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    Willow Tit Vs Marsh Tit

    When did that happen? I don't believe that even the author(s) of recently published ID criteria would try to argue that it's the only reliable ID feature. Cheek pattern is also pretty reliable. The new criteria have created an interesting problem though, in that they are being applied...
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    boat trips to coquet island

    Amble is a tidal harbour, with a big sandbar just inside the harbour mouth, so there are limits to when the boat can sail :t: cheers martin
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    Good book about bird photography

    Another vote for The Handbook of Bird Photography - inspirational and filled with mouthwatering images :t: cheers martin
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    boat trips to coquet island

    No public landing on the island, but you have a fair chance of doing better than just record shots if you're on one of Dave Gray's boat trips :t: cheers martin
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    Willow or Marsh Tit?

    Nice to see a very obvious Willow Tit :-) Bi-coloured cheeks not a problem, particularly if the rear of the cheek has a golden-buff wash to it - the darker rear cheek of Marsh Tit is 'blended' from the mantle colour, whereas this bird has a very distinct boundary between mantle and rear cheek...
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    Northumbrian Birding

    There's an accepted record from April 1999, seen while I was birding on the roof of the Bedson Building at Newcastle Uni :t: cheers martin
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    Large raptor - Lintzford Lane

    OK, if you insist ;) Common Buzzard regularly hover with almost motionless wings. In my limited experience of RLB, they are much more flappy (for want of a better word). cheers martin
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    Binoculars for extensive marine use

    I'm not surprised...with an exit pupil of 4.2mm anything smaller would be really, really poor ;) cheers martin
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    Binoculars for extensive marine use

    or dedicated to seabirds at sea ;) I leave my IF binoculars set at a focus point of ~60m, anything closer than that can be ID'd by eye, anything more distant falls within the acceptable depth of field ;) The bit I've emboldened is obviously a subjective judgement. Onshore I use Dialyt...
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    Binoculars for extensive marine use

    So, as my marine binoculars are Opticron Pro Series 2 7x50, and individual focus, does that make me not a 'serious birder'? Just curious... martin
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    Golden Eagle throws goat off cliff

    Agree entirely with this martin
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    Farne Islands

    Farne Islands 2013 report mentions Puffin chicks still being fed on 28th August. cheers martin
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    Farne Islands

    Incredibly, there were at least five Puffins on Friday (22nd), still carrying food back to the islands. cheers martin
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    Northumbrian Birding

    No reason there shouldn't be White Wagtail amongst them, although Pied is much more likely. I found White Wag on the beach in the summer/autumn when I lived in Tynemouth in the late 1990's, and I'm aware of two mixed White/Pied pairs, and one 'pure' pair of White Wagtails breeding in...
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    Northumberland pelagics 2014

    Morning all We've got a few spaces on our remaining pelagics this year, including two 10hr trips out to key areas, discovered by NEWT/MARINElife, for White-beaked Dolphin and other cetaceans. Details are in this thread; http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?p=3045669#post3045669 Five of...
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    in and around south tyneside

    Morning all If anyone fancies venturing away from South Tyneside and out to sea, we've got spaces remaining on a few of our Northumberland pelagics this year http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?p=3045669#post3045669 We collect from Mill Dam too, saving anyone from south of the river...
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    Durham Birding

    Morning all A few of our Northumberland pelagic trips this year have spaces remaining. http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?p=3045669#post3045669 For anyone south of the Tyne, we pick-up from Mill Dam as well as Royal Quays. cheers martin
  18. M


    Limited amount of black in the primaries, and the bird has pink underparts :t: cheers martin
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    Northumbrian Birding

    Northumberland Pelagics 2014 Northumberland Pelagics (in association with the Northumberland & Tyneside Bird Club) We're nearing the end of our 4hr evening trips for 2014, but we've got a couple of 10hr pelagics out to the Farne Deeps (12th and 28th August, 08:00, £70/person), searching the...
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    Lindisfarne - tomorrow - 8am - Urgent request

    Is that supposed to be funny? The only way is Essex...so make sure you point your car in the right direction when you do us all a favour and leave. martin
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    Bill Oddie and Zoos.

    Eloquently put Jane :-) cheers martin
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    Bill Oddie and Zoos.

    Hard to know where to start with this complete and utter nonsense...however, if you could provide evidence to support the part of your comment that I've emboldened that might help martin
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    How can you see that in this image? Common Buzzard btw :-) cheers martin
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    Cheap pair of binoculars for a boat trip

    Maximum 8x magnification, minimum 40mm objective :t: cheers martin