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    Calidus? (E Romania)

    Peregrine Falcon photographed in the Danube delta the 21.03.15: the thin mustache made me think to a Siberian individual of the ssp. calidus, but I' m not totally convinced by the lack of a lot of white on the head... but it seems to be a subadult, so the game become possibly a bit harder... any...
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    Gulls (NE Italy)

    Anything different from YL Gulls in these pictures from Chioggia (NE Italy) of today??
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    Flycatcher (NE Italy)

    Flycatcher photographed a couple of days ago in Treviso (Italy): I had different opinions about the ID, but there are people for Pied and people for Collared... any other opinion, please??
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    Gull (NE Italy)

    Yesterday passed overhead this gull that attracted my attention because of the al dark edges of wings, making me think to a LBBG. Than I realized that it wasn't a full adult... just a usual YL Gull?? From Treviso (NE Italy)
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    Hummingbird (Panama)

    Hi, I photographed this hummingbird at the Rainforest Discovery Center of Gamboa, but I'm not sure about the ID: any suggestion, please??
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    Tyrant (Panama)

    I photographed this tyrant on the island of Saboga (Islas de las Perlas) in April: unfortunately I managed to take just this unfocused picture... the locality should exclude a lot of other species, so my guess is something in between Northern Scrub-flycatcher and Southern Beardless Tyrannulet...
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    Siberian Chiffchaff? (Croatia)

    I photographed this bird few days ago in central Croatia and I instantly called it "Siberian Chiffchaff". I tried to induce the voice with the playback, but there was too much noise of water and I couldn't hear any call. Now it came up that it might be the first Siberian Chiffchaff ever for...
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    Shrike-tyrant (N Chile)

    Bird photographed in Machuca, not far from San Pedro de Atacama, in Chile, the 30 of October. Unfortunately I've identified it in the field, without think too much, as Black-billed ST, so I didn't take more photos, but now I have some doubts... Any help, please??
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    Youngster of Sylvia Warbler (W Croatia)

    Youngster photographed in June in a former military base near Udbina (Dalmatia, Croatia) at the altitude of about 700-800m in a habitat with large dry meadows and scattered hedges of shrubs and pines. What can it be??
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    Tern (Panama)

    Hi, this tern was photographed off shore Panama, from the ferry to the Pearl islands (so on the Pacific side) in April: Common Tern or something else?
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    Female of Mountain Gem (Panama)

    I photographed this female of Mountain gem in Guadalupe (Chiriquì, Panama) in April, but i coudn't understand how to tell if is it a Purple or White-throated mountain Gem. Can anybody solve my doubts, please?
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    Empidonax Warbler (Panama)

    Empidonax from the island of Coiba (Panama), photographed in April... any suggestion about what could it be??
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    Warbler (Panama)

    In April I photographed this warbler high on a tree along the Pipeline Road... it seems to be something like a Yellowthroat, but I don't have enough experience of that group to be sure... any help, please?
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    Flycatcher (Panama)

    Flycatcher photographed in April in Gamboa, in a garden. It might be a Yellow-bellied Elaenia, but I'm not convinced by the rather all dark bill and by the lack of the crest. Any opinion??
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    Harriers to id (W Slovenia)

    The last week, by the Cerknica lake, I noticed quite a few harriers, some of those were pretty odd to be Montagu's, with dark secondaries and pale primaries. Any opinion, please??
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    Caspian Gull? (NE Italy)

    Bird photographed today in Chioggia. Is it a Caspian Gull??
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    Spotted sp. (NE Italy)

    The pictures of a spotted eagle photographed few days ago in NE Italy by Massimo Bozza are turning on arguments: - somebody is for juvenile sub-fulvescens GSE; - somebody else for a very pale morph 2cal LSE; Both are great birders with a lot of field experience. Any other opinion, please??
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    Stonechat (Georgia)

    Can you confirm that this is a European Stonechat (Saxicola rubicola) and not anything connected with Siberian Stonechat like hemprichii or variegatus? Photographed in Ushguli in September.
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    Pipit (Georgia)

    I photographed this pipit in the western Caucasus, nearby Ushguli, in September: is it just a Water Pipit ssp. coutellii?
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    Gulls of Tbilisi (Georgia)

    When I was in Tbilisi (Georgia), the 1st of September, I photographed some gulls that I though Yellow-legged, but now I have some doubts... Can they be Armenians? The first two pics surelly show the same individual.