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  1. BirdingCristina

    Help me choose a monocular

    Hi, friends. I am looking for a monocular I can chuck in my purse or pocket for casual day-to-day use. I want something discreet, compact, and lightweight that I can use to get a closer look at birds flitting on the trees beside the road whenever I'm out on a walk. I'm willing to invest no more...
  2. BirdingCristina

    Tell me about the Opticron T4 Trailfinder WP 8 (10) x 25 monocular

    I want to purchase a budget monocular that I can throw in my purse or in a coat pocket for casual birdwatching while I'm at Uni, at work, or outside walking the dog. So far the best option in terms of size (it has to be less than 10 cm / 4 inches long), weight (preferably less than 250 g/8.8...
  3. BirdingCristina

    The materialism of modern birding

    A few months ago, my search for a new pair of binoculars turned into a miserable slog through dozens of reviews of near-identical models, and the corresponding barrage of abuse spewed at one model or the other. A streak of hope, too, in manufacturers' promises of new and improved versions of the...
  4. BirdingCristina

    Gull - Florida

    Ring-billed gull? For comparison, here's a photo of a winter adult Ring-billed from Washington, D.C. (Nov 2010). But the legs on your gull are grayish, while the legs on mine are yellow. If no other species, perhaps a younger ring-billed with pinkish legs that appear gray from an angle...
  5. BirdingCristina

    Please help with id's from Guanacaste area of Costa Rica this month

    1. Agreed. Rufous-tailed Hummingbird 2. Agreed. Gray-capped Flycatcher 3. juvenile Green-crowned Brilliant
  6. BirdingCristina

    Volcano Tenorio Rain Forest, Costa Rica

    1. Scaly-breasted hummingbird. 2. female white-collared seedeater 3. female Passerini's tanager 4. White-crowned parrot 5. Buff-rumped warbler
  7. BirdingCristina

    Few more from Guanacaste Area of Costa Rica

    1. Royal Tern 2. Brown-crested or Nutting's flycatcher. I would go for brown-crested unless you noticed a cinnamon rump. 3. Mangrove Swallow 4. Neotropic Cormorant 5. Garden Emerald
  8. BirdingCristina


    Probably orange oriole (Icterus auratus). Too orange for Hooded (I. cucullatus), not stocky enough for Altamira (I. gularis).
  9. BirdingCristina

    various from Guanacaste, NW Costa Rica

    1. Myiarchus sp., likely Brown-crested Flycatcher 2. Empidonax sp., probably Yellow-bellied Flycatcher 3. Streak-headed Woodcreeper 4. Short-tailed Hawk 5. White-tailed Kite Do you have any other photographs for #1 and #2?
  10. BirdingCristina

    Costa Rica anole ID

    Purchased a new field guide for Christmas; turns out my reptile was actually a male gray lichen anole (Anolis intermedius).
  11. BirdingCristina

    Amphibians for ID - Costa Rica

    I changed my mind - the last frog is a Craugastor polyptychus or rain frog. The second frog is indeed a masked treefrog (Smilisca phaeota). I'm still not sure about the first one.
  12. BirdingCristina

    Pewee (S Mexico)

    I'm guessing it's either a greater pewee (Contopus pertinax-pibí mayor), or a Western wood-pewee (Contopus sordidulus-pibí occidental).
  13. BirdingCristina

    They're only Pigeons

    Thank you for this information. Downtown, I regularly see pigeons hobbling on amputated feet; it hurts to think of the pain they must be in.
  14. BirdingCristina

    Tell me something I don't know! About Birds

    Flying in a V-formation help birds take advantage of the extra lift provided by the upwash of air from the bird in front of them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKSZtbSEmwg The video as a whole is pretty incredible news.
  15. BirdingCristina

    this one has me stumped

    Grayish saltator (Saltator coerulescens) Saltator o picurero grisáceo
  16. BirdingCristina

    Amphibians for ID - Costa Rica

    I'm thinking Bransford's litter frog (Eleutherodactylus bransfordii) for the last one.
  17. BirdingCristina

    Costa Rica anole ID

    Solved This photograph of a ground anole (Anolis humilis) is identical to the one I saw. Solved ID!
  18. BirdingCristina

    Costa Rica anole ID

    (No photo--sorry!) In Monteverde, a fairly small (<5 cm excluding the tail) anole scurrying on leaf litter, overall coloration a brownish pattern that blended with the dead leaves, slightly paler underside. I don't have Leender's guide, so help would be appreciated.
  19. BirdingCristina

    Midpriced binocs for tropical birding?

    Thanks for the info, Bill. Up until recently I spent most of my life in the San José city area; I still go there every other month. I've changed my mind, though. I think that the Zen-Rays would suit my needs better than the Monarch 7s. They're heavier and a bit above my budget (at least the...