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  1. Corax67

    First Visit to the Isle of Wight

    I was lucky enough to spend most of last week on the lovely Isle of Wight for the first time. I had contacted the county recorder for some recommendations and these were spot on (thanks Robin) and the Derek Hales website is really useful too http://iowbirds.awardspace.com/IOW.htm The birding...
  2. Corax67

    Phalarope ? ? - Northumberland UK

    Hi all - I know this is not the greatest picture of all but it was shot at extreme range in heavy rain & rubbish light yesterday early afternoon at Budle Bay in Northumberland. After discussion with a number of birding friends we are leaning towards Red/Grey Phalarope in moult from summer to...
  3. Corax67

    A wandering birder returns

    Hi all - I have returned to the world of BirdForum after a layoff of at least 5 years. Originally from South Wales I have been a keen birder, twitcher, ringer and tetrad recorder for my old county over the course of 30 years & joined BirdForum when it first started but drifted away a long time...
  4. Corax67

    Feeder Fight - Siskin versus all comers

    Major excitement at the front garden feeding station this morning - a full on "knock down drag out" aerial punch up. In the blue corner - our lightweight contender - a single siskin In the red corner - middle and heavyweight challengers (about a dozen) - chaffinches, greenfinches, blue and...
  5. Corax67

    Bird Books and Home Insurance

    HAd a frustrating couple of weeks trying to find my copy of Macmillan Field Guide to Bird Identification following a "tidy up" of my car boot. Got so bad I was even looking for a replacement but shocked by the £50+ prices on Amazon and eBay. During this search though I also began to note the...
  6. Corax67

    Tooth and Claw - Living with Britains Predators

    Just had an email from my friends up at Speyside wildlife to let me know there is a new book out from 2 of their former colleagues Peter Cairns and Mark Hamblin. Details can be found at the web site http://www.toothandclaw.org.uk/store.asp?page=1&category=4&item=22 If you need any...
  7. Corax67

    A need to requalify ? ? ? ?

    I cannot get any response from the BTO ringing department so I thought I would see if any ringers here know the answer. I was a qualified A licence ringer up until 2004 when a downturn in my health stopped me from ringing and eventually from birding almost entirely. My membership of a number of...
  8. Corax67

    A Wanderer Returns

    Hi Everyone - after a layoff of over 2 years (health) I have rejoined the human race (birding division) and am back onto this wonderful forum once more. It's amazing to see how it has developed from what I remember into the powerhouse it is now. Looking forward to re-learning everything I have...
  9. Corax67

    Richards Pipit

    Can anyone help with the bird below please. Photographed today in the company of a Snow Bunting - jizz says pipit - sadly bird did not vocalise or fly to give further ID pointers. Options put forward by fellow birders so far are Richards Pipit or Woodlark so I would appreciate any further...
  10. Corax67

    Hi from a new avatar

    Just a quick hello from my latest garden visitor & new avatar. May now have to invest in peanut butter shares - perhaps even speculate on the peanut futures markey, as this gy can really munch. For the full photo#'s I will post on WPF gallery in the next few days.
  11. Corax67

    Birder Friendly Accomodation - Morecambe area

    Thanks to the assistance of BF members I have decided to overnight stop around the Morecambe Bay / Leighton Moss area on my journey up to Scotland this coming Friday. Can anyone recommend any birder friendly accomodation in the area (i.e. cheap, tolerates early starts, etc.). Many thanks.
  12. Corax67

    Wales to Scotland - priority birding spots?

    Hi All, Last minute change of travel plans sees me driving to Aviemore on Friday from South Wales (ear infection has stopped me flying |=(| - but will not stop me birding!!! |:D| ). I intend to split the trip in half Friday / Saturday (aim to overnight in the Kendal area?), so ample time to...
  13. Corax67

    Wagtail Aggression Behaviour

    Popped into my all time favourite site yesterday afternoon (Llangorse Lake, nr Brecon) to see what was still hanging around - large mixed Hirundine flocks building circa 150 - 250 birds packed side by side on telephone wires and covering the roofs of the farm buildings. Along the waterline were...
  14. Corax67

    MR14 EX Macro Ringflash - lens adaptors

    Not long purchased one of these superb flashguns despite the info on the Canon site that they only fit certain lenses. Compatable Lenses: EF 50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro, EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM, EF 100 f/2.8 Macro and MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5x Being poor and needy I only have the Sigma 105mm f2.8...
  15. Corax67

    Insurance - why you SHOULD have it

    Hope this goes a little way to convincing BF members how important good insurance really is. Booked a well earned day off to visit the Island of Skomer off the West Wales coast to photograph the resident seabird colonies - armed with all of the usual birders toys (Leica APO scope & bins, Canon...
  16. Corax67

    Technology - How Far can we go?

    On a tangent to the thread posted by Weather "Have we gone too far?" I wondered what, with the technology available, could we use to make the ultimate birding aid. I was thinking of a scope which combined the following: Thermal Imaging Camera - for that "bird in the bush" moment * Laser target...
  17. Corax67

    A wanderer returns

    Hi everyone, Well, I'm back again after the recent technical difficulties and the truth is youreally don't realise how much you miss something until it's gone! With the new profile comes a new avatar - any guesses as to the identity of the little fluffy fellows? A clue is that they are from...