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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

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  1. Aquaplas

    Zeiss SFL 8x40 versus Victory SF 8x42?

    I have both. I love both. And I use both often. For me the Colours in the SFL is unbeatable in most light Situations. The SF is better on rainy days with grey clouds. The SFL is unbeatable on sunny days. The greenish Tint on the SF is there. Years ago I had the gray version. Now I have the...
  2. Aquaplas

    What makes binos "pop" in specific scenarios?

    All alpha Binos are different in different light situations. On cloudy days my SF 8x42 has more pop than my SFL. On sunny days the SFL pops more. There are also some backlight situations where my NL Pure 8x42 is unbeatable in pop…. I also have a Habicht 7x42 GA a EL 8.5x42 and a small Victory...
  3. Aquaplas

    Swarovski Repair time at the moment?

    This photo is 2 weeks old. Before I send it to Swarovski yesterday the other tube becomes the same fail than the left on the photo. The armor is also very sticky when I go in the sun. That’s not nice for a 3000€ bin.
  4. Aquaplas

    Swarovski Repair time at the moment?

    The focus becomes a gap. Left and right tube are not perfect synchronized. This comes over time.
  5. Aquaplas

    Swarovski Repair time at the moment?

    Oh my god. I need a new Rubber Armor, and the fokkus makes problems. But this time of your service is heavy.
  6. Aquaplas

    Swarovski Repair time at the moment?

    Have sent in my NL Pure today. Anyone knows what’s the repair Time at the moment? More than 4 weeks? Thanks for info.
  7. Aquaplas

    Zeiss SFL 8x40 Rubber Coating becomes Bubbled

    Yes it is. Is harder and Thicker. And has some fine Textur on it.
  8. Aquaplas

    Zeiss SFL 8x40 Rubber Coating becomes Bubbled

    Yes, ist starts Months ago bevor the hot Summer comes in Austria. And now it comes more and more. My theory is, it come from Hand Sweat. The strange thing is, it is only on the inner Side of the tubes. Outside the rubber coating is still perfekt.
  9. Aquaplas

    Zeiss SFL 8x40 Rubber Coating becomes Bubbled

    But this is not the thing. The maximum temperatures my SFL have done was 30 degrees here in Austria when I walked through woodlands. I never lay my Bino in a hot sunny place. I never let my Bino in the car. The only thing I can imagine is that the rubber reacts with Hand Sweat. The rubber blows...
  10. Aquaplas

    Zeiss SFL 8x40 Rubber Coating becomes Bubbled

    I think this is a problem of the material themselve, because I can see this on the eyecups that on the points where there is contact with the skin, the material blows up. The eyecups are not the problem, because I can change them easy and for free, but the rubber coating on the Bino is a...
  11. Aquaplas

    Zeiss SFL 8x40 Rubber Coating becomes Bubbled

    I called Zeiss, and they says me, they can’t promise me that I get no other Bino. Think they change it. As I have bought the Bino a Year ago, I looked trough 2 SFL 8x40. I bought mine, because the optical Quality (sharpness) was better on this than on the other one. So, no I‘am afraid that I get...
  12. Aquaplas

    4 weeks tropical birding with the Zeiss SFL 8x30

    And what is with the rubber coating on the Bino in this hot and wet climatic? No problem? In my SFL 8x40 the rubber coating becomes blows. Here in Austria the maximum Temperatures I use the SFL were 30 degrees.
  13. Aquaplas

    Zeiss SFL 8x40 Rubber Coating becomes Bubbled

    Only on my SFL. My SF 8x42 (black version) is still perfect. And much more used.
  14. Aquaplas

    Zeiss SFL 8x40 Rubber Coating becomes Bubbled

    And look at the rest of the Bino. Is brand new. I keep Care on all my Instruments.
  15. Aquaplas

    Zeiss SFL 8x40 Rubber Coating becomes Bubbled

    On my SFL 8x40, the inside of the pipes turns the rubber coating into blows. The Bino is now exactly one year old and not needed much or hard. Can another SFL user report the same thing? The blows don't bother me. I hope they don't grow on the edges where the coating pulls off at the end.
  16. Aquaplas

    Problem with green coating of EL SV 8x32

    Purchased my Nl Pure 8x42 in January 2021. After a year of use, most of the time in my garden for birding, the rubber coating becomes sticky. Now 3 months ago, the coating breaks open! I never use Deet or hand creams, etc... the only thing this coating has to do is hand sweat in summer. The look...
  17. Aquaplas

    Problem with green coating of EL SV 8x32

    Same Problem with the Coating on my 2 1/2 year old NL 8x42. The Rubber gets sticky and began to tear. Have also a Problem with the Fokkus. Comes over time a gap in the wheel. Now when I fokkus from infinity to 30 meters, the left and right channel runs not parallel. Have to fokkus up and down...
  18. Aquaplas

    Swarovski 8.5x42 sand

    What I know the Sand Colours was only in the past for the smaller 8x32 EL available. The new 8,5x42EL is only in green available.
  19. Aquaplas

    Zeiss SFL in Field use robust?

    How robust is the Zeiss SFL 8x40 in practice? Is there already experience? I bought mine in August last year, and I can see two things. The focus is very stiff, this was a little better at first, but then came to a standstill. The rubber reinforcement is slightly arched on the inside of the...
  20. Aquaplas

    Transmisson of the EL 8x5x42 Swarovski

    Hey. Cant find in the Internet a Measurement of the newest EL 8x5x42, the third Generation Field Pro. I only see a Measurement of the 2012 Swarovision on AllBinos. And there is a Thing who makese me Thoughtfull. The 8,5x42 has only 86%. And the 10x42 should have 90% plus.... Is that Possible?
  21. Aquaplas

    Optical comparison of the 8X42 NL Pure to the 8.5X42 EL SV

    I have both. The 8x42NL Pure and the newest Verstion of the EL 8x5x42. In direct Comparsion most of the times the NL Pure is better overal. Also the Effect with the transparency i can see. I dont think it is because the NL have a bigger FOV. I think it is another sort of glass, or some fine...
  22. Aquaplas

    Reviews of Swarovski El 8,5x42

    Yes, but also from the 2nd generation the Swarovision I can’t find reviews that go in Depth of the Optical quality. Why most big Reviewers do not spend Attention at this Bino?
  23. Aquaplas

    Reviews of Swarovski El 8,5x42

    Hey. Iam looking for reviews of the Swarovski El8,5x42. For a Bino that is so longe on the Market there are little Reviews in the Internet. Most I can find reviews the Bino from Handling and Mechanical standpoints. But hardly from the optical standpoint. Is there are a transmission measurement...
  24. Aquaplas

    Expected Delays to Repairs by Swarovski Absam later this year

    I must send my NL Pure 8x42 to Swarovski because the rubber Armor breaks down at one tube after 2 years of carefully use. I called Swarovski yesterday in Austria and they say it can take up to three months. I will wait and use the bin with broken armor. Three months is to longe without the NL...
  25. Aquaplas

    pre 2016 EL 8.5x42 vs field pro - close focus distance

    I find this question interesting. Has anyone compared a older EL 8,5x42 field pro with the newest version after 2022? Is there a difference in optical quality.