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    Mic for use with computer

    I'd like to set up a nocmig arrangement using a computer, software Raven Lite or Audacity to record, but would appreciate some ideas on a suitable mic to use , a budget of about £50
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    Echo meter 2 - help

    I was out in my woodland last night in North Yorks, near Boroughbridge , using the Echo Meter 2 ( using the HET setting ) and got the following results, numbers relate to no. of sonograms over a one hour period. I'm trying to get someone who is experienced to come and give me some guidance on...
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    Any bat experts or keen amateurs in North Yorkshire ??

    I'm a little clued up on bats but I'm looking for someone or several someones to give me a hand to detect at my woodland (central North Yorkshire ). I have detected BLE ( also photographed by a neighbour woodland owner ) , Daubentons, 2 x pips, Noctule and one or two other possibles but I need...
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    Bird song cd Australia

    I'm visiting south west Australia in June, any suggestions for a set of bird song CD's which will help with ID? Thanks!
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    Which Bird Guide

    Off to Australia next year, which guide would you recommend? Seems like two main ones, also are there any publications on where to find birds in the south west Thanks for any feedback
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    Tendaba Camp

    Hi Im going back to the Gambia in November 2018 to do the upriver tour, I hear Tendaba Camp is a bit scruffy and also that they are building a nightclub right in front of the view. Just wondering if anyone has been very recently and what the situation is, and is there anywhere else locally...
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    Wanted - Robinson or similar trap

    Looking for a reasonably priced ( or free! ) second hand Robinson or similar to run off a generator this year, secondhand, Yorkshire or the north east Thanks!
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    Networked trail cameras

    I'm looking to run 3 or 4 trail cameras in some woodland. There is a system in the USA where one of the cameras picks up all the camera images off all the cameras by radio transmission and can then forward on to a mobile etc or just be the host camera from which you can download all the images...
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    I've just decided to have a week in the Gambia, get some sunshine and some birding, from 25th Feb. staying Kombo Beach Hotel. If anyone wants to meet up for a couple of trips etc share guide costs etc get in touch.
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    Echo Meter 2 Detector

    Hi Slowly getting to grips with this, it's a learning curve as i am new to bat id using calls etc, however it is an awesome little piece of kit and I'm already getting some interesting results from it. if there is anyone in central Yorkshire with this, or other detectors or working on bats and...
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    Robinson trap or similar

    Hi looking for one possibly two s/h moth traps, if anyone Up North has one for sale or gathering dust and no longer wanted and even free, would be pleased to hear from them Thanks
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    Kaleidoscope software

    Hi Anyone have any experience of this for bat ID, particularly the latest version, I'm thinking of buying the new Echo Meter 2 to connect to my iphone and this seems to be the software sold with it Any thoughts anyone Thanks David
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    Bat for ID

    Brought in by the cat this afternoon, central Yorkshire Anyone care to venture an ID, I'm guessing one of the pipistrelles? But i really don't know Seems ok, will release tonight
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    Moldova May 2017

    Hi Just a thought but anyone up for a self organised week in Moldova in May, maximum 3 people including me , possibly 2nd or third week with a guide for a few days, possibly based one or two locations, lots of birding, maybe one or two early starts, and evening bonhomie. I hear its good for...
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    Moss , Yorkshire

    hi can anyone help identify this moss ( I'm pretty sure its a moss ) found in my woodland in North Yorkshire?
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    Snæfellsnes Peninsula Feb 2017

    Yes, I know , mad. Booked to go look for the orcas, aurora, winter birds and probably masochistic driving conditions, will be there 23rd -26th Feb then back down to Reykjavik for a couple of days Anyone going to be there at this time? David
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    Wallcreeper -Bratislava

    Hi Anyone know if there are Wallcreepers on the castle at the moment?? Thanks David
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    Any thoughts on this raptor, seen 30 mins ago over my house in Knaresborough, North Yorks, clearly not Red Kite which is daily, Buzzard is also almost daily but I'm not happy about that, it's making me think Honey. Seemed longer tailed, longer winged, less broad in the wing Didnt get much else...
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    remote shutter control on iphone setup

    Hi I've ordered the new iphone ES and hope to use it for digiscoping. Once set up is there a way of remotely triggering the shutter in the phone without having to actually touch the set up? Also anyone know if the new Celestron Hummingbird miniscope is available in the UK, it's on several US...
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    Hartlepool Boat Trip

    Evening of 20th Sept 2015 from Hartlepool Marina, from 4.30 Few places left, looking for cetaceans and seabirds If interested please email [email protected]*t***l.com Thanks David