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    Nikon Service (NON Warranty)

    I received an old "grey bodied" 8x30 EII in a trade that had several black specks in the view. I contacted Nikon and they took it in, fixed the black speck problem and tightened up the hinge and diopter ring. All for free under there No Fault Lifetime Warranty on optics.
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    Nikon 82ED v Swarovski AT80HD

    Don't have any experience with the Old AT80 but I do have a ED82. Since you plan on using a 25-50x zoom on the Swaro, have you considered simply trying the 50x wide angle eyepiece on the ED82? I have used this in the past and found it worked wonderful although slightly darker image than the...
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    leica noctvid 10x42 vs swarovski sv 10x42

    Looking at all the post the OP has made it would appear that all he is interested in is what "others" see to satisfy his curiosity. Nase, I would suggest doing research (web searches, actually reading posts) about the bins you are curious about compare the input and build an idea around that...
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    leica noctvid 10x42 vs swarovski sv 10x42

    The difference is what YOUR eyes see..........8-P
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    Binocular Harness For Nikon 8x32 SE Porro and 10x40 Porro

    This has to be a joke right?? To the OP I have the Nikon SE 8x32 and 10x42. I use the vortex connectors and the RY ultra light harness. Highly recommend the RY harness, have it on all my bins except for my loaners. I would suggest you use the vortex connectors as they work better with these...
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    What are the very BEST Binos in this Galaxy

    Chosun, Since no shops in my country stock the ZORK Thagmeister eV8888 Eyeballizers. Can you tell me if it will provide a WOW view, with excellent contrast, Sparkle, sharpness, CA control and 3D view? Also how does it do on glare when viewing Mountain Goats and my Mothers Basement? This is...
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    Kowa's new 50 mm scope

    You can "Save" over $400 by pre ordering from B&H 3:-) https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1349418-REG/kowa_tsn_553_15_45x55_compact_spotting.html I still doubt its over $1000 better than my ED50:h?: Reminds me of this "Deal" I found on a 884 paperweight ...
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    birding binoculars upgrade (8x42) in the $400-$700 range

    Glad that I could help with your quest. I knew you would love the EII's, I'm guessing/hoping you picked up the pair cycleguy was selling? Unless its pouring rain like the first time we met I wouldn't worry to much about it. Just make sure you keep the rainguard on, and keep the bin under...
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    birding binoculars upgrade (8x42) in the $400-$700 range

    Sure!....Don't forget the beer B (:
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    birding binoculars upgrade (8x42) in the $400-$700 range

    pnw_hiker, You are in luck, I live in West Seattle and own the following bins: Nikon SE 8x32, Nikon E2 8x30, Nikon M7 8x30, Swarovski Habicht 8x30, Cabelas Guide Series 8x32, and Sightron BSII 8x32. You are welcome to look though any and all of them at my local park if you are interested send...
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    Help identify marks in ED82 lens tube ?

    I had a EDIII Fieldscope (60mm version) that looked like that inside. Never had a problem with in fact it gave awesome views and I'm sure it still does. I always just assumed it was a funky looking anodizing job that probably still passes qc since its inside the tube and not a cosmetic...
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    This is gonna sound weird but......Was this picture taken in a front yard in Pigeon Point West Seattle??
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    Traveller BGa Mg 6x32 now a bargain at € 185,-

    Damn, wish I could get this deal in the US. Would love to give these bins a try. :t:
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    Feeder visited bt a Bear

    My thoughts are to take the feeders down at night, but Bears may learn to come during the day I suppose. I had a similar situation, except for the Bears. I have a feeder hidden in the woods near my house where I go birding almost daily. That feeder kept getting raided at night and during...
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    Color bias and eyesight

    I have noticed that the my eyes see colors differently as well. For me my left eye has slightly more vivid colors than my right. Very small difference but the difference is there for sure. I noticed this when comparing spotting scopes and eyepieces. The view with my left eye is just a...
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    So....I've been trying to contact Zen-Ray...

    Well on the 2 pair I had the screw seemed to at least contribute to if not cause the play. I say this because it wiggles back and forth with movement of the focus wheel. This happens because the screw is protuding from its intended position and not fully seated. If it was fully seated and...
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    So....I've been trying to contact Zen-Ray...

    Charles finally replied to my 3/27 email on Monday 4/3 telling me to send them back. I did and they where received yesterday 4/6. Just awaiting my refund now. Charles also emailed me a interesting response to the problem with the binos: "Thanks for the feedback. I have asked out engineers...
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    So....I've been trying to contact Zen-Ray...

    Second update: Replacement bins finally arrived yesterday(3/27) Had to send a reminder email on 3/22 to get them to ship. Out of the box the focus wheel felt stiff and very little play. I worked the focus back and forth about 10 times and it was apparent that there was about the same amount...
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    Brand new Nikon Monarch 7 8X30 objective multicoating defect + dust, Exchange?

    That looks like a simple grease smudge, I assume you already tried to clean it off?? I have had great luck with ROR cleaner for smudges like that. The smudges below where easily removed with ROR and the glass was perfect after a cleaning.
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    10X42L IS Pros/cons...

    I bet it has to do the IPD setting..... The eyecups shape and diameter of them plus the lack of a simple center hinge make getting the IPD on the Canon more difficult. I also experienced lots of CA on my first go with the Canon 10x42. Here is a tip and how I set the IPD on all my bins. I...