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    Am I Blue & Flycatcher - So Cal May

    Long shots here but worth a shot. Picture 1 appears to be a lone Western Bluebird. But what's unusual about this bird is that it is especially plain compared to other Westerns I've seen. I have Western Bluebirds in my immediate area almost year-round so I see them often but this seems to be...
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    Niagara Birds

    Video - I thought "Song Sparrow" when I saw it but song sure seems different. Vesper? The other photo I think is a Black Duck but Kaufman talks about hybridization so I wanted to confirm if this looks like full AMD. Thanks, Matt
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    Ash Throated vs. Great Crested Flycatcher

    Hi, I wanted to get some confirmation for a finding. I had an observation (seen only, no photo) , June, Orange County, CA near the coast. The frequent "big flycatcher" other then Phoebes and Kingbirds around here is the Ash-Throated Flycatcher. However, this bird was different. I only got a...
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    Literary Birds Anyone? Sleepy Hollow

    Here's a passage for the season from Sleepy Hollow, published 1819. Since Sleepy Hollow is a real place in New York, I was curious about the passage that had birds in it: "The small birds were taking their farewell banquets. In the fulness of their revelry, they fluttered, chirping and...
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    Warbler - So Cal 10/2010

    I found this individual in Southern California in late Oct 2010. Any help on this one appreciated. Thanks, Matt
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    Swallow Collage - Any Banks? So Cal Sep 2010

    Hi, I'm looking through my photos of mostly tree swallows but some of these are downright difficult to figure out. There was a Barn swallow consistently reported in the area during that time frame. There's a lot of photos so for anyone who will indulge me I'd be much obliged. I have my...
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    Sparrow - Sacramento - 2/2010

    Another in my UFO file. Is this a Chipping Sparrow? Thanks, Matt
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    Yellowstone - Woody and Duck

    I took these in August. The woodpeckers are all the same individual - not much to go off of. There were 2 or 3 of them perched on a tree as we drove. I stopped, they flew like the devil was after them. I took shots of this one that landed. When I saw them, I thought "Lewis" but I can see them...
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    Access Forum on Mobile

    I will be trying to access the forums on a mobile phone for a bit. Is there a url for the forums that would format the forum content for mobile? Thanks, Matt
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    San Diego IDs from Apr 2010

    These photos were taken in San Diego in April 2010. The first photo is a sparrow/towhee type bird. I immediately thought "green tailed towhee" when I saw him. Second image is a major mystery. The collage is all one specimen. In a couple of the collage photos, I have included the birds it was...
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    Sacramento in Feb

    I may go to Sacramento in mid/late Feb and would allocate a day for birding the area. Can anyone recommend any hotspots there? Is Yellow Billed Magpie in the area? Estuaries or woods, whatever is good. I prefer some contrast with what is common in So Cal FWIW. What are your favorite...
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    109th Edition CBC Summary

    For those that participated in a CBC last year (at least in the US), did you receive the 109th edition summary? I did two CBCs last year and I have not received. I received the 108th near the end of the calendar year for the 2007 CBC but have not received this edition for the 2008 CBC. I have...
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    Red-Necked Grebe?

    This is a digiscope of a grebe at Bolsa Chica, CA in late Nov. It was at a preposterous distance so I was surprised to get any detail at all. There had been a RNGR reported in the area. When I looked at this guy, I immediately thought Horned, which is frequently seen at BC, despite wishing it...
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    Walkstool - Recommendations

    After much deliberation I'm deciding I want to have a better facility for remaining stationary for longer periods when out observing on the trail. The Walkstool seems to be the ideal solution. Does anyone here use one? I'm 6'4" (just under 2 m) in height. What height would you recommend? Are...
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    Canon 15x50 and 18x50 - Protective Filters

    For those with either of these models, do you use protective filters? I tend to think I would like better protection for the objectives which are a little more exposed than I like. I've been burned by bad filters before reducing image quality with photography, but is it critical with binocular...
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    Birding Show on Fox Sports (US)

    I just set my DVR to record the show "Birding Adventures TV" on Fox Sports. I happened to be looking at the Zeiss site because I really liked the new ad which is an eyechart of birds. Then I saw the reference to TV. I had looked for bird related shows before but they are few and far between...
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    Baird's Sandpiper

    Discussion thread for Baird's Sandpiper. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
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    Eastern Sierra - Hawks and Owl

    Hi, I want to confirm the ID of these hawks and owl. This is in the Eastern Sierra, near Mammoth, CA. These are all taken in the last week, so late summer. Hawks: This was an unusual activity to me. These same hawks hunted the same ridge every night almost like clockwork. They seemed to work...
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    Pelagic Pomarine and Doubtful Diver

    I think the Jaeger is a Pomarine mainly due to the tail but otherwise I'm having trouble with it. The other likely one is Parasitic and this one was close to shore. I wanted to double check on this one. The loon is more wishful thinking but is this a Red Throated by chance? I get an overall...
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    Pacific Loon?

    When I first saw this loon it appeared quite odd. The first thing I thought was "leucistic". But as I was looking at my Sibley, it appears that maybe this is a variation of what a first year looks like? A Red Throated had been reported within 200 m of this sighting but I see bars which...