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  1. BirdingCristina

    Help me choose a monocular

    Hi, friends. I am looking for a monocular I can chuck in my purse or pocket for casual day-to-day use. I want something discreet, compact, and lightweight that I can use to get a closer look at birds flitting on the trees beside the road whenever I'm out on a walk. I'm willing to invest no more...
  2. BirdingCristina

    Tell me about the Opticron T4 Trailfinder WP 8 (10) x 25 monocular

    I want to purchase a budget monocular that I can throw in my purse or in a coat pocket for casual birdwatching while I'm at Uni, at work, or outside walking the dog. So far the best option in terms of size (it has to be less than 10 cm / 4 inches long), weight (preferably less than 250 g/8.8...
  3. BirdingCristina

    The materialism of modern birding

    A few months ago, my search for a new pair of binoculars turned into a miserable slog through dozens of reviews of near-identical models, and the corresponding barrage of abuse spewed at one model or the other. A streak of hope, too, in manufacturers' promises of new and improved versions of the...
  4. BirdingCristina

    Costa Rica anole ID

    (No photo--sorry!) In Monteverde, a fairly small (<5 cm excluding the tail) anole scurrying on leaf litter, overall coloration a brownish pattern that blended with the dead leaves, slightly paler underside. I don't have Leender's guide, so help would be appreciated.
  5. BirdingCristina

    Midpriced binocs for tropical birding?

    I have come across the opportunity to upgrade my well-beaten Nikon Monarch ATB's and would appreciate some advice! I'm looking for a pair under $500-$530 that adheres fairly well to these provisions: -Clear, crisp, bright image -Wide FOV -Excellent resistance to rain and humidity -Durable...
  6. BirdingCristina

    2014 Costa Rica Resident Bird Count!

    The Costa Rica Ornithological Association has opened inscriptions for this year's Resident Bird Count, which will take place from May 15th to June 30th. To sign up, go to http://conteodeavescr.wordpress.com/inscripcion/ and download the Excel document titled "FORMULARIO DE INSCRIPCIƓN 2014"...
  7. BirdingCristina

    English meaning of genus name Nyctidromus?

    I was wondering what is the definition of the Common Pauraque's genus name Nyctidromus is. I think that its species name albicollis means "white- tailed" or something along those lines (judging from the White-tailed Hawk's species name it would've been something more like albicaudatus. The...
  8. BirdingCristina

    Birder, Naturalist, or Both?

    I've been wondering about this a lot lately ever since my interest in gaining experience as a naturalist began to increase. Are some "hardcore" birders focused solely and primarily on birds, or do they, too, show interest in understanding many other aspects of fieldcraft and the natural world...
  9. BirdingCristina

    Affordable Scope for Tropical Birding?

    Hi there! I'm looking for a good scope (new or used) that is -preferably under 500$ -Waterproof; can stand some humidity (I'm living in Monteverde in Costa Rica. Lots of cloud forest; quite humid during the rainy season. Lots of fog.) -Can offer a decently sharp, bright image. Remember...
  10. BirdingCristina

    Monitoring migratory bird collisions with buildings and related questions

    I've been considering to go to Baltimore city or Washington DC next spring and walk around the tall, illuminated buildings and look for stunned or dead birds that have collided with the structures. However, I have a few questions beforehand: 1. Are you able to actually do this without joining...
  11. BirdingCristina

    Moist woodland habitat in the USA?

    I wasn't exactly sure in what subforum I should put this. I hope it's fine here. I've been leafing through some field guides, and occasionally I've come across this so-called "moist woodland" habitat. When I did a bit of searching in Google, all I got were results for moist (or "wet")...
  12. BirdingCristina

    Washington Monument State Park, Boonsboro, MD

    Hi, I've heard that this historic monument near the Skycroft Conference Center in Middletown, MD is an excellent place to watch migrating raptors.. I went there for a school outdoor education field trip and it's a really nice place, but I would like more info.
  13. BirdingCristina

    Balcony birding--Winter juncos, wrens, chickadees

    I have (temporarily) left the cozyness, safety and warmth of my good old Costa Rica about a year ago, but have been having a nice time here in the USA. Sure, the healthcare system here sucks, and we still have to pay the insurance company's darned deductible (none of this happened in Costa...
  14. BirdingCristina

    White-browed Tit-Warbler

    Discussion thread for White-browed Tit-Warbler. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button. Any more info on conservation status of this colorful bird?
  15. BirdingCristina

    Number of bird species in Central America (excluding Mexico)

    Number of bird species in Central America (excluding Mexico)??? Hi there! I've been wondering how many species of birds are there in Central America (Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama). Most of the lists I've found in the Internet include Mexico, but...