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    Loch Garten Ospreys 2011

    Our Osprey chicks are on the move. Bynack, the male crossed the North Sea to Bruges and the last position shows he is in France. However Tore, his big sister is enjoying exploring RSPB reserves in England and our south coast. The last position was between Portsmouth and Plymouth, she seems to...
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    The first successful case of “hard-releasing” a young Philippine Eagle

    It is wonderful news. At first I thought the photo of Hagpa was an Osprey. Ann :t:
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    Red Kites in Grizedale

    I don't know when it was filmed but I recently saw (possibly on the One Show or our local news) the release of a batch of young Kites into Grizedale and wish them well. Ann :egghead:
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    Loch Garten Ospreys 2011

    I wonder if Rothes will make it back next year? she likes a fish farm in France. Next year she may arrive here. Ann Osprey Godmother
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    Loch Garten Ospreys 2011

    Sad but wonderful news for one young lady. Tore, the oldest (female) chick was last seen on Wednesday at 9.27 am at Loch Garten and the RSPB blog has just announced she is now in Holyhead North Wales. Satellite tagging is marvellous, we can now follow both chicks this year, Bynack the younger...
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    save the Amazon rainforest petition

    Signed. Figure now 1,146,371 and increasing all the time. They have passed their original figure and now hope for 1,500,000. I hope they will get many more. Ann :egghead:
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    Loch Garten Ospreys 2011

    After a lot of checking the eggs and listening EJ's first chick hatched at 22.13. Here is the clip on UTube courtesy of Alison, who was recording and hoping. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8KheebTgPA Congratulations EJ she is now sitting tight, checking and keeping that chick warm sounds...
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    Loch Garten Ospreys 2011

    Hi Everyone, EJ has been a bit restless on the nest and when she half stood up at 19.52 we saw she has laid her second egg. Congratulations EJ and Odin. The happy father has not returned to the nest yet can't wait to see his face. I only came in for my tea and got an early Easter Egg...
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    Loch Garten Ospreys 2011

    Hi Everybody, The webcam is now running at Loch Garten and it is showing a beautiful afternoon up there, unlike here. http://www.rspb.org.uk/webcams/birdsofprey/lochgartenvideo.aspx If there is no snow this year, I wonder if EJ will recognise her nest? it has a beautiful carpet of green...
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    Irish woodlands and Forests sell off.

    Signed, and I hope you get as many signatures as we did to stop the sale of English forests. Good luck, hope everyone on BF signs the petition. Ann
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    CABS bird protection camps spring 2011

    Thank you for the information David. You can rely on my support as usual Ann :flyaway::flyaway:
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    Rutland Water Ospreys - West African Trip

    Hi folks, I am sorry I am late posting this, the trip is nearly over. Three members of the Project Team are spending 4 weeks in Gambia and Senegal, wintering places for many Ospreys and for the first two weeks had groups of volunteers also with them. Details have been given of the trip in the...
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    Magpies and crows to be culled to protect songbirds

    Please sign our petition to stop this cull going ahead in March. http://pixiepaj.com/wildlifevillage/?page_id=782 Thank you. Ann Chaplin :-C
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    Join Spring Watch Malta and help fight against illegal bird hunting

    Anyone who wants a birding holiday in the Med and wants to see the hunting stopped please consider taking part in Springwatch Malta. I don't want to "hijack" this post but there will also be similar opportunities in other parts of the Med. Please consider joining, the birds need all the help...
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    Very busy at the bird feeder today!

    Hi Josh, I see mostly house sparrows in my garden now and counted 27 on Sunday before they all started moving again. There is a nest in the back eaves of the house next to mine and I am grateful to the owners 6 year old son as he loves watching the birds or I think when the new plastic fascia...
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    Window Feeder

    Sorry Toby, the slugs live in a climbing hydrangea luckily it has not reached beyond the kitchen extension. I wouldn't put a window feeder that high up it would be sure to fall down. LOL. Ann
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    Window Feeder

    I have a male Blackbird, Blue and Coal Tits, Sparrows and Starlings (when they are around) use the window feeder. I have also had a Robin use it and two years ago a Wren fed her youngsters on mealworms that I put in it for young birds but never expected a Wren, I was thrilled to bits. I put...
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    Osprey shot down over Malta

    We spend thousands not only in money but man hours protecting these beautiful birds for ********** to shoot them out of the sky (sorry don't know what to call them any more, every name has been used). Members of a fellow EU country. Is there any chance of sending Malta the bill for the rescue...
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    Loch Garten Osprey 2010

    Hi Everybody, Here is the latest blog from Debbie Aspinall at RSPB Loch Garten Friday, 27 August 2010 Africa Beckons and Odin gets tough! We saw amazing sights of a buzzard and a sparrowhawk yesterday, but not a single osprey! EJ did indeed start her migration on Saturday, 21st August...
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    Loch Garten Osprey 2010

    Hi Everybody, Although it appeared the chicks were home alone, dad Odin was nearby watching over them on one occasion he was sat eating a fish nearby despite all the calling from the chicks and they still did not get the message "go fishing". EJ delivered one fish each last Saturday before...
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    Join Raptor Camp Malta to fight against illegal bird hunting

    Thanks for your support June and your husband's Your sentiments echoed mine sent to the Times many years ago which started my involvement with Malta. I don't post much nowadays as I find I keep writing the same things and the people who want to and do help are already doing so and the rest are...
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    Loch Garten Osprey 2010

    Hi Everybody, The third and final chick has flown tonight for the first time and I missed it as usual but here is a link to the clip on UTube showing it flying off and landing back on the nest. It is still a "home bird" as it has flown back to the nest where it is lying all alone, the other...
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    Loch Garten Osprey 2010

    Hi Everybody, The second chick at Loch Garten fledged last night Friday 16 July 2010 at 18.37 and once flying did not want to return to the nest. It arrived for breakfast this morning to a very wet and soggy nest the chicks look really fed up with the weather and I don't blame them. They have...
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    Loch of The Lowes Ospreys 2010

    Hi Ann, Please don't worry about Marge shaking her head it could be the wind, some water or even a feather as they are all moulting. Like when we wash our hair we get water in it and can remove it with towel or cotton bud but Marge can't she has to shake it free. It could be the world famous...
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    Loch Garten Osprey 2010

    Hi Everybody, It is now official our first chick, the eldest in fact fledged today, one down and two to go. Boo Hoo not too soon I hope although the eldest has not flown from the next again yet, it has been happy doing housework, moving sticks around with the other two...