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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

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    New Product for Birdfair 2023

    Make that six people.
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    UVHD+ appreciation ~ my, how I do

    I enjoy the 7x42 UVHD+. It has enough eye relief to use with my eyeglasses. Unfortunately, it’s the only 32-42mm UVHD+ binocular that does. It’s compact enough and versatile enough to meet my needs for a binocular in this size range though.
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    Is it just me?

    Although Swarovski binoculars are very popular, not all Swarovski binoculars are everyone’s first choice.
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    NL Pure strap lugs spinning tangle

    I didn’t notice any out of the ordinary glare or flare issues during the three years that I owned them.
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    NL Pure strap lugs spinning tangle

    Those annoying spinning lugs are one of the reasons I found a new home for my 8x32 EL, and didn’t replace it with an NL.
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    why do the 8x50 and 10x50 Ultravid have the same FOV?

    I enjoy the 7x42 UVHD+ and have considered 8x50 UVHD for astronomy because, like the 7x42, it has enough eye relief to use with my eyeglasses, but it’s a bit short on TFOV for my needs.
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    why do the 8x50 and 10x50 Ultravid have the same FOV?

    If I understand your question, you are asking why Leica doesn’t use an eyepiece with a larger AFOV in their 8x50, so that it has a larger TFOV than their 10x50. If so, I believe the answer is that a larger prism would required, which would require a larger body to house the prism. Otherwise the...
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    Finally clicked into place with UVHD Pluses (and still love SLC)

    Tom, I am not surprised that you initially had problems correctly setting the diopter for your 7x42 UVHD+. There‘s a significant typo in the English language instructions that came with mine. Following the instructions didn’t seem to work, so I experimented with the binocular to find out what...
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    7x42 UVHD+ Close Focus

    Other binoculars focus closer than my 7x42 UVHD+, so it wouldn’t be my first choice for inspecting bugs and wildflowers. Recommend checking close focus yourself before buying to see if it focuses close enough for your needs.
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    Leica view comparison idea...

    I am very pleased with my 7x42 UVHD+. The combination of 7x and a 6mm exit pupil makes for a very easy viewing experience. I haven’t tried the other binoculars you mentioned, but find the small exit pupil of an 8x32 uncomfortable to look through for more than a few minutes, and I find the 5.25...
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    Are Leica UV HD+ 7x42 or 8x42 bins as punchy/contrasty as their 8x32 Ultravid HD + bins are?

    The focuser of my 7x42 UVHD+ seemed unusually stiff when I received it, but after using for about eight months it’s much improved, or I have become used to it. It’s not as light and smooth as the focuser of my 8x32 EL, which isn’t as light and smooth as the focuser of my 8x42 Nikon Premier.
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    SFL 8X40 or Ultravid 7X42

    I wear eyeglasses and use binoculars a lot day and night for various purposes and viewing comfort is a very high priority for me, so a 7x42 Ultravid HD+ has become my most used 32-42mm binocular. I have no experience with the SFL.
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    Importance of exit pupil diameter for comfort (NL 8x32 vs 8x42)

    I find Binoculars with exit pupils smaller than about 5mm uncomfortable to look through for more than a few minutes. For this reason, I seldom use my 8x32 EL unless I plan to do a lot more carrying than looking.
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    SV 8X32

    If I could be King for a day, I would order up a 6x32EL with conventional strap lugs. I am probably the only person who would want one, so will probably never see one.
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    Leica 8x50 Ultravid HD Plus

    Thank you. I will take a look at the link.
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    SV 8X32

    My 8x32 EL is the last version made with the Field Pro strap. I didn’t care for the bulky strap, so I installed the lugs that allow using a lighter, simple, and less bulky conventional strap that I like better, but I don’t care for the rotating lugs because they seem more prone to twist the...
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    Leica 8x50 Ultravid HD Plus

    I use a 7x50 a lot for the viewing comfort that it’s 7mm exit pupil provides. It’s also a bit brighter for astronomy compared to my 10x50, both Fuginon FMT-SX. I haven’t noticed that a narrower AFOV needing less eye relief though. For example, the 7x50 AFOV is 49* and the 10x50 is 65*. The 7x50...
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    SV 8X32

    For the last 18 months or so, I have been using an 8x32 EL for hiking and cycling in the mountains around my home. I find it’s an excellent binocular for that purpose, but it’s 4mm exit pupil is a bit too small and uncomfortable for all around use, and I would prefer a more conventional mounting...
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    Leica 8x50 Ultravid HD Plus

    With a little more eye relief and another degree added to the FOV, I’d be very interested.
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    EL choice for lower light?

    The practical effects of differences in transmission have always been much less obvious to me than differences in aperture, so I don’t pay much attention to transmission claims for high quality optics. I believe there’s a correlation between age and exit pupil size, but probably less than the...
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    EL choice for lower light?

    The 8x42 is a Nikon Premier. The 7x50 and 10x50 are Fujinon FMT-SX binoculars. My opinion is based on decades of practical experience using these three binoculars and about 18 months with the 8x32 EL. I primarily use the 50s at night, and the 32 and 42 during the day.
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    EL choice for lower light?

    I have an 8x32 EL. It’s views are as bright as any other 8x32 in “low light, “ but noticeably less bright than my 8x42, which is noticeably less bright than my 10x50, which is noticeably less bright than my 7x50 when looking through my 70 something eyes. To me, “low light” is after sunset or...
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    Difficulty Bonding with 8x32 EL

    I agree. I am continuing to use the 8x32 EL for hiking while I look for a high quality 7x42/8x42 to replace them.
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    Difficulty Bonding with 8x32 EL

    Yes, I have an excellent, but older 8x42 that I hoped to replace with the 8x32 EL, but after a year of evaluation I doubt that’s going to work. Live and learn.
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    Difficulty Bonding with 8x32 EL

    I don’t know. The 8x32 EL has four stops including full up, full down, and two intermediate stops, but the stops aren’t evenly spaced. The o-rings allow setting eye relief in 1/16 inch increments, but after a year of using it, I believe the primary cause of the viewing discomfort I ‘m...