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    R7 for bird photography and birds in flight

    Little experiment Canon R7 Canon 100 400 usm II Sigma X2 converter pic only cropped and denoise
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    R7 - Shipping Notice vs Backorder - first impressions from the lucky few

    I had a look online and E-infinity have them in stock also the adapter so ordered one yesterday and it is being shipped today
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    Ultra lightweight gimbal head?

    I suggest you have a look on utube and you will see the flex shooter does not flop about as when outer ball is locked the inner is just like a gimbal with front to rear movement and cannot flop to the side
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    Ultra lightweight gimbal head?

    If you order direct on website it works out cheaper than that as you pay £360 but then you have to pay import to the carrier £84
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    Ultra lightweight gimbal head?

    Michael have a look at Flex shooter pro not cheap but a ballhead that acts like a gimbal
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    Error 40 Canon 7d

    error 40 is a battery issue clean contacts and try another battery
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    So is the Canon R5 a bird photography body?

    There is very little difference between USB3 and USB2 David it is just as fast and should work fine on your PC
  8. D


    had same problem when i got 7d2 but i think there is an update on lr5 and all works fine now and i also use win 7
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    750d + Sigma lens - focus problem?

    i think you will find that Sigma no longer have the chips for old lens
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    Canon 7D Mk ii image quality - what am I doing wrong?

    Here is a pic taken with 7d2 and sigma 150 500 in not very good light https://www.flickr.com/photos/99drb/22619511129/in/dateposted-public/
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    7D MK11 ISO Query

    with camera turned on press Q button and then use toggle to go to iso then use wheel on the back and set to 100 job done dave
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    Wimberly mk11 head

    does your gitzo have a reversible stud ie 5/16 to 3/8 or is there an adapter in the wimberly
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    Removing cotton/thread from inside a camera

    there is no way i would spend that amount on a canon 350d as it is to old and more modern cameras can be picked up for that money
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    Removing cotton/thread from inside a camera

    top left and bottom right of picture is a mess so think it is time to read the last rites to that lens
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    Canon 7d2 battery grip

    Yes i have one and very pleased with it and the wifi remote works great and cost a lot less then the canon original dave
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    Canon 7D Mk II is announced and available for pre-order

    Had a shock today as took camera and lens to lehmans to have them calibrated together and camera has a resolution problem and needs a new sensor.
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    Using flash for birdphoto

    i know a photographer who uses flash most of the time summer or winter and i have never seen a bird upset by it.the problem that does upset them is shutter noise dave
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    CANON 7Dmk1 problem

    My 7D fires up soon as you touch the shutter button or back focus button
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    7d m11 firmware

    done mine kath and noticed after it now only shows one battery in the grip altho it is a third party one dave
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    Canon 7D Mk II is announced and available for pre-order

    Downloaded and installed the firmware update but whether its coincidence i dont know but it now does not show both batteries for the grip
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    Canon 7D Mk II is announced and available for pre-order

    indeed they do john its called staying in and read the manual lol
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    Canon 7D Mk II is announced and available for pre-order

    just downloaded and it took a lot of messing about to get it onto the card but all good now and at least camera turns on and takes pics lol
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    Canon 7D Mk II is announced and available for pre-order

    David i would suggest you have a look at third party grips as they do the same as original and more including wireless remote and all the other knobs and buttons are the same...
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    Canon 7D Mk II is announced and available for pre-order

    a genuine canon battery grip is around the £200 mark but look on flea bay and you can get a third party one for £55.99 delivered.went for the cheaper option and it works fine.
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    Canon 7D Mk II is announced and available for pre-order

    Hi dave the flickr link i posted of penduline tit the settings were f6.3 320 iso 2500 shutter 42% crop hope this helps dave