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  1. lassa8

    Kowa TSN-99a vs. Leica APO 82 Televid

    Regarding the original question about size being a drawback, I was actually surprised by the size/weight of the 99a. I guess I was expecting it to be a behemoth, but I've really had no issues transporting it around as a ~40 year old relatively fit individual. For long hikes I just toss it and a...
  2. lassa8

    Any customer review of new tsn-99?

    Well, I've been using this scope quite a bit since I got it. I don't really care about star tests, to be honest with you. All I care about is when I'm out birding, or looking up at some bright objects in the night sky, am I satisfied with the image I'm seeing? The answer is a resounding yes...
  3. lassa8

    Any customer review of new tsn-99?

    I had the scope out for a few minutes tonight and was able to zoom in (70x) on just a couple stars (one mid horizon, one near the zenith) before the clouds came in really thick. Was pleased to see absolutely pinpoint stars with no readily apparent aberrations regardless of where I put the star...
  4. lassa8

    Any customer review of new tsn-99?

    I received my scope today. Nothing to directly compare it to other than my old (~15 years) Nikon 60mm, but WOW (in a good way). After an hour of playing around, I didn't have any issues with my model. No CA at all during daytime use no matter what direction I was looking. Higher mags were still...
  5. lassa8

    Any customer review of new tsn-99?

    Now scheduled to arrive on Friday, so I should be able to put it through some paces this weekend!
  6. lassa8

    Any customer review of new tsn-99?

    I'm expecting mine to arrive later this week...will post a review once I've had it for a bit!
  7. lassa8

    Ireland Bird - Willow Warbler?

    Thank you for the replies! It looks like I do have one additional photograph of this bird.
  8. lassa8

    Ireland Bird - Willow Warbler?

    Finally getting around to organizing some photos I took in Ireland back in late April 2008. Wondering if I might get any thoughts on this one? We were on the west coast of Ireland, probably between Doolin and Limerick not too far inland from the coast. I'm wondering if it's a Willow Warbler...
  9. lassa8

    Costa Rica Hummingbird

    Thanks! I came across a few photos of different Stripe-tailed Hummingbirds that I took on the trip later in the afternoon, and I saw just what you mentioned.
  10. lassa8

    Costa Rica Hummingbird

    So, in May-June 2005, I visited Costa Rica. Today, I was going through old photos and finally trying to put names on birds. I've been mowing them down, then I got myself stumped on this hummingbird. It was at Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, and other than these two photos I have no other...
  11. lassa8

    Unknown Shorebird - Florida

    You've got yourself a (Western) Willet!
  12. lassa8

    Swainson's and Kentucky Warblers

    Kentucky Warbler is more-or-less a 'gimme' bird in proper habitat throughout the southern half of Missouri late Spring-early Summer. Several springs (notably, Blue and Big Springs) along the Current River produced Swainson's Warbler this Spring/Summer.
  13. lassa8

    One more in Michigan USA

    My first thought is Cedar Waxwing.
  14. lassa8

    Swallow Tailed Kite in Kansas City?

    They are definitely irrupting north this year. There have been observations north of St. Louis, Missouri, in Champaign County, Illinois, and (I believe) in Indiana or Ohio.
  15. lassa8

    Swallow Tailed Kite in Kansas City?

    Here are all the records from Missouri: http://www.showme-birds.com/index_files/SwallowTailedKiteRecords.htm Not many in the KC area since the early 1900s.
  16. lassa8

    Juve Kite, Arkansas County Arkansas

    Disclaimer that I have essentially zero experience with birds of prey this young.... That head sure reminds me of Mississippi Kite...
  17. Indigo Bunting

    Indigo Bunting

  18. Dickcissel


  19. Grasshopper Sparrow

    Grasshopper Sparrow

  20. lassa8

    Dark-eyed Junco subspecies ID

    Oregon was my suspicion with that brown back and strongly demarcated hood. I'm in central Missouri.
  21. lassa8

    Dark-eyed Junco subspecies ID

    Got a photo of this junco today, but didn't really get a look at it in the field (it was in and out in a flash). Now that I see the photo, I'm wondering if it's not a Slate-colored Junco, which is typically the only junco in my backyard. Any thoughts?
  22. lassa8

    Which Longspur?

    Well done! It is, in fact, a Smith's Longspur. I'd say that they're slightly less than annual in this part of Missouri, but a nice little flock of ~12 birds (plus a few Lapland Longspurs) spent the weekend nearby.
  23. lassa8

    Which Longspur?

    Photographed in a field containing multiple longspur species in Missouri this month. After taking the photograph the bird turned and showed its clearly showed its breast, clinching my ID, but based on this photograph which species would you go with and why?
  24. lassa8

    Riva del Garda, Italy - March

    Had a pretty good trip to Riva del Garda and Milano in mid-March. For future travelers, here's my bird list: Malpensa Airport Eurasian Tree Sparrow, European Starling (also in Milano and Riva), Rock Pigeon (also in Milano and Riva), Hooded Crow (also in Milano...
  25. lassa8

    Rhode Island birding places

    If you have the time, Sachuest NWR was fantastic when I was there a few years ago. http://www.fws.gov/Refuges/profiles/index.cfm?id=53543 You might also check eBird (http://www.ebird.org) to look for hot spots in RI.