger! Scroll down to the Neotropical Cormorant on Surfbirds...
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    Nicaragua - where do you even start?

    Hi All, I have a contact in Nicaragua and am interested in heading down there for an adventure. I'm not too bothered about specific species just want to try and enjoy some birding there. I have had a look at the Wheatley Brewer book but it's not overly helpful. Is the Ber Van Perlo field guide...
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    British Firsts and Single Observer Reports

    Hi All, Just out of interest I was wondering whether someone might be able to point me in the direction (or just reference a few examples) of where single observers have had firsts for the UK accepted or declined recently based on single observer reports. I am interested in those sightings...