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  1. rogerk

    Lynford Arboretum 31st December 2005

    But what was the point? I couldn't have had better views from the churchyard if one had landed on my 'scope! Having had dealings with the landowner myself, (including full access to all of his land for ringing and observation purposes) I know that he's a very benevolent fellow and holds a keen...
  2. rogerk

    Lynford Arboretum 31st December 2005

    Did anyone hear about a prominent local birder, one-eyed fellow from what I understand, breaking down a fence and tramping around the Lordship Estate with a couple of mates in pursuit of said Hawfinches? Well, the landowner wasn't too pleased to say the least, this particular landowner owns...
  3. rogerk

    Voting Booth - May 2005 Photo Competition - Birds and Water

    Is it possible, (or already in place?) that the list can be 'shuffled' or displayed in a random list? I don't know about anyone else, but to be perfectly honest, in the past I have just ticked the first one on the list so that I've 'done my bit' and this year, on the face of it at least, appears...
  4. rogerk

    It was just sitting watching the traffic go by

    Hi Pete, We went to Welney a year or so ago and there was a Barn Owl sat on the fence post, right by the side of the approach road to the centre. Probably the same fence post, probably the same bird! The one we saw was a dark breasted jobby. Best regards Roger
  5. rogerk

    waxwing eruption winter 2004/5

    I think you mean 'irrupt', they aren't volcanoes you know. Equally, an irruption is usually a phenomenon involving a mass of birds from one area appearing elsewhere in another country to settle.
  6. rogerk

    Caterpillar, in November?

    Thanks, guys. After I had posted this thread, I saw another caterpillar on the side of a wall outside near our Wisteria, this one was quite big in comparison, about 4 or 5cm in length and bright green, it's gone now, but it made me wonder. Before now, I have never seen a caterpillar so late in...
  7. rogerk

    Caterpillar, in November?

    Thanks for that, Mike. I appreciate that Lepidoptera overwinter in various stages, though I didn't know that they did it as caterpillars. What do they eat? I know that some species have some very specific food plants which just aren't around in winter, how do they get on? If they went into some...
  8. rogerk

    Caterpillar, in November?

    Today, as I was looking out of my kitchen window, I noticed a small caterpillar hanging by a silken thread from a windchime which is screwed to the wooden batten above the window. It was definately a caterpillar, not a coccoon or what have you, but whilst I appreciate that it may not be a...
  9. rogerk

    "Hide Etiquette"

    As for children, it's an excellent place to learn birding. They get direction. They get advice. They get their own place to sit (usually). They experience the 'library' type of quiet discipline. They get to scan for their own birds. They get to see all the interesting things that you do. They...
  10. rogerk

    What's happened to Yellow Wagtails?

    I've seen more this year (in various locations, including several in my home town) than ever before. From what I can gather though, they were all on passage, the question is, where to?
  11. rogerk

    Ticking a Guineafowl seen in New York?

    Not a chance! There is no way I would tick something if I thought it were in any way being bred. Some friends of mine and I saw some Guinea Fowl feeding at the side of the road on the way back from a birding trip, we just laughed them off as farm birds! Pretty though they are, unless you know...
  12. rogerk

    Albino Starling, possibly.

    Could be albinistic vulgaris, but if it was yellowish, it could even be leucistic. I've seen this in birds before.
  13. rogerk

    Nightjars at Oaker's Wood. RSPB

    If you don't have any luck there, Wareham Heath is a good spot to try, it's down your way, not far from Weymouth.
  14. rogerk

    An invasion of flies.

    Yes, but over your bed, your bath and all over your ceiling is a different matter. As for the RSPB survey, none of these little fellas made it, I'm afraid! ;)
  15. rogerk

    An invasion of flies.

    There are a few ponds in the gardens near my house, the nearest large expanse of water is about a mile away. These are a series of lakes in a public park. Thanks for your comments, (even the rather less helpful ones ;) ). I just wondered if there was a foodplant or somesuch which they liked and...
  16. rogerk

    An invasion of flies.

    Last night when I got in from the pub, my house was full of flies. There were thousands of them flying round the light bulbs. They were the shape of mosquitos and abuot the size of greenfly, but what was most striking about them was their bright red bodies. Does anybody know what they were...
  17. rogerk

    help on magpie wanted-urgant!!

    How about the same bloke that tied on the plastic dog? Best remedy for this is contact your local Gamekeeper.....
  18. rogerk

    Egg Thieves

    Stonking idea Michael.......
  19. rogerk

    Is it a Thrush?

    How about Song Thrush? Or possibly Juvenile Blackbird?
  20. rogerk

    Swallows nest building

    Be aware that Swallows can quadruple brood, some don't finish until September. Also, swallows are one of the few birds which use the nest after the young have fledged. We used to ring Swallows at a farm in Hertfordshire and regularly saw the newly fledged Swallows returning to the nest for some...
  21. rogerk

    RSPB Bug Count. (Downloaded Template)

    Saw this on the news, not very scientific (IMHO). It's all a bit 'hit and miss' (excuse the pun). (That's the second time today I've fetched me coat). Does it take in to account the weather? If it's raining or windy, one might get a different result.
  22. rogerk

    Egg Thieves

    How about making them perform the same migration as the Arctic Tern, on foot...
  23. rogerk

    Blackbirds - Same nest for next brood?

    I think, to clear up any confusion, we need to go back over the facts. If a blackbird's first brood is successful, it is very likely that if it is going to second brood (or even third), then it will re-use the same nest. If the nest has been disturbed or predated, they are unlikely to breed...
  24. rogerk

    Through the window

    Could be a case of "Honey I ate the (cor)vids! I'll get me coat........
  25. rogerk

    Two for i.d. please

    Not convinced about Nut-Tree though. :h?: