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  1. crabplover

    Surfbirder email account

    It’s getting ridiculous now, not only have I not heard any contact from everyone.net, I’ve not heard anything from Hostopia support either - other than an auto reply that my request is being dealt with. The customer service here is shocking.
  2. crabplover

    Surfbirder email account

    I’ve got incoming emails but it’s like a very basic and sterile format. My problem is I’ve lost all my previous emails, sent emails, drafts etc Tried emailing any address /link I can find for everyone.net and not heard a peep. My subscription ends on the 20th this month, and if I can’t get a...
  3. crabplover

    Surfbirder email account

    Hi, does anyone have a surfbirder email account? If so, is it working ok? I’ve had an account for years but I appear to be locked out at password entry. I understand they are in a transfer stage moving across to a new host but everything was supposed to work the same. It’s originally run by...
  4. crabplover

    Loft Insulation to blame for house sparrow decline?

    I still think its down to cats myself. Andy
  5. crabplover

    Id The Thief

    This 'Who-done-it' game would be much easier if he was wearing a bandana. Andy
  6. crabplover

    The British List and Single Observer Records

    Do you really expect people to take this suggestion seriously? I hope for your sake the tablets work. And what was the recent Tropicbird fiasco? the way I read it, One guy got lucky, found a mega, photographed it and will hopefully submit it. For those who missed it - Get over it ! Andy.
  7. crabplover

    Swan Killed and Barbecued

    Nothing to say it may have been found dead already? Do the royals still harvest them for banquets. Andy.
  8. crabplover

    Bird hunting in Afghanistan

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for the hunters who have less to shoot due to over hunting? Andy.
  9. crabplover

    Is a Golden Oriole possible in Dorset?

    If this is true, could anyone point me in the direction of how it can be done Thanks Andy.
  10. crabplover

    Mist nets set at Newport Wetlands – Police appeal for information

    :clap: :clap: :clap: Anyone know of any genuine ringers missing? Andy.
  11. crabplover

    California Quail in UK

    Wouldn't it be funny if there was a Tengmalms partially visible under the bird table :-O Andy
  12. crabplover

    Slender-billed Curlew.

    Ok, it's bad video, but at least it's available and out there......... Where did the L-tS video go? Andy.
  13. crabplover

    Pink & Black Magpies

    This one was posted on the Rainham RSPB Blog on the 7/7/12 http://www.rspb.org.uk/community/placestovisit/rainhammarshes/b/rainhammarshes-blog/default.aspx?PageIndex=18 Is it the same colour? Andy.
  14. crabplover

    Dead pheasants: roadkill

    When I worked in a depot in South Essex, a lorry driver turned up with a Male Pheasant hanging from his cracked windscreen. The bird struck the glass, its bill went straight through the screen and wedged solid. This was a 38ton articulated truck, so the screen was very large & thick (and...
  15. crabplover

    Predated remains, Snipe or Jack Snipe?

    Wow, fantastic resource. :t:
  16. crabplover

    Cormorant Cull Petition

    You clearly didn't read my post or you didn't understand it, but you completly missed my point. I'm not saying you are an idiot if you feed the birds, I'm saying you are an idiot if you feed the birds and then complain that the Starlings are eating it all ! In the case of the Cormorants eating...
  17. crabplover

    Cormorant Cull Petition

    Cull the Sea Eagles, Save the Cormorant ! ;) Personally I think overstocking a lake or pond artificially is no different to the idiots who feed the birds and moan that Starlings come down and steal all the food ! Andy.
  18. crabplover

    Gamekeepers' take on Capercaiilie/Pine Marten ecology

    Maybe not Ospreys, but Cormorant and Great Creasted Grebe are on their hit list, not to mention Seals too !
  19. crabplover

    Stuffed bird seller gets jail for wildlife crimes

    Thats not strictly true, some groups of birds eg corvids are tough as old boots and can take ages to decay beyond use. They are often used by student taxidermists to practise on because they are so tough. Naturally the smaller the species and the amount of fat on the corpse has a factor in its...
  20. crabplover

    A Herring Gull killing a Shag or Cormorant in Dunbar East Lothian

    I've seen a Cormorant close to death before whilst choking on a fish. Maybe the fish look smaller under the water ! ;) Andy
  21. crabplover

    Annoying birding conversations in hides

    Lens focus noise can be avoidable, you just switch to Manual Focus, a function few modern photographers know how to use ! Andy.
  22. crabplover

    White-backed Woodpecker

    I was tempted but the rising cost of carrots put me off - i simply could not afford the twitch. Also I thought it was a hoax anyway ! ;)
  23. crabplover

    Annoying birding conversations in hides

    You deserve a medal :t: but i disagree with your last sentence, My home is a shithole ! Andy.
  24. crabplover

    Eyebrowed Thrush in Norolk

    Or they could turn up at such a location, sit in a pub and contribute nothing to the birding scene, then write a stupid patronising comment a few years later. Smacks of 'do as I say, not as I do' ! :eek!: Andy.
  25. crabplover

    400 In A Year??

    4oo Wind ups, Suppressions and Hoax's in a year sounds possible... Andy.