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    Use of eBird data to determine occurence

    I (and others as well) often use eBird to narrow down my choices when it comes to making the correct id on some birds. eBird now has a great map online that shows the amount of data that gets submitted. It makes me rethink my stance on the issue a bit. While the map is only for January, but it's...
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    Imperial Woodpecker story

    The Cornell lab has a very well written (and depressing) story on their website about the Imperial Woodpecker. It's worth a read.
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    Ravens in the Northeastern US

    I've only lived in the US for the last 8 years, but based on guidebook references and my own observations, I get the impression that Common Ravens are expanding their range southward. Am I right or just making things up? (entirely possible)
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    Bird brains - city birds have larger brains

    Very interesting. http://rsbl.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/early/2011/04/26/rsbl.2011.0341.short
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    Borneo Bay Cat captured on camera

    http://www.southasiafair.com/south-asia-news/bornean-bay-cat-the-rare-species-found-in-borneo-rainforest/ I love how several outlets say there are about 50 individuals of this cat alive today, when the last confirmed sighting was a captured individual in 2003 prior to this footage. Like many...
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    Cape Cod Waders

    The advantage of going birding with my parents is that they are far more patient than my wife (or 3 year old daughter), the disadvantage is that we're more familiar with European species and none of us is good at waders. We saw this one (and many others) on Cape Cod last week. Appreciate the help.
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    Which Goldeneye?

    I'm assuming these: are Barrows Goldeneyes? I saw them in Yellowstone last month. What do people here look for when distinguishing between common and Barrows?
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    ID help - seen in MA (Ipswich) in April

    Can anyone help me with this one? I feel like it's one of those where I'll want to kick myself once I hear what it is because it's probably obvious. Goes to show you that after 5 years of trying I still don't know my north american birds. :-O
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    Castkills, NY ID help

    Does anybody know? Even a clue on where to go to find out would be greatly appreciated.
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    Two adult Bald Eagles

    Saw them today in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. The closest breeding pairs (to my knowledge) are about 50 miles away. I've seen individual birds in winter and juveniles wandering, but never two adults.
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    Dutch hello from Massachusetts

    Hi everyone! I grew up birding in the Netherlands and moved to the US six years ago. I've only recently been able to pick up birding actively again, I grew quite frustrated with the sheer number of warblers that I didn't know initially but seem to be much better now. I also just bought a DSLR...