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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

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    Monarch 82ED, a Perfect Ten

    Baader morpheus works fine in the scope, at least 12,5, 14 and 17,5 mm works. Also apm hdc 13 and 5 mm works without any focusing problems. Bought it body only, it is a steal for the price i paid, 1400 Euro. Would say its the best scope optically in the 80-82mm range ive tried so far.
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    Sig Sauer Zulu9 MidwayUSA.Com Deals ?

    The sig Zulu 9 is made by Kamakura. Same chassi and performance as maven b2. Tried them both att the same time, identical. It was the 9x45. With a good deal they would be great bins.
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    Monarch 82ED, a Perfect Ten

    Hello! I made an adapter out of parts from an old Nikon lens i had. Btw, many thanks for the heads up for this scope. Wouldnt had bought it if it wasnt for your review.
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    Monarch 82ED, a Perfect Ten

    Bought one and all i can say is that i prefer i over my meopta 82 hd, much prefer the colors of the nikon over meopta using the same eyepiece on booth scopes(Baader morpheus) . Its also easy to adapt astro eyepieces to is thanks to the bayonet mount that is the same as nikon dslr cameras. Is...
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    Meopta s2 82 hd + astro eyepieces

    Hello! The eyepieces i have for my 82 meopta is baader morpheus 12.5 mm, 17.5 mm, 14 mm with 76 deg fov. I also has apm 13 mm and 5 mm with 100 deg fov. All of these works great on the scope with no vignetting.
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    Meopta Meostar Lineup

    Only dressed as a leupold. https://www.sportoptics.com/leupold-rbx-3000-rangefinder-172384.aspx
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    Zuiko 300 2.8 question

    Hello! Is there anyone on this forum owning this lens. My question is if the manual focus on this lens is controlled electronical as in Canon ef 300 2.8. Hasnt been sucessfull finding any info on the web. Thanks
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    New APM APO 85/95mm.

    I bought the xwa 13 mm to try on my meopta s2 but couldnt reach infinity focus. But it is possible to cut of the end of the barrel on the eyepiece a couple of mm. After doing so my meopta and Nikon edg 85 will reach to infinity. It should be easy to adapt it to spottingscopes since the...
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    Falcon ID, Europe - Bulgaria

    Hello! Common kestrel it is.
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    Binocular bargains

    You won't get a better 8x32 for that Price!
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    Maven s.1 80mm or Nikon ED82a ?

    The cabelas will whitout No doubt be better than both the Maven and the Nikon fieldscope. Tried them all, owning the meopta s2.
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    Chestnut Bunting?

    The first bunting is a chestnut. The second bunting is a little bunting regardless first for country or not.
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    Chestnut Bunting?

    The bunting is a little bunting.
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    Nikon EDG 85 Fieldscope - any good?

    I got both the meopta s2 and Nikon edg 85. You would't go wrong with the edg especially if you got it for a good price. I've tried them with same eyepiece on both and they are very close optically, both are excellent. The biggest difference is the size and weight. Edg is heavier and bigger, but...
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    Chestnut Bunting?

    Yes. Chestnut, no doubt.
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    Nikon Monarch HG wins 1st Place in Field and Stream test of 13 new Binoculars.

    What happened to your "alpha killer" Maven b2?
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    best 7x35 porros?

    Unfortunately the leather was gone when i bought it. Painted om some nail polish to make it look nice. Mainly use it as my tractor binocular out in the field. The huge field of view with very good sweetspot sharpness makes it just a joy to use. Surprised every time i use it, this old bino can...
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    best 7x35 porros?

    Agree to 100%. A very nice old binocular
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    Advice needed for a camera

    A very good Canon option is the Canon 400 5.6 l. Quick and accurate focus and superb image quality. Not to heavy. I'm using that one with a Canon 750d.
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    Wheatear from Estonia

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    My Noctivid are Back !!!!!!..........

    I dont think the play you se when moving the diopter would matter. I have seen it in a noctivid also, dont think it moves on the inside even if it looks that way.
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    Warbler? S.France July

    Definitely no stonechat, no doubt. Looks good for whitethroat.
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    Comparative review, GPO, Maven, Stryka, Tract

    Nice review! Steve, do you have any plans testing the sig sauer line of binoculars, especially the Zulu 7 and Zulu 9? Thanks