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    Bloop of the Day

    Today's Tweet of the Day (hosted by David Attenborough) on BBC Radio 4 featured the dawn chorus part one, a mini series of four ahead of International Dawn Chorus Day this coming Sunday. A sing-off between two nightingales is the highlight, but the garden warbler mentioned was unfortunately a...
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    Zeiss warranty service -- how good?

    Seized eyecup on my 8x32T FLs recently. Late in the day e-mail to Zeiss UK [email protected] elicited a quick response the following morning (sent @ 0751z!) and replacement eyecup set and rain guard received by post next day! Excellent! Alan
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    Got to test my Victory T* FL 8x32 bins Saturday

    Don't tempt me ;) I can recommend the 8x32 for pro golf spectating too. It's like watching on HDTV! Al
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    The Alien Birds Have Landed: BBC Radio 4 23-08-12 13:45

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01m42gz Episode 4 of 5 today (Parakeets). Yesterday was Little and Eagle Owls. Al
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    Little owls on the radio

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01m16q0 Episode 3 of 5 in the series "The Alien Birds Have Landed" on BBC Radio 4. Short, but interesting. Eagle Owl too...or should that be tooh-hu ;) Al
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    BIRDFAIR 2010 - Egleton Nature Reserve, Rutland

    SK will still notice though... ;) Al
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    Atlas listing

    Re the swifts, our (Joanne and I that is) RO has a a pair nesting on her house. Apparently the adults are silent when visiting, but the numerous non-breeders are the ones that 'scream' around the property. They're probably family members and probably the result of previous breeding in that...
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    Atlas listing

    Not wishing to berate the ill of course Ken ;), but I think that's why the BTO have developed the new codes. It forces folk to be more objective. The term 'Confirmed Breeding' can be somewhat subjective when used. The specific sub-codes make the observer be more objective by requiring...
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    Simon King on Saturday Live - R4.

    Simon King was a guest on here 08/08/09 morning, sharing his experiences and responding to listener texted and emailed questions etc... Whole thing lasts an hour, but does include other stuff too. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00lxsq9
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    Sussex Birding

    Loos close overnight also (probably just as well). Does mean that they have to be opened the following morning, so no surprise that this doesn't happen 'til ~8.30am. Not real handy if you're birding around 6am :>) Al
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    Atlas listing

    Couldn't match that Joanne! Just 30 this morning in TQ52P. Starling, House Sparrow and Greenfinch missing, so you can see why :>) Highlight...Lesser Whitethroat (first ever!). Lowlight...No raptors. Nil Common w/throat also :>( Big Guard Dog precluded intensive searching of some nice...
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    Sussex Birding

    Apparently so Joanne. The other two were females and I thought I saw one dive into some undergrowth at one stage, but nothing more of it after that so couldn't be certain. A Nightingale on your TTV...nice!! A good tally too. Have mine to do, but now that Whitethroat are in, I'll get on it...
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    Sussex Birding

    So I gather Mark!...and v. elusive too. Had better luck with the Male Ring Ouzel there this week though. Al
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    Sussex Birding

    Nice spots guys! Arrived there a couple of hours later (up late watching golf;)), but zippo by then of course. Serves me right! It did show again by late afternoon apparently. Tried following morning... only early this time, but still nil. And yesterday too, also nil. Not all in vain, as the...
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    Sussex Birding

    Hopefully you will this month Joanne. I had four earlier this week on Stonehill, which was outstandingly good as there's not a whole lot of gorse there and have only seen one once on it...ever! I took it to be a good sign, although maybe some have decamped from their favoured westerly locales...
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    Countryfile 29/3/09

    Julia B....great news! No more Juliet Morris...not so good :-C Piece on LEOs was short, but interesting. Nearly missed it as it wasn't mentioned upfront and I hadn't visited this thread here before viewing it on i-player. Serves me right for using skip-on feature ! Al
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    Scoter on R4...

    Pretty amazing huh? Biggest raft I've ever seen in one go was about 1/100th that amount ! Interesting Scoter facts too... Al
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    Scoter on R4...

    BBC R4 'Wildlife and the Marine Bill' - Episode 3 of 5 11-03-2009 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00j3t9j Al
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    Natural world - Iron Curtain:Ribbon of Life 8-8.50pm BBC2

    Absolutely...a 'must see'! The birds were great but the Deer bit was chilling:eek!: I thought the Cricket looked like a 'Douglas', but that's probably just a cultural thing :>) Al
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    Peregrines and Ravens 2009

    Absolutely Joanne! Great that you were able to capture the moment. New camera working well too by the looks... Al
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    Peregrines and Ravens 2009

    A nice diary thread Joanne! Al
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    Best scope magnification for sea watch?

    Monster!! Al "If something's worth doing...it's worth overdoing!"
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    Cooked pasta for the birds....

    What's that Joanne? :eat: Al
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    Pied Wagtail Roost

    I've noticed the ground just there is er...lighter coloured than elsewhere Joanne, but kind of assumed it was from feral pigeons. Looks like it's quite a spectacle from your pics, so must check that out! They're going to have a Wassup? moment on Christmas night I reckon :>) Al
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    Have I Found the Perfect Bins?

    Ah, you picked them up then Joanne? I made that mistake too..|=)| The 'Owners Club' at BB favour the 10x's, so worth considering too, esp. as you have that mag. currently. I can't testify to their colour performance as my built-in capabilities are not up to that, but they are outstanding for...